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With much wintertime sports cogwheel going high-tech -- and mingling with the cogwheel we transportation day-to-day -- we've annually produced a roundup of high-tech skis gear. While immoderate products from past year's roundup person carried over, we've updated the database with respective caller products for 2022. 

Much of the cogwheel successful the roundup is battery-powered, though not everything has a powerfulness constituent to it. In immoderate cases, we've included items that person high-tech materials oregon cutting-edge designs.

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At the moment, the GoPro Hero10 is the champion single-lens enactment camera you tin get from GoPro. It's not a large upgrade implicit the GoProHero 9, which is disposable for a small less, but it has a caller GP2 spot allows for precocious resolutions astatine higher framework rates -- up to 5.3K (5,312 x2,988 pixels) astatine 30 oregon 60 frames per second. It besides has HyperSmooth 4.0, GoPro's highest level of representation stabilization.

As with the Hero 9 Black, pricing is simply a small confusing for the Hero 10 Black. The camera is $499, which is $50 much than the Hero 9's starting price. However, if you bargain nonstop from and motion up for the GoPro subscription work -- which is included with the camera -- GoPro knocks $100 off, truthful it's $399 (a twelvemonth of the service, which costs $50 a twelvemonth oregon $5 a month, is included for free).

The subscription work gives you unlimited unreality backups astatine archetypal quality, damaged camera replacement, discounts connected GoPro accessories and cogwheel and entree to GoPro's premium unrecorded streaming platform.

Read CNET's GoPro Hero 10 Black review.

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360 cams seizure everything successful a sphere astir the camera, past aboriginal you tin determine what you privation to amusement -- and precisely however it's shown. As acold arsenic these cameras go, a batch of radical similar the GoPro Max, which is selling for astir $430, but Insta360's One X2 is besides awesome and immoderate radical similar it to the GoPro.

Insta360 sells the newer and much affordable Go 2 ($300) and earlier One R. The Snow Bundle includes a assortment of mounts and accessories, everything from a thorax equine to GoPro-style helmet mounts on with a rod mount.  

We person a mates of videos to springiness you an thought of the benignant of footage Insta360 cams tin produce. Former CNET Senior Video Producer Nic Henry reviewed some the Go 2 (you tin find the video here) and the One X2 (you tin find that video here).

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We could person enactment the GoPro Hero 9 Black connected this list. It costs $50 little than the Hero 10 Black, but the information is, if you're considering the Hero 9, you mightiness arsenic good get the Hero 10. However, If you tin bash without that top-end solution and front-facing screen, the older Hero 8 offers a decent magnitude of savings and remains a bully choice. It inactive does 4K video astatine 60 fps, truthful it's nary slouch and has travel down from its archetypal database terms of $350 (it's present astir $280). It was a CNET Editors' Choice Award victor 2 years ago.

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The Aleck 006 earpieces gaffe into your helmet and tin beryllium utilized arsenic wireless headphones for listening to euphony oregon arsenic a headset for making calls. They connection decent dependable but what makes them adjacent much utile is if you nexus aggregate Aleck 006 unneurotic and acceptable up what amounts to a walkie-talkie strategy among friends oregon household members.

With real-time GPS tracking successful the Aleck Go! app for iOS and Android, you tin besides representation the determination of everyone successful your party. 

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Helly Hansen's flagship $750 Elevation Infinity 2.0 method ammunition overgarment features the company's LIFA Infinity Pro technology, its caller waterproof, windproof yet breathable worldly that it says is the "first-to-market to beryllium made wholly without added chemicals." Typically, waterproof jackets are chemically treated but Helly Hansen says the Infinity's "everlasting h2o repellent extortion ne'er needs to beryllium reproofed with chemic attraction aft use."

For a ammunition overgarment it offers bully flexibility and doesn't consciousness stiff. While it has a three-layer cloth operation and offers immoderate warmth, it's not insulated truthful successful precise acold conditions you'd request to deterioration different overgarment underneath it, similar the Odin Lifaloft Hybrid ($400).

The Elevation Infinity 2.0 comes successful black, grey fog and orangish (pictured) and, similar different premium Helly skis jackets, besides features its Life Pocket Plus, which uses Aerogel insulation to assistance support your telephone from getting excessively cold, frankincense preserving its battery.

David Carnoy/CNET

The Marauder Elite is Spy's latest and top goggle that features 60% much venting implicit the likewise styled Spy Ace goggle (another highly vented model). That makes it "nearly intolerable to fog," according to the company. They didn't fog connected maine during my constricted testing, but I inactive request to enactment them done a wider assortment of conditions to corroborate that.

The goggle's lenses adhere magnetically and tin beryllium easy swapped retired (two lenses are included). These are over-the-glasses goggles (OTG) that are suitable for usage with RX eyeglasses and person subtle notches successful the temples to let your glasses to acceptable better. Like Spy's different premium goggles, these diagnostic the company's Happy lens tech that it says is "scientifically tuned to boost temper and alertness portion optimizing colour and contrast."

They're a bully brace of goggles and though they're expensive, Spy has been having occupation keeping them successful stock.

David Carnoy/CNET

When your telephone gets excessively acold its artillery drains faster, and if it's truly cold, it mightiness unopen off. That's wherever the Phoozy comes in.

A elemental sleeve oregon "capsule" for smartphones, the Phoozy has a Chromium Thermal Barrier Shell and SpaceTech Penetration Layer, arsenic good arsenic a spot of velcro to support it closed astatine the top. That volition assistance support your telephone lukewarm connected other acold days and assistance sphere artillery life. It volition besides support your telephone from overheating.

Phoozy pouches present travel successful a fewer antithetic versions and sizes and commencement astatine $30. Just marque definite to get 1 that's large capable to acceptable your phone.

David Carnoy/CNET

These mitt liners are equipped with Seirus' Kinetic vigor instrumentality strategy that it says amplifies your assemblage vigor 4-5 degrees and reflects it backmost to you for 20% much warmth. Of course, however lukewarm your hands are volition besides beryllium connected however lukewarm the gloves are that spell implicit these (they tin beryllium utilized arsenic stand-alone gloves but much for moving successful acold upwind than skiing).

David Carnoy/CNET

After a time of shredding, your assemblage volition surely admit a small percussion massage weapon action. There are plentifulness of options disposable but we similar the question affable Theragun Mini due to the fact that it won't measurement your luggage down excessively overmuch and is a large small massage weapon for $199 that's amazingly almighty for its size.

Like the other caller Theragun models, the Mini is equipped with Quiet Force exertion that allows the instrumentality to tally conscionable arsenic powerfully but overmuch much softly than the erstwhile procreation of Theraguns. Theragun Mini has 3 velocity settings, ranging from 1,750 rpm to 2,400 rpm, and the artillery lasts for 150 minutes of continuous use. 

The 1 notable downside to the Theragun Mini is that it lone comes with 1 attachment, the modular shot head, truthful you person to beryllium OK with that. You could buy other Theragun attachments a la carte, due to the fact that the Mini is compatible with each the aforesaid attachments that travel with different models but that brings the terms up.

Florian Breitenberger

Private lessons person gotten truly expensive, truthful wherefore not get a virtual one?

Carv is a integer skis manager that combines immoderate hardware that you connect to your boots with an iOS app (Android coming soon) that delivers real-time feedback astir however you're skiing.

I'm inactive waiting to effort this retired but archetypal reviews person been affirmative and the bundle has precocious been updated to mentation 2.0 with immoderate tiny hardware enhancements, including a much compact artillery with the aforesaid artillery life.

Carv lists for $349. That's a lot less than what a azygous full-day backstage acquisition would outgo you astatine astir resorts -- astatine slightest successful the US.

Sarah Tew/CNET

If you don't privation to wage upward of $200 for a acceptable of Smith I/O goggles, determination are plentifulness of much affordable alternatives, including those from Colorado-based Glade, which prides itself connected making goggles that connection akin oregon amended show than high-end models from different companies for a batch less.

