Birch Natural mattress review: cooling and comfortable organic mattress for combination sleepers

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The Birch Natural boasts large somesthesia regularisation and steadfast yet springy support. For these reasons, it’s 1 of the champion integrated mattresses for sleepers who tally blistery astatine night, arsenic good arsenic operation sleepers who power betwixt backmost and broadside sleeping (or similar either of the 2 positions). Co-sleepers should enactment that its question isolation isn’t stellar, but not needfully a hard pass.


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    Helps support sleepers cool

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    Ideal for operation sleepers

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    Good worth for what you pay


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    Motion isolation could beryllium better

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    Not perfect for broadside sleepers

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Birch Natural mattress: two-minute review

The Birch Natural mattress is simply a latex innerspring hybrid mattress made with organic, non-toxic materials. It has an integrated fabric screen followed by integrated occurrence retardant wool. Organic birch wool comprises the comfortableness layer, earthy Talalay latex is utilized successful the unit alleviation layer, and up to 1,000 individually wrapped coils marque up the enactment layer. Lastly, a 2nd furniture of occurrence retardant wool is utilized successful the basal layer.

The Birch Natural is precise breathable and chill to the touch, which is wherefore we specifically urge it for blistery sleepers. (When buying for a caller mattress, don’t hide to consult the TechRadar best mattress buying usher for must-know insights.)

This integrated mattress clocks successful astatine astir 6 to 7 connected a standard of 10 for firmness, making it medium-firm to firm. These firmness levels are champion suited for backmost and tummy sleepers to beforehand spinal alignment. Side sleepers volition similar a softer mattress to forestall unit buildup, though the Birch Natural mightiness beryllium to beryllium an capable adequate acceptable for mean to heavier value sleepers.

The Birch Natural Mattress connected  a bed

(Image credit: Michele Ross)

The Birch Natural mattress is bouncy, which tin beryllium an charismatic diagnostic for operation sleepers successful particular, arsenic it enables them to power positions passim the nighttime with ease. (Absorbent representation foam, for instance, tin marque moving astir a spot much challenging.) However, this prime has the imaginable to beryllium disruptive for co-sleepers—namely if 1 oregon some co-sleepers aftermath easy and/or are fidgety. Lastly, though it isn’t cheap, the Birch Natural offers a bully worth for what you pay. 

Keep speechmaking to find retired much details connected this highly rated integrated mattress and if it could beryllium a bully acceptable for your needs. We tested it successful each large areas of performance—rating however it stacked up successful presumption of unit relief, question isolation, borderline support, cooling, and easiness of acceptable up.

Birch Natural mattress review: price

  • Offers accidental to prevention hundreds of dollars
  • Free crushed shipping crossed the US
  • Two escaped pillows with each purchase

The Birch Natural is the brand’s astir fashionable mattress—though the lone different 1 presently offered (aside from the kids’ version) is the Birch Luxe Natural.

Since it’s organic, you tin expect to wage much than you would for a accepted mattress with akin features otherwise. At afloat MSRP, it comes wrong the premium terms range. Fortunately, the mattress is often sold astatine a promotional price—typically 20% off—which brings the outgo down to the upper-mid scope successful the wider market. (When I tested the Birch Natural for this review, savings of $250 to $438 were connected the table, based connected your chosen mattress size.) Don’t hide to consult TechRadar’s mattress sales guide, which is updated regularly to assistance you people the champion woody connected your caller mattress of choice.

Promotional pricing aside, the worth of your acquisition is boosted by escaped crushed shipping successful each 50 states. Birch besides entices imaginable buyers with 2 escaped Eco-Rest pillows. These offers combined tin upwind up redeeming you hundreds of dollars.

Here’s what you tin expect to wage for the Birch Natural, whether for afloat MSRP oregon astatine the accustomed merchantability price:

  • Twin size: MSRP $1,248.80 (regular merchantability terms $999)
  • Twin XL size: MSRP $1,311.30 (regular merchantability terms $1,049)
  • Full size: MSRP $1,561.30 (regular merchantability terms $1,249)
  • Queen size: MSRP $1,811.30 (regular merchantability terms $1,499)
  • King size: MSRP $2,186.30 (regular merchantability terms $1,749)
  • Cal King size: MSRP $2,186.30 (regular merchantability terms $1,749)

Birch Natural mattress review: specs

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Price (queen size)MSRP $1,811.30 (usually sold astatine $1,499)
FirmnessMedium-firm to steadfast (6-7/10)
MaterialsNatural latex, innersprings, integrated wool, integrated cotton
Depth11 inches
SizesTwin, duplicate XL, full, queen, king, Cal king
DeliveryFree modular transportation to each 50 states
Trial period100 nights
Warranty25 years

Birch Natural mattress review: materials and design

  • Latex innerspring hybrid mattress
  • Organic, eco-friendly, non-toxic materials
  • Multiple breathable layers assistance with cooling

Birch takes pridefulness successful utilizing harmless and integrated  materials that are bully for sleepers and the situation alike. Many of the materials utilized besides boast third-party certifications to backmost up their prime and eco-friendliness.

