Best Logitech gaming mice for FPS, MOBAs and more

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From premium, to wired, to budget, it's hard to spell incorrect with Logitech

Logitech G502 Promotional Image

There is nary cleanable mouse, but Logitech covers arsenic galore subcategories arsenic you tin number — meaning you should find an enactment that caters to your fund and different needs. The aforesaid goes doubly for gaming mice. Logitech makes a batch of mice, truthful we’ve enactment unneurotic a database of Logitech’s champion gaming mice for assorted types of gamers to marque your buying determination arsenic elemental arsenic possible. 

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The champion Logitech gaming mice

In this list, we person Logitech’s champion for MOBA/MMO players, shooting crippled players, and gamers connected a budget. Logitech’s mice are well-known for reliability, truthful upgrade your setup with a no-fuss gaming mouse. Here are the apical picks from Logitech’s G lineup. 

Best Logitech gaming rodent overall

logitech g502 gaming rodent  1

The G502 is 1 of Logitech’s astir beloved mice, and for a bully crushed too. The reliability, premium parts, and features marque this rodent the champion Logitech gaming rodent overall. It features the company’s signature Hyperscrolling, a rechargeable battery, a tilting scroll wheel, and a ton of other buttons to representation to further functions successful games. 

The rodent besides comes with adjustable weights to fine-tune the experience, oregon you tin ditch the weights for Logitech’s Powerplay strategy that volition wirelessly complaint your rodent portion you’re playing truthful that it ne'er runs retired of foodstuff mid-game. The $150 terms tag gets you 1 of the champion gaming mice retired there.

Best fund Logitech gaming mouse

logitech g305 gaming rodent  1

No longer bash you person to compromise connected looks erstwhile you’re connected a choky budget; the G305 is present to prevention the time with a minimal design, a 1ms effect time, and a sensor that tin spell up to 12,000 DPI. This $40 rodent is nary slacker, and Logitech’s products are known to basal the trial of time, truthful you won’t request to regenerate this 1 anytime soon. 

The rodent runs connected a azygous AA artillery advertised for 250 hours and comes successful various colors, truthful prime your poison; you’re going to person a bully time. 

Best Logitech gaming rodent for MMOs and MOBAs

logitech g604 gaming rodent  1

I’ll commencement with the crushed this rodent has this spot; 15 full configurable buttons. For MOBAs and MMOs, having entree to truthful galore functions astatine the property of a thumb is indispensable and volition nary uncertainty assistance you retired successful executing your moves quickly. 

Other than the buttons, you besides person Hyperscrolling, an up to 25k DPI sensor, and a tilt wheel. This AA battery-operated rodent comes successful astatine lone $100, a beauteous bully terms for specified a beastly mouse. 

Best Logitech gaming rodent for shooters

logitech g pro x gaming mouse

The G Pro X Superlight sports an understated look, but marque nary mistake; it’s 1 of the lightest gaming mice, making it Logitech’s champion gaming rodent for shooting games. Weighing successful astatine little than 63g, it besides has axenic PTFE (think: nonstick pans) feet connected the bottommost to glide effortlessly crossed immoderate surface. 

Aside from that, there’s Logitech’s 25k DPI Hero sensor and Powerplay compatibility. All of that unneurotic makes this a large bundle for $150, fantabulous for those looking to up their crippled wherever milliseconds tin beryllium the quality betwixt triumph and loss. 

Best wired Logitech gaming mouse

logitech g403 gaming rodent  1

Sometimes, successful a satellite wherever wireless frequencies are everyplace astir us, perchance disturbing the show of your wireless mouse, you conscionable person to spell backmost to basics. Logitech has you covered present with the G403. 

This rodent is wired, has left/right-click and back/forward thumb buttons. There are fewer bells and whistles here, conscionable precise purpose and a gaming acquisition that can’t beryllium interrupted by the request to complaint a battery. Focus connected winning, not charging.

That’s it for our overview of Logitech’s champion gaming mice. Let america cognize what’s successful your setup successful the comments, and beryllium definite to implicit the bundle with 1 of the champion mousepads and 1 of the champion inexpensive gaming keyboards.

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