The large woody is its Adapt goggles see a Photochromatic Flux lens for $129. This is simply a lens that changes colors according to the lighting conditions you experience. In different words, it's the chameleon of lenses and typically photochromatic goggles outgo a batch more.

Sarah Tew/CNET

The Smith 4D MAG are the company's existent top-of-the-line goggles and person sctually seen a terms summation from $280 to $320. They diagnostic a wider tract of presumption (25% wider compared to the I/O Mag, according to Smith) and a 5x antifog interior lens with AirEvac Integration Technology that helps trim fogging. Changing the lenses is casual -- 1 low-light and 1 bright-light lens are included -- with the MAG system. Two levers merchandise the lens, which adheres magnetically to the goggles.

Sarah Tew/CNET

If you deterioration glasses, the $270 I/O MAG XL is simply a bully choice, albeit a reasonably costly one.

The MAG XL is Smith's MAG lens alteration strategy which features -- you guessed it -- magnets to easy swap retired lenses, arsenic good arsenic a 5x antifog interior lens with AirEvac Integration Technology that helps trim fogging.

The goggle comes successful respective antithetic flavors (by which I mean ChromoPop lens colors) and you get 2 lenses with the goggle.

Sarah Tew/CNET

Seirus' flagship HeatTouch Hellfire gloves are disposable for $425 for men oregon women. The gloves haven't changed for a fewer years, but the artillery was upgraded past twelvemonth to a much slimmed-down mentation with accrued artillery life.

At the low-heat mounting you tin get up to 12 hours of artillery life, with mean pegged astatine astir 8 hours and precocious astatine 4 hours.

It's besides disposable successful a mitten for $425.

Sarah Tew/CNET

In the past, I've highlighted Smith's Vantage helmet, which has a visor. The Code orients much toward snowboarders and escaped riders, but a batch of mainstream skiers similar its streamlined look.

Smith didn't alteration thing in this year's model from past year's -- but for the colour options. It packs successful astir of Smith's latest technologies (they're in the Vantage as well). On the inside, alternatively of hard foam you'll find Koroyd inserts that, from the top, look similar a honeycomb with circular (not hexagonal) cylinders. The high-tech worldly is made of lightweight, eco-friendly polymer extruded tubes that are thermally welded unneurotic to signifier a beardown furniture of extortion that besides allows for bully airflow. (Smith has added different materials and plan elements to the helmet and is selling the full extortion bundle arsenic "Aerocore construction.")

Beyond the fancy padding, there's the BOA FS360 acceptable strategy (with a 360-degree halo design), which helps you get a snug, "custom" fit. And caller this year: a Wayfinder strap strategy featuring Fidlock that's fundamentally a quick-release magnetic strategy that makes it easier to unfastened and adjacent the strap.

The helmet lone comes successful a MIPS version, which offers accrued protection. In a MIPS Brain Protection System, the ammunition and liner are separated by a low-friction furniture that "allows the helmet to descent comparative to the head."

David Carnoy/CNET

Constructed from Grilamid, a lightweight but precise durable framework material, the Spy Helm Tech sunglasses are a modern instrumentality connected glacier sunglasses that see removable broadside shields truthful you tin artifact some the prima and each the "haters" astatine the aforesaid time, according to the institution (they crook into modular wayfarer sunglasses without the broadside shields).

They person hidden sweat channels successful some the chemoreceptor pads and interior temples for breathability and diagnostic the company's Happy Tech lens tech that it says is "scientifically tuned to boost temper and alertness portion enhancing colour and contrast."

True oregon not, I volition accidental they acceptable comfortably, the optics were precise bully and I was so blessed utilizing them.

David Carnoy/CNET

Most caller phones, including the iPhone 13 models, connection a decent level of water-resistance. But if you privation immoderate added protection, Lifeproof inactive sells its waterproof and shockproof Fre case-- and the latest mentation is built for MagSafe accessories. 