The brushed integrated fabric screen is Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) Certified. Organic wool successful the pursuing furniture provides extortion against fires. The comfortableness furniture uses integrated birch wool to support the signifier of the mattress arsenic good arsenic assistance with somesthesia regulation. The unit alleviation furniture uses earthy Talalay latex, which is eco-INSTITUT certified and provides other springiness to assistance alleviate unit points successful modular areas similar the shoulders, back, and hips.

The Birch Natural Mattress connected  a bed

(Image credit: Michele Ross)

The enactment furniture limits question transportation and bolsters the assemblage via individually wrapped coils (which, arsenic we’ll screen later, are thicker lengthwise on the sides to amplify borderline support). Finally, the basal consists of different furniture of occurrence retardant wool to assistance the mattress clasp up with nightly usage implicit the years.

Ahead, I’ll get into however these materials and plan elements tin assistance marque oregon interruption a bully night’s rest.

Design score: 5 of 5

Birch Natural mattress review: comfort

  • Average firmness of 6.5 retired of 10
  • Extra bounce makes it large for operation sleepers
  • Side sleepers whitethorn not acquisition capable unit relief

According to the brand, the Birch Natural clocks successful astatine 6 to 7 retired of 10 for firmness. After investigating it for the afloat play (and successful airy of different mattresses I’ve reviewed wrong akin ranges), I deliberation an mean 6.5 retired of 10 fits best. However, immoderate customers judge it leans overmuch further into steadfast territory, adjacent suggesting it’s an 8 retired of 10.

You won’t find a hugging oregon cradling feeling laying atop the Birch Mattress, arsenic you would with a representation foam mattress. Instead, it’s taut and offers the sensation of being lifted, alternatively than sinking in, via innersprings. However, it doesn’t consciousness hard oregon uncomfortable, and alternatively provides flimsy conforming to your body’s curves and a mild magnitude of give.

To measurement unit relief, I enactment a 55-pound kettlebell successful the mediate of the bed, which mimics sinkage from a sleeper’s weight. The magnitude of sinkage was astir 2.5 inches, which besides helped pass my 6.5 retired of 10 firmness rating.

A kettlebell connected  the Birch Natural Mattress

(Image credit: Michele Ross)

I’m a operation sleeper (under 130 pounds) who chiefly gravitates toward broadside sleeping, followed by backmost sleeping. However, I tried retired each sleeping positions to spot however comfy the Birch Natural mattress was successful each. I felt champion portion backmost sleeping, followed by tummy sleeping. I felt mild contouring and the Birch Natural helped to support my spine aligned successful these positions. That said, I recovered it astir awesome erstwhile switching from 1 presumption to different passim the night. The springy quality of the mattress allowed for minimal effort and a large woody of easiness to determination around.

I recovered it little perfect (but not downright uncomfortable) for broadside sleeping. This makes consciousness since softer mattresses connection other cradling to minimize unit buildup on the broadside assemblage successful this position. However, I recovered it to beryllium much comfy than different steadfast mattresses I’ve reviewed for broadside sleeping, which I don’t privation to discount.

I asked a tall, mean value sleeper to stock her insights connected comfortableness successful each sleeping positions. She recovered it much comfy for broadside sleeping than I did, but agreed with my findings successful the different positions.

All things considered, the Birch Natural is apt to beryllium astir comfy for backmost and tummy sleepers, and particularly operation sleepers who power disconnected betwixt these 2 positions. Average value and heavier sleepers volition similar the enactment this mattress provides—though arsenic a lighter value sleeper myself, I recovered it to beryllium comfy successful astir regards arsenic well.

Comfort score: 4.5 retired of 5

Birch Natural mattress review: somesthesia regulation

  • Worthy prime for blistery sleepers
  • Materials and plan elements boost breathability
  • Cool to the touch

TechRadar already deems the Birch Natural mattress to beryllium the best integrated mattress for keeping sleepers cool, and I was pleased to observe that it didn’t disappoint erstwhile I tested it for myself. I sometimes tally blistery astatine night, truthful I was looking guardant to this diagnostic most.

The Birch Natural lives up to the anticipation acknowledgment to its materials and plan passim respective layers. The integrated fabric screen is breathable, the integrated wool is people moisture-wicking, the Talalay latex enhances ventilation, and the innerspring coils licence a precocious grade of airflow.

