Bitcoin, Ethereum Technical Analysis: ETH Selloff Intensifies Heading Into the Weekend

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ETH was trading little for a 3rd consecutive league connected Friday, arsenic prices neared an 11-month low. This comes whilst the wide cryptocurrency marketplace headdress was down astir 1% arsenic of writing. Bitcoin was somewhat higher contempt today’s accrued volatility.


Bitcoin marginally roseate during today’s session, with prices consolidating successful the aftermath of Thursday’s decline.

Yesterday saw BTC/USD driblet to an intraday bottommost of $28,261.91, which was a two-week low, nevertheless prices person somewhat rebounded today.

So acold connected Friday, bitcoin has moved supra its level of $28,800, hitting a highest of $29,696.16 successful the process.

BTC/USD – Daily Chart

This summation sees prices up by astir 1%, nevertheless terms uncertainty inactive remains, owed to its existent proximity to the enactment level.

Relative spot has besides marginally risen, and present sits astatine 38.45, which is simply a stone’s propulsion distant from a ceiling of its ain astatine 39.80.

Should BTC marque a tally for $30,000 this weekend, bulls volition request to set unneurotic and propulsion past this absorption level connected the RSI indicator.


ETH fell to a multi-week debased for the 2nd league connected the bounce, arsenic bearish unit intensified connected Friday.

Following a precocious supra $1,960 during Thursday’s session, ETH/USD dropped to a debased of $1,727.49 earlier today.

This determination took ethereum to a caller two-week low, with prices dropping to their lowest constituent since May 12, with a caller enactment constituent being formed.

ETH/USD – Daily Chart

Looking astatine the chart, this level seems to beryllium the $1,750 level, which is marginally supra an 11-month debased astatine $1,705.

Prices are presently profoundly oversold, with the 14-day RSI hovering astatine 32.11. Should we spot this determination person to 30, past it is apt that further drops volition come.

Is it inevitable that ETH volition deed an 11-month debased this weekend? Leave your thoughts successful the comments below.

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Eliman brings a eclectic constituent of presumption to marketplace analysis, having worked arsenic a brokerage director, retail trading educator, and marketplace commentator successful Crypto, Stocks and FX.

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