The Fre lawsuit is besides disposable for immoderate Samsung Galaxy models but (obviously) doesn't diagnostic MagSafe, a diagnostic that adds $10 to the case.

David Carnoy/CNET

You don't privation your telephone to spell dormant connected the upland truthful it's ever bully to battalion and artillery pack.

MyCharge calls its caller enactment of magnetic powerfulness banks Superhero MagLock, implying that they're existent saviors. I was impressed by their design. Not lone bash the batteries, which travel successful assorted capacities, person beardown magnets and instrumentality truly good to the backmost of your iPhone 12 oregon 13, but they person raised coils, which are expected to assistance with reducing vigor levels portion charging. It does look to work.

The 3,000-mAh artillery is lightweight and slim and is bully to person astir for immoderate exigency charging. However, it won't get you a afloat charge, truthful you'll astir apt privation to measurement up to 1 of the higher-capacity options similar the 6,000-mAh exemplary that retails for $60 but is presently being discounted to $40. The 9,000-mAh mentation is beefy and feels similar your telephone is attached to a tiny ceramic (the artillery and telephone bash acceptable successful your manus nicely but the combo surely isn't pouch friendly).

All the MagLock batteries complaint Qi-enabled iPhones astatine 5W, though you tin get faster charging if you spell wired and usage a USB-C to Lightning cable. I besides liked however there's a chime erstwhile the charging starts and your telephone tells you however overmuch foodstuff is near successful the artillery battalion (it's tied into iOS15). You tin wirelessly complaint Android devices arsenic good but the MagLock won't instrumentality unless you person a metallic ringing connected backmost of your phone's lawsuit (stick-on rings are disposable for sale).

The SuperHero MagLock is disposable successful a fewer colour options and has a bully glossy finish. It presently is the best-designed magnetic powerfulness slope -- amended adjacent than Apple's.


While it's thicker than immoderate of portable chargers connected the market, the Anker PowerCore Slim 10K PD is impressively slim for a 10,000-mAh portable telephone charger (that capableness volition let you to afloat complaint your telephone and a friend's). It offers up to 20W charging speeds via its USB-C PD output (it's an input arsenic well) and 12W cahrging speeds via is USB-A output. A USB-A to USB-C cable, a USB-C to USB-C cablegram and a question pouch are included. To complaint Phones astatine 20W speeds, you'll request to bring your ain USB-C to Lightning cablegram to the charging enactment (the latest iPhones see that cable). 

Sarah Tew/CNET

Zeal goggles person fantabulous optics and a wide tract of view, and galore diagnostic the company's Rail Lock System that makes the lenses casual to alteration and the goggles casual to vent erstwhile you're successful hiking mode.

The basal models with modular lenses are beauteous affordable, ranging from $129 to $159. Things get much costly erstwhile you determination to the Automatic Plus GB lens, which is photochromic and changes rapidly with the lighting and works successful immoderate condition. Add that Automatic Plus lens and the terms goes up to $279.

A batch of radical similar the Hatchet (on the near successful the photograph above), which is disposable for astir $150 with the Optimum lens (nonphotochromic) of your prime on with a complimentary Sky Blue Mirror lens. 

I similar the Portal XL (on right), which besides starts astatine $179 for the modular two-lens option. It has the widest tract of presumption and is an OTG goggle that allows you to deterioration glasses.

The Hemisphere, starting astatine $130, has a spherical framework that's designed with precocious and little ventilation, triple-layer look foam and is disposable successful a assortment of lens options. It doesn't person the RLS strategy but the lens prime is rather bully for the price. 

David Carnoy/CNET

The Jaybird Vista 2 sports buds diagnostic a akin plan to the archetypal Vista buds but person a mates of cardinal upgrades: progressive sound canceling and a transparency mode called SurroundSense, which allows you to perceive the extracurricular world, an important information diagnostic for runners and bikers (as good arsenic skiers). 

The Vista 2 buds person an IPX68 water-resistance rating, which means they're some dust-proof and afloat waterproof. Jaybird says they're besides sweat-proof, crush-proof and drop-proof. And the compact lawsuit is present splash-proof and dust-resistant, with an IP54 rating.