A manus  pressing down   connected  the Birch Natural Mattress

(Image credit: Michele Ross)

While investigating the mattress—which is chill to the touch—I ne'er woke up from overheating oregon recovered myself sweating owed to trapping heat. I enjoyed cool, much restful nights acknowledgment to its premier somesthesia regulating abilities, and urge it for blistery sleepers seeking the aforesaid relief.

(Note: I tested the Birch Natural mattress astatine the commencement of outpouring successful Los Angeles. Nightly temperatures averaged successful the debased 50s Fahrenheit. I slept connected bamboo sheets, a down alternate comforter, and a bamboo duvet.)

Temperature regularisation score: 5 retired of 5

Birch Natural mattress review: question isolation

  • Doesn’t sorb question arsenic good arsenic alternatives with akin firmness
  • Not perfect for definite co-sleepers

Motion isolation successful a mattress is precise important for co-sleepers especially. If 1 oregon some co-sleepers determination astir during the nighttime and/or aftermath easily, slumber prime tin beryllium an issue.

To objectively find retired however good the Birch Natural performs with question transfer, I enactment a vino solid successful the halfway of the bed. From there, I dropped a 10-pound kettlebell astatine 4, 10, and 25 inches distant to announcement however overmuch it moved and spot if the solid would extremity over. This trial helps gauge the likelihood and grade of a sleeper feeling another’s question portion successful bed.

A vino  solid  and portion    measurement  connected  the Birch Natural Mattress

(Image credit: Michele Ross)

When I dropped the value 4 inches away, the vino solid fell implicit astir times. It recovered its presumption erstwhile I dropped the value 10 inches away, but looked arsenic though it was astir to fall. When I dropped the kettlebell 25 inches away, the vino solid moved slightly.

Although the solid lone fell from 4 inches away, there’s a accidental that 1 oregon much co-sleepers could acquisition waking passim the nighttime if idiosyncratic moves oregon fidgets a lot. I hadn’t yet seen a vino solid autumn from this experimentation with different medium-firm to steadfast mattresses, which besides informed my last rating. 

Motion isolation score: 3.5 retired of 5

Birch Natural mattress review: borderline support

  • Impressive lengthwise borderline support
  • Whole aboveground country of mattress is sturdy and usable and sturdy

Edge enactment is an important information successful a mattress since it increases the wide usability of the sleeping area. Strong borderline enactment tin besides assistance you beryllium sturdy and upright connected the perimeter of the furniture and forestall the sides from aboriginal deterioration and teardrop (namely sagging).

The Birch Natural is awesome successful presumption of borderline support. The enactment furniture has thicker coils on the sides of the mattress, and its medium-firm to steadfast operation besides contributes to its sturdy surface.

I didn’t acquisition immoderate issues getting into oregon retired of bed, and was capable to remainder comfortably on the sides of the furniture without reasoning I’d rotation off. To measurement borderline enactment much objectively, I placed the 55-pound kettlebell connected the sides to measurement sinkage. At conscionable shy of 2.5 inches, it was precise adjacent to the sinkage I measured astatine the mediate of the mattress, which confirmed however sturdy the broadside edges genuinely are. However, you’ll request to upgrade to the Birch Luxe Natural for stronger borderline enactment on the apical and bottommost of the bed.

Edge enactment score: 4.5 retired of 5

Birch Natural mattress review: setup

  • Mattress vacuum-packed and rolled successful a box
  • Free crushed shipping
  • Wheezes upon unboxing but off-gassing isn’t an issue

Those who acquisition the Birch Natural volition admit the escaped crushed shipping to each 50 states. Although you won’t beryllium capable to prime your transportation day and clip window, you tin way your shipment with tracking accusation provided via email. White mitt transportation isn’t presently available.

The Birch Natural Mattress successful  its transportation  box

(Image credit: Michele Ross)

The merchandise leafage reads that it takes 3 to 10 concern days to vessel the Birch Natural. I was amazed to find that I received my shipment successful little than 3 days. Moreover, I was pleased to spot that it arrived astatine my flat doorstep alternatively than successful my lobby, which made maneuvering it into my location overmuch easier.

The Birch Natural arrives vacuum-sealed and rolled successful a container with 3 integrative layers. There was a mild hissing dependable that lasted for astir 2.5 minutes upon unwrapping the archetypal layer. However, since it uses integrated materials, you don’t person to interest astir off-gassing hazardous chemicals. I besides didn’t observe atrocious smells passim the process, though others person reported this (and that it dissipated wrong 24 hours).

The Birch Natural Mattress rolled up   successful  plastic

(Image credit: Michele Ross)

I recovered it casual capable to spot the mattress connected my furniture framework connected my ain erstwhile it was inactive folded. From there, I chopped done the remaining layers of plastic. Upon scanning the QR codification connected the info card, I work that the mattress takes 1 to 2 hours to unwind and grow entirely—yet it appeared arsenic though it expanded importantly wrong the archetypal fewer minutes.

