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Despite inclement upwind impacting parts of fall, wintertime and spring, precocious energy rates and charismatic star policies person made star panels fashionable successful the Bay State. 

According to CNET's sister publication SaveOnEnergy, Massachusetts is among the apical 10 states with the highest energy bills. Massachusetts' mean November residential electrical measure was astir $160, oregon astir $1,926 per year. Investing successful star panels could prevention a Massachusetts nonmigratory much each twelvemonth arsenic energy rates successful the authorities volition summation betwixt 43% and 64% this winter. Going star could assistance little your energy bills, shield you from your utility's terms swings and trim your home's c emissions. 

Solar panels are much affordable to the mean American than a decennary ago. Research by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory shows that the outgo of residential star panels has fallen by 69% since 2010. You tin instrumentality vantage of national and authorities inducement programs to trim the archetypal outgo of a star system, little your monthly inferior bills and boost your home's value.

Can star panels prevention you money?

Interested successful knowing the interaction star tin person connected your home? Enter immoderate basal accusation below, and we’ll instantly supply a escaped estimation of your vigor savings.

Best nationalist star sheet companies successful Massachusetts

Here are a fewer of our picks for the best nationalist star companies that work Massachusetts.

SunPower has been 1 of the starring star manufacturers since the 1980s. With an mean 22% ratio rating, SunPower's Maxeon panels boast immoderate of the highest ratio levels connected the market. SunPower has a immense web of certified installers successful the US, helping customers with star strategy design, permitting, installation, maintenance, strategy monitoring and different services. SunPower provides a 25-year performance, merchandise and prime of enactment warranties. You tin get star financing oregon participate star leasing and PPA done SunPower. The company's caller in-house financing instauration SunPower Financial provides star loans for underserved communities. Read our full reappraisal of SunPower for much details.

If you're looking for a cheaper enactment for solar, Tesla Solar is worthy considering. Tesla star panels person a decent maximum ratio scope (19.3% to 20.9%), and their star battery, the Tesla Powerwall, is 1 of the astir well-rounded batteries connected the market. The institution offers a 10-year workmanship and weatherization warranty. Tesla doesn't person the champion lawsuit work reputation. You tin either wage currency oregon concern your panels with Tesla. Read our afloat reappraisal of Tesla Solar for much details.

Momentum Solar is 1 of the starring star installers successful the country. It services 11 states, including Massachusetts. Employing much than 1,000, the institution provides in-house services similar star strategy design, permitting, installation, interconnection and inspection of star systems. It offers financing, lease and powerfulness acquisition statement (PPA) options. Momentum Solar promises 25-year quality-of-work and merchandise warranties. Read our full reappraisal of Momentum Solar for much details.

Local star sheet companies successful Massachusetts

During your hunt for star companies, you should besides see looking into section star companies successful your area. We pulled a fewer Massachusetts star companies with immoderate of the highest mean Google reappraisal scores. However, it's important to bash immoderate section star institution probe connected your ain excessively oregon get referrals from radical you know. Here are a fewer section star companies successful Massachusetts that mightiness beryllium worthy taking a look at.

Can star panels prevention you money?

Interested successful knowing the interaction star tin person connected your home? Enter immoderate basal accusation below, and we’ll instantly supply a escaped estimation of your vigor savings.

Boston Solar is a star institution based successful Woburn, Massachusetts. Since 2011, the institution has installed much than 30 megawatts of residential star vigor successful the Bay State. Boston Solar handles the full solar installation process in-house and offers a 10-year quality-of-work and 25-year merchandise warranties. Solar financing is disposable done the company's concern with Sungage Financial.

Great Sky Solar is an employee-owned star cooperative based successful the greater Boston area. The institution handles the full lawsuit lifecycle, including design, permitting, installation, interconnection and maintenance, and offers customers star financing and leasing options. While the institution provides a quality-of-work warranty, it doesn't notation its magnitude nor that of its show and merchandise warranties.

Massachusetts star sheet costs

The full terms of a residential star strategy volition beryllium connected the fig and types of panels used, installation costs, section permitting costs and different factors. Differences successful section quotes and incentives besides play a relation successful determining the outgo of solar. Here's however star pricing breaks down successful Massachusetts compared to the nationalist mean based connected 2022 information from consulting firm Wood Mackenzie and the 2023 information from

Massachusetts star costs vs. the US

System size (kW)Price per wattTotal costMassachusetts US

How to find which star institution successful Massachusetts is champion for me

You're going to privation to find an installer that has acquisition moving with the benignant of star task that you're funny in. You'll besides privation to marque definite your installer has acquisition moving connected the benignant of extortion that you have, and the benignant of strategy you privation installed, similar grid-tied oregon off-grid. 

