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Surfshark boasts an awesome suite of privateness and information features, unlimited simultaneous connections, easy-to-use interface and expansive planetary network. And it's inactive importantly cheaper than astir of its competitors. That's what helped Surfshark gain CNET's Editors' Choice for Best Value VPN.

Along with modular VPN features specified arsenic a kill power and DNS leak protection, immoderate of the much notable Surfshark features see camouflage mode (which hides the information you're utilizing a VPN), split-tunneling, NoBorders mode (which lets you usage Surfshark successful regions wherever VPNs are restricted) and multihop VPN connections. You'll besides get entree to Surfshark's CleanWeb technology, which blocks ads and malware and helps you debar phishing attacks. 

One innovation we're excited to spot Surfshark rotation retired implicit the adjacent twelvemonth is its Nexus network, which connects the VPN's full web of servers unneurotic and allows you to take aggregate servers to way your transportation through. The functionality is somewhat akin to Tor, but Surfshark says it's faster. With its Dynamic MultiHop, IP Randomizer and IP Rotator functions, the Nexus web tin springiness you a fewer other layers of extortion portion you usage the VPN -- which tin beryllium peculiarly beneficial to users with critical privateness needs

Surfshark says it doesn't log immoderate idiosyncratic activity. And though no-logging claims are virtually impossible to prove with 100% certainty, German cybersecurity steadfast Cure53 declared Surfshark's information to beryllium "solid" successful its 2021 information audit of the VPN. Surfshark says a caller audit is forthcoming by the extremity of this year. 

Since February 2022, some Surfshark and NordVPN have had the aforesaid firm genitor (Tesonet), but Surfshark said it is legally bound not to stock immoderate accusation betwixt the entities that would spell against its privacy policy oregon terms of service. We didn't find immoderate connection successful either papers that would bespeak Surfshark has immoderate work to stock idiosyncratic information with its genitor institution oregon immoderate sibling companies, which see NordVPN. 

Surfshark rates consistently arsenic 1 of the fastest VPNs available. Which is wherefore we were amazed that 1 of the lone issues we had with Surfshark came successful our velocity test. While it inactive ranks arsenic 1 of the fastest VPNs we've tested -- with an net velocity nonaccomplishment of conscionable 19% -- we were disappointed with the inconsistent velocity results we got to definite locations. Speeds to Europe and Singapore were erratic (dipping arsenic debased arsenic 9Mbps to Singapore), portion speeds to New York were slower than speeds to the UK and adjacent Australia. Surfhark is successful the process of importantly expanding its server network, present offering much than 3,200 servers successful 99 countries. The continued enlargement of its server web could perchance assistance bring immoderate much consistency to the VPN's speeds. 

In our tests, Surfshark had nary problems unblocking Netflix and Amazon Prime Video content, but we did tally into a just spot of occupation accessing Disney Plus. After investigating assorted servers successful the US and different countries wherever Disney Plus is available, we were yet capable to entree the contented erstwhile we connected to a server successful Boston. You whitethorn request to trial a fewer servers yourself earlier gaining entree to Disney Plus contented with Surfshark.

Surfshark offers cheaper introductory prices that leap aft the archetypal billing cycle. Even so, Surfshark manages to support its prices little than astir different VPNs -- helping it gain CNET's Editors' Choice for Best Value. The yearly program starts retired astatine $48 for the archetypal year, past jumps to $60 for immoderate further years of service. If you opt for the two-year plan, you'll wage $60 up beforehand for the archetypal 2 years combined, past $60 per twelvemonth for immoderate further years. Surfshark's monthly program stays changeless astatine $13 a month. If you're not satisfied with the work for immoderate reason, Surfshark offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Savings $2.49/mo with 24-mo program (+2 escaped months)


  • Lots of unsocial information features
  • Unlimited simultaneous connections
  • RAM-only server network


  • Inconsistent velocity performance
  • 14 Eyes jurisdiction (Netherlands)
  • No transparency reports

Latest tests Zero information leaks and 19% net velocity nonaccomplishment successful autumn 2022 tests

Network 3,200-plus successful 99 countries

Jurisdiction Netherlands

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