They dependable rather bully erstwhile you tweak the EQ settings to your liking, but their dependable prime isn't rather up to the level of immoderate different premium earbuds. Their noise-canceling, transparency mode and voice-calling are decent though unspectacular (the Beats Fit Pro execute amended successful each departments). But if you're buying these, you're buying them for the unafraid acceptable and durability.

Sarah Tew/CNET

This is Smith's goggles-sunglasses hybrid, the Wildcat ($200). Constructed with the aforesaid materials utilized successful Smith goggles, the Wildcat provides tons of oculus sum and bully airflow but has the comfortableness of a much lightweight brace of sunglasses. The Wildcat comes with a agleam airy ChromaPop lens and a secondary wide lens for flat-light overcast days. It's disposable successful 3 colour options.

Sarah Tew/CNET

You'd deliberation that much companies would person made Bluetooth headphones that gaffe wrong your helmet, but Outdoor Technology is 1 of the fewer that does (some Chinese companies similar Outdoor Master person gotten successful connected the crippled successful the past mates of years). Their entreaty has waned present that existent wireless earbuds person travel along, but they're inactive disposable astatine a discounted terms (around $90).

How it works is you complaint up the Chips and descent them into the earflaps connected your helmet (they should enactment with astir helmets). You privation to marque definite that nary excess padding successful your helmet is covering the Chips oregon other they'll get muffled and you'll suffer immoderate volume; you privation them arsenic adjacent to your ears arsenic possible.

The Chips 2.0 have a walkie-talkie diagnostic that allows you to pass with friends who are besides utilizing Chips 2.0 headphones. You make a radical utilizing the ODT Walkie-Talkie app and speech implicit the compartment network, which means the lone bounds connected region is whether you're getting a telephone signal. Up to 99 radical tin beryllium successful your backstage group.

I thought the dependable prime was decent for Bluetooth but not great. That said, it's bully to beryllium capable to instrumentality your helmet connected and person the headphones built-in with nary wires to interest about. Battery beingness is rated astatine 10 hours, and the Chips are sweat- and water-resistant but not waterproof.

Outdoor Technology besides sells the Chips Ultra, a existent wireless mentation of the Chips that costs importantly much (about $165)). I don't deliberation the Ultras are worthy the money.

David Carnoy/CNET

You ne'er cognize erstwhile you mightiness request to bent up immoderate gear, which is wherever the Heroclip comes in. Available successful a fewer antithetic sizes and colors, this souped-up rotating carabiner hook clip costs astir $23.


Satellite phones are not lone costly to bargain but costly to use. If you're headed determination distant wherever there's nary compartment service, Bivystick is a comparatively affordable mode to nonstop texts and stock your determination via satellite.

Once you bargain the Bivystick ($200), you tin activate it immoderate clip for a period for $18, which includes 10 credits. One recognition equals 1 connection oregon 1 determination stock oregon 1 upwind study oregon 1 hr of tracking.

If you usage each 10 credits, you'll beryllium charged $0.50 per further recognition used. You tin besides bargain further credits beforehand and astatine a cheaper rate. Should you not usage the credits implicit 30 days, they rotation implicit to the adjacent period if your relationship remains active. (You tin crook disconnected work astatine immoderate time.)

Andy Earl/Black Diamond

Black Diamond bills its Guide BT ($450) arsenic the archetypal ever avalanche beacon connected the marketplace to connection Bluetooth capabilities. That Bluetooth transportation allows you to negociate settings, bundle updates and artillery optimization from your smartphone via the Pieps mobile app, portion the lodging features soft-touch interaction points for improved handling.

From a halfway diagnostic standpoint, it's got a 60-meter circular range, people and scan relation for aggregate burials, and an car antenna power that automatically adjusts to nonstop the champion signal. There's besides a self-check relation for always-accurate antennas and Digital Signal Processing to relationship for wayward beacon signals. A harness-style carrying pouch is included.

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