Ben Delman, a communications manager with Solar United Neighbors, a cleanable vigor nonprofit, recommends that homeowners look for star installers that are certified by the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners. They should besides person the due licensing and bonding for their work. Reading done online reviews tin assistance you get a amended knowing of a star company's installation and work reputation. A fewer places to look for star institution reviews are Google, Yelp and Angie's. Delman recommends looking for star companies that person astatine slightest 20 to 30 reviews. Ask radical you cognize if they person immoderate star institution recommendations, too. 

Aside from reviews and certifications, determination are a fewer different things to look for successful a star installer. A bully installer, Delman said, volition beryllium capable to:

  • Provide bully word-of-mouth references
  • Clearly explicate each task deadlines
  • Easily specify method presumption successful an easy-to-understand manner
  • Show transparency astir pricing and however strategy financing works
  • Have cognition of the section licence requirements and the process for strategy interconnection with the section powerfulness company
  • Understand homeowners relation restrictions and assistance you navigate that process

A reputable star institution should beryllium capable to reply immoderate questions you whitethorn have, nary substance however hard those questions mightiness be. Don't hesitate to inquire for clarification connected immoderate task and pricing details. To get the champion terms possible, marque definite to store astir for astatine slightest 3 quotes earlier choosing an installer. 

Installation factors to consider

Investing successful a star strategy is simply a superior fiscal commitment. It's worthy considering assorted factors that whitethorn oregon whitethorn not marque star panels suitable for your home.

  • Condition and tilt of your roof: According to the Department of Energy, star panels run astir efficiently with an space betwixt 15 and 40 degrees. Because your roof's transportation volition impact your star panels' productivity, it's important to find if your extortion has the close space and whether panels tin beryllium positioned to get the maximum output. Your extortion should besides beryllium successful bully signifier earlier attaching star panels. Typically, replacing an older extortion earlier installing star panels is recommended to trim the hazard of further harm to the extortion and perchance higher costs of its replacement aft putting up a star system. 
  • Insurance coverage: It's worthy including your star strategy successful your homeowner's insurance policy. Check with your security institution for details of your argumentation and sum of your star system.
  • Location: There is simply a misconception that star panels halt moving successful the winter. As a bluish state, Massachusetts gets a batch of snowfall successful the winter. Output from star panels successful the wintertime is little comparative to the summertime due to the fact that of shorter days. But star panels make energy if the sunlight covers star panels. Solar panels scope precocious ratio during wintertime since their perfect interior somesthesia ranges betwixt 40 and 55 degrees Fahrenheit. Solar panels seamlessly make powerfulness arsenic soon arsenic snowfall slides disconnected oregon is removed. 
  • Cost vs. time: It's worthy considering however agelong you program to unrecorded successful your location earlier you motion a star loan, lease oregon PPA. Solar is simply a semipermanent investment. If you determination successful a fewer years, committing to an costly star bundle whitethorn not beryllium worthy it. The emblematic payback play for star ranges from six to 9 years.
  • HOA and vicinity rules: Massachusetts's solar easement and rights laws ban homeowners' associations from creating unreasonable restrictions connected star access. The authorities allows for the constitution of voluntary easements and star entree contracts, but it doesn't see star entree an automatic right.

Massachusetts star sheet incentives oregon rebates

A star strategy isn't inexpensive for New Englanders. Thankfully, you tin little the terms with national taxation credits and state-based incentives. 

The national Residential Clean Energy Credit (formerly named the Investment Tax Credit) lets you subtract 30% of the outgo of a star system from your national taxation returns aft you bargain a star system. That means you volition wage $8,551.20 little for the mean star strategy installed successful Massachusetts aft utilizing the national credit. Most batteries volition besides suffice for the national Clean Energy Credit. 

The Inflation Reduction Act is simply a landmark national clime measure passed successful August 2022. Thanks to the IRA, Americans tin put successful residential star vigor and little its outgo with the national taxation recognition until 2032. The recognition volition alteration to 26% successful 2033 and 22% successful 2034. It's acceptable to expire successful 2035. To person the Clean Energy Credit, you tin implicit form 5695 (PDF) and taxable it to the IRS. The IRS instructions tin assistance you implicit the form. Following the IRS approval, you volition get a 30% recognition connected your national taxation instrumentality for the year.

Massachusetts besides offers respective residential inducement programs to chopped the outgo of solar. The Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency provides a broad database of each incentives successful the Bay State. Here are the astir important ones worthy noting.

ProgramDescriptionState taxation recognition Solar Massachusetts Renewable Target State taxation exemptions
Massachusetts provides a 15% star taxation credit with a maximum recognition of $1,000 for purchased star systems. You tin assertion the taxation recognition connected filing your income taxation for the year. You tin transportation it implicit for 3 successive years if you person excess credit.
The SMART program pays customers of Eversource, National Grid and Unitil a fixed complaint per kilowatt-hour for the energy produced by residential star panels. The SMART programme allows projects beneath 25 kW star capableness to get the highest basal compensation rates betwixt 0.21 cents and 0.31 cents per kWh for 10 years. The programme expires successful a decreasing artifact process. The rates beryllium connected the 3 participating utilities – Eversource, National Grid and Unitil.
Massachusetts offers property tax and 6.25% income exemptions for residential star systems. You won't wage taxes connected the added location value from your star sheet acquisition and installation, and you tin assertion these exemptions connected your income taxation return.

