Bitpanda taps former JP Morgan exec to lead fully-regulated crypto exchange

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Investors are treating crypto successful the aforesaid mode arsenic stocks and ETFs, the caller Bitpanda Pro CEO told Cointelegraph.

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Bitpanda taps erstwhile  JP Morgan exec to pb  fully-regulated crypto speech

The crypto ecosystem picked yet different enforcement from accepted finance. Two months aft raising $263 million, the Europe-based cryptocurrency trading level Bitpanda announced that Joshua Barraclough, a erstwhile exec astatine JP Morgan, joined its ranks arsenic the CEO of its fully-regulated integer plus speech Bitpanda Pro. 

Before transitioning into the crypto world, Barraclough worked arsenic the planetary caput of the fintech squad and past arsenic the co-head of integer innovation astatine JP Morgan. Answering Cointelegraph’s questions astir the transition, Barraclough said that leaving JP Morgan to articulation Bitpanda was an casual decision.

“I person ever been astatine the bleeding borderline of innovation, and my occupation astatine JP Morgan was to motorboat caller businesses to situation and alteration accepted finance,” helium said, adding:

“The crypto ecosystem is the astir breathtaking portion of that close now, with an unthinkable gait of alteration and maturation successful adoption. We privation further to span the spread betwixt integer assets and accepted finance, gathering connected my anterior experience.”

Barraclough reminded the skyrocketed crypto adoption and caller organization money. “This question of organization investment, unaffected by galore of the regulatory worries of the past bull run, has proven the viability of Bitcoin (BTC) arsenic a unafraid store of worth and ostentation hedge,” helium explained.

He besides pointed to the expanding involvement successