Biggest Movers: SOL Slips Again as ATOM Drops 10% to Start the Weekend

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SOL was trading little to commencement the weekend, arsenic prices slipped connected Saturday. This comes arsenic bears re-entered the marketplace pursuing a week of consolidation. ATOM was 1 of the biggest movers, falling by 10%.

Cosmos (ATOM)

After climbing by implicit 15% connected Friday, ATOM was 1 of the biggest losers connected Saturday, arsenic prices fell by implicit 10%.

ATOM/USD followed up yesterday’s highest of $12.12 by falling to an intraday debased of $10.82 to commencement the weekend.

The determination comes arsenic ATOM moved backmost towards its level of $9.90, conscionable arsenic immoderate were preparing for a rally towards $15.00.

 SOL Slips Again arsenic  ATOM Drops 10% to Start the WeekendATOM/USD – Daily Chart

However, alternatively of this, we person seen ATOM determination backmost towards a ten-day low, arsenic bearish unit pushed prices lower.

Looking astatine the chart, the driblet comes arsenic the Relative Strength Index (RSI) failed to interruption retired of a ceiling astatine 38.

Markets volition present apt proceed to determination astir the existent enactment point, anterior to immoderate further rallies oregon imaginable declines.

Solana (SOL)

SOL fell to ninth successful the database of astir invaluable crypto tokens successful the world, arsenic markets were erstwhile again reddish to commencement the weekend.

Following a highest of $52.11 connected Friday, SOL moved lower, hitting an intraday debased of $48.05 successful the process.

Saturday’s sell-off sees ADA leapfrog solana to beryllium the eighth astir invaluable token, arsenic prices dropped by implicit 7% successful today’s session.

 SOL Slips Again arsenic  ATOM Drops 10% to Start the WeekendSOL/USD – Daily Chart

Overall, prices are present trading person to the semipermanent enactment level of $47, which is adjacent a ten-month low.

Looking astatine the chart, the 14-day RSI is present hovering astir 34, which is beneath a absorption constituent of 36.

Should terms spot proceed to way this level passim the weekend, it is improbable that we volition spot immoderate important changes successful price.

Do you expect SOL to extremity the play trading supra $60? Let america cognize your thoughts successful the comments.

Eliman Dambell

Eliman brings a eclectic constituent of presumption to marketplace analysis, having worked arsenic a brokerage director, retail trading educator, and marketplace commentator successful Crypto, Stocks and FX.

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