Setup score: 4.5 retired of 5

Birch Natural mattress review: lawsuit reviews

  • 4.7 retired of 5 stars (average) from 1,800 reviews connected website
  • Callouts for comfortableness and symptom alleviation from backmost and tummy sleepers
  • Disparities connected existent firmness level and immoderate complaints astir question isolation

While penning this reappraisal (mid-April 2023), the Birch Natural has an mean of 4.7 stars retired of 5 crossed 1,800 reviews connected You tin bargain the mattress astatine, but it presently doesn’t person immoderate reviews published.

A fewer communal trends stood retired crossed the galore reviews I filtered done and scanned. Happy customers felt unit alleviation and less aches and pains portion sleeping connected the backmost and stomach. Other reviewers praised the Birch Natural’s cooling properties and beardown borderline support. Many reviewers were blessed with their purchase, penning the integrated mattress offered a bully worth for the investment.

On the different hand, different customers were dismayed, stating the mattress was excessively steadfast (and sometimes adjacent excessively soft) for their needs. (Of course, perceived firmness tin alteration based connected your value and sleeping position. It tin besides instrumentality clip to set to a caller mattress, peculiarly if it differs importantly from your erstwhile one.) Some co-sleepers thought it fell abbreviated for question isolation, and others simply recovered that determination was thing excessively awesome with the mattress.

Should you bargain the Birch Natural mattress?

The Birch Natural Mattress connected  a bed

(Image credit: Michele Ross)

I judge that the Birch Natural is worthy buying if you tally blistery astatine nighttime and are a operation sleeper (flipping betwixt backmost and tummy sleeping) successful particular. If you’re acceptable connected buying an integrated mattress but request to constrictive down your choices, these are 2 important callouts that whitethorn bump it to the apical of your list. That said, backmost and tummy sleepers of astir weights tin besides admit the Birch Natural. The value-adds—including regular promotional pricing, escaped crushed shipping, and 2 escaped pillows—are besides charismatic and tin extremity up amounting to hundreds of dollars successful savings.

The organic, non-toxic materials are besides compelling for those who are acrophobic astir chemic vulnerability and similar to enactment businesses with eco-friendly initiatives.

While I don’t afloat counsel against co-sleepers buying this mattress, it’s important to enactment that question isolation tin perchance beryllium an issue. Moreover, broadside sleepers thin to similar softer mattresses to mitigate unit buildup, truthful they excessively whitethorn privation to see different options.

Birch Natural mattress review: Also consider

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Header Cell - Column 0 Birch Natural mattressAwara Natural Hybrid mattressAvocado Green mattressBirch Luxe Natural mattress
MSRP (queen size)$1,811.30 (usually sold astatine $1,499)$1,898 (usually sold astatine $1,099)$1,999 (usually sold astatine $1,799.10)$3,123 (usually sold astatine $2,340)
FirmnessMedium-firm to steadfast (6-7/10)Medium-firm (7/10)Medium-firm (7/10)Medium-firm to steadfast (6-7/10)
MaterialsNatural latex, innersprings, integrated wool, integrated cottonNew Zealand wool, Dunlop latex, coils100% integrated Dunlop latex, wool, and cotton; coilsNatural latex, innersprings, integrated wool, fabric and c
SizesTwin, duplicate XL, full, queen, king, Cal kingTwin, duplicate XL, full, queen, king, Cal kingTwin, duplicate XL, full, queen, king, Cal kingTwin, duplicate XL, full, queen, king, Cal king
DeliveryFree modular transportation to each 50 statesFreeFree (surcharge for AK & HI)Free modular transportation to each 50 states
Trial period100 nights365 nights1 year100 nights
Warranty25 yearsForever25 years25 years

How I tested the Birch Natural mattress

I slept connected the Birch Natural mattress for 3 weeks successful aboriginal outpouring successful Los Angeles, wherever mean nightly temperatures were successful the low-50s Fahrenheit. I utilized bamboo sheets and a bamboo duvet to screen an alternate down comforter. 

I asked a taller, somewhat heavier sleeper with akin slumber preferences arsenic excavation to supply her sentiment connected comfortableness and unit alleviation successful bid to bolster this reappraisal with an further perspective. 

Since respective markers of mattress reviews tin beryllium subjective, I performed standardized tests with weights to objectively measure softness, borderline support, and question isolation.

Michele Ross is simply a freelance wellness, beauty, and manner writer based successful Los Angeles. She contributes to publications including Well+Good, Editorialist, and RealSelf; has worked with brands including HUM Nutrition, Goldfaden MD, and Beast Health; and has served arsenic a contented strategist and ghostwriter for doctors and dietitians. Her extremity is to empower readers to marque informed decisions astir their routines that enactment for their circumstantial needs and concerns.

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