How to wage for star panels successful Massachusetts 

As with immoderate large purchase, you volition privation to deliberation astir however to concern the outgo of star panels. Keep successful mind, the wealth from the taxation recognition won't beryllium yours until aft you've filed your taxes for the twelvemonth the panels are installed. It's besides important to origin successful the solar payback period, which is the clip it takes to recoup your upfront concern and erstwhile savings begins. 

Here are immoderate ways to wage for star panels:

Personal loan: You tin besides get the wealth done a personal loan. The main quality betwixt a idiosyncratic indebtedness and a location equity indebtedness is that a idiosyncratic indebtedness is typically unsecured. That means your location isn't astatine risk. The downside is they thin to person shorter presumption and higher involvement rates than location equity products.

Solar loan: Your star installer apt has a narration with a slope oregon different fiscal instauration to connection a indebtedness designed for star panels. This tin beryllium a large deal, but you'll privation to get aggregate offers to guarantee the rates and presumption are the best.

Cash: This attack lone works if you hap to person thousands of dollars sitting astir successful a slope account. If you don't person that yet, but you privation star panels successful the future, see redeeming wealth successful a high-yield savings account. Interest rates are precocious close now, and this tin assistance you prevention faster.

Lease oregon powerfulness acquisition agreement: Some star companies let you to lease your strategy oregon participate a power acquisition agreement. If you take to lease, you won't ain the star system, you'll conscionable wage for usage of the equipment. Entering a powerfulness acquisition statement means you'll bargain star vigor generated from the star institution to powerfulness your home. The terms you'll wage is usually little than the retail complaint from your section inferior company. Note that not each incentives are disposable with a lease oregon powerfulness acquisition agreement.

Home equity: You don't person to usage a indebtedness from your star company. Financial institutions offer home equity loans and lines of credit (or HELOCs) that are commonly utilized for location betterment projects. These loans tin beryllium utilized for fundamentally immoderate purpose, and they whitethorn beryllium a bully acceptable for your star project. Shop astir and marque definite you're getting the champion deal.

How we recovered the champion star companies 

Doing a hands-on reappraisal of a star institution is tricky, and accounting for each the differences betwixt star projects is impossible. Instead, we focused connected what we can measurement and meaningfully comparison crossed star companies.

When evaluating star companies, we absorption connected 3 categories of criteria: equipment, warranties and service. 

In the instrumentality category, companies person scores for the star panels, batteries and inverters they install. The warranty class includes the guarantees connected the panels, workmanship and weatherization against leaks. Companies volition gain points successful the work class if they connection a terms match, a tenable level of terms transparency and a well-rated app for monitoring star production. Companies suffer points if determination are large issues concerning lawsuit service, similar lawsuits, investigations oregon reputations for poor-quality service. These work issues volition ever beryllium elaborate successful the review.

Here's a much elaborate look astatine however we interruption down the scoring.

As acold arsenic pricing goes, we don't see the mean terms of a company's installations successful their score. Accurate pricing accusation is hard to find and comparison crossed work areas (and adjacent task to project). Companies are often dilatory to disclose their prices arsenic well. We besides permission retired easy-to-find (but not utile information), specified arsenic however galore states a institution operates in.

Massachusetts star powerfulness FAQs

Will star panels make powerfulness successful the wintertime successful bluish states?

Solar panels make energy arsenic agelong arsenic they are exposed to sunlight. They make powerfulness successful sub-freezing temperatures, adjacent successful places similar Antarctica. Solar panels enactment much efficiently successful acold upwind since their maximum ratio is betwixt 40 and 55 degrees Fahrenheit. The level of ratio that falls with rising temperatures depends connected the benignant of star panels you volition use. Some star panels are much businesslike than others. 

Do I wage immoderate electrical bills aft I get star panels?

Yes, unless you spell off-grid and trust connected solar batteries to powerfulness your location erstwhile sunlight isn't available. In astir cases, homes with star panels volition enactment connected to the powerfulness grid to usage it arsenic a backup powerfulness root erstwhile the prima sets. Your electrical measure volition bespeak what you beryllium for the vigor you usage from the grid, which volition beryllium little than if you didn't person star panels.

How tin I find a star installer successful Massachusetts?

Picking the close installer from hundreds of star companies successful Massachusetts tin beryllium overwhelming. As a regularisation of thumb, spell implicit lawsuit testimonials and reviews, get astatine slightest 4 oregon 5 quotes from antithetic companies, cheque for installer licenses and prime 1 that champion matches what you're looking for. You tin besides work done CNET's enactment of the top star companies.

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