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$140 astatine Walmart

A Bella Pro Series 9-quart Digital Air Fryer with Dual Flex Basket rests connected  a antagonistic  adjacent   a sheet  of fried foods.

Bella Pro Series 9-quart dual handbasket aerial fryer: $140

Save $42

Air fryers are faster, healthier and easier to usage than accepted frying methods, truthful it's nary astonishment that they've exploded successful popularity implicit the past fewer years. And if you're looking to effort 1 out, oregon upgrade from the 1 you already have, past you've travel to the close place. We tested tons of aerial fryers to bring you the precise best options connected the marketplace close now, and if you're hoping to drawback 1 connected a budget, determination are plentifulness of deals and discounts you tin instrumentality vantage of close now. We've rounded up immoderate of the champion offers retired determination below, with immoderate models discounted by implicit $100. We'll proceed to update this leafage arsenic deals travel and go, truthful cheque backmost often to marque definite you're getting the lowest pricing possible.

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What does an aerial fryer do?

Air fryer ovens marque crispy snacks that sensation similar they've been fried, but with nary existent frying involved. Instead, aerial fryers usage superhot, fast-circulating aerial to replicate the effects of oil-frying but with nary of the unwanted calories and fat. I emotion excavation and usage it astir each day. For me, the lone happening amended than an aerial fryer is simply a cheap aerial fryer, and that's precisely what you'll find successful the deals outlined below.

What are the antithetic types of aerial fryers?

When choosing an air fryer, you person 1 large determination to make: Certain models only air-fry, and they're mostly cheaper but you volition beryllium constricted successful what you tin do. Then determination are larger hybrid countertop convection ovens with an air-fry function. With this type, you tin mostly bake, broil, toast, reheat, defrost and lukewarm successful summation to air-frying -- though sometimes the aerial fryer relation is not rather arsenic beardown arsenic a dedicated aerial fryer. Both versions are large and it truly comes down to what you program to cook, the antagonistic abstraction you tin springiness up and however overmuch you privation to spend.

How overmuch should an aerial fryer cost?

This each depends connected however fancy you privation to get. But the bully quality is you won't person to walk overmuch if you don't privation to, particularly if you drawback up 1 of these aerial fryer deals. Basic single-function aerial fryers from generic brands commencement astatine astir $30 and I've recovered they enactment well, adjacent if they deficiency immoderate of the features that the much costly ovens have. There are besides hybrid ovens that are much similar countertop toaster ovens but with aerial fryer functions. Those scope from $120 to $300, but with these 2023 aerial fryer deals, you tin nab 1 for less.

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Best deals connected aerial fryers close now

Size 2 quarts (air fryer basket)Wattage 1,500Controls DigitalCooking modes Air fry, roast, bake, dehydrate, unit cook, dilatory cook, steam, sauté, sterilize, warmPrice $120

This Instant Pot unit cooker and dilatory cooker doubles arsenic an aerial fryer erstwhile you popular connected the peculiar lid. It besides has tons of different cooking functions, including roast, bake, steam and more, truthful you're getting adjacent much bang for your buck. 

Ninja foodi aerial  fryer oven

This is different Ninja aerial fryer we've tested and truly like. The hybrid toaster oven and aerial fryer is incredibly powerful, but besides features much precise cooking modes for baking cookies, roasting chickenhearted and different recipes.

A achromatic  aerial  fryer against a bluish  background.

If you've been funny to effort retired air-frying for yourself, this three-quart Crux exemplary is simply a large spot to commencement -- particularly erstwhile it's implicit 50% off. It's tiny capable that it won't assemblage your countertops, and tin inactive whip up snacks and meals for betwixt 2 and 4 people. It tin scope temperatures of up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit successful conscionable minutes, and the dishwasher-safe handbasket and tray makes cleanup a breeze.

Ninja Foodi Deluxe XL multi cooker

The Foodi 6.5-quart multicooker does a full batch much than aerial fry, though it does that well. You tin unit cook, dilatory cook, steam and saute with this multifunction countertop cooker. Grab it for $70 disconnected close now.

A Bella Pro Series 9-quart Digital Air Fryer with Dual Flex Basket rests connected  a antagonistic  adjacent   a sheet  of fried foods.
Bella Pro Series

This aerial fryer comes equipped with a dual flex handbasket that allows you to navigator 2 antithetic foods 2 antithetic ways simultaneously -- and they'll inactive decorativeness astatine the aforesaid time. This diagnostic makes repast readying a breeze. (And you tin sync the 2 baskets unneurotic for a afloat load of the aforesaid crockery whenever you want.)


This extra-large Ninja Foodi is large for a batch much than conscionable aerial frying. It tin besides beryllium utilized arsenic an indoor grill oregon flattop griddle, and has functions for roasting, baking, broiling and dehydrating. It adjacent has a built-in nutrient thermometer to instrumentality the guesswork retired of cooking. 

dash aerial  fryer connected  table

This aerial fryer is nether 3 quarts, which is smaller than astir but a bully size for 2 radical oregon those with constricted antagonistic space. Price varies depending connected colour selection, but close present you tin get this 2.6-quart fryer for astir $60 erstwhile you opt for the reddish colour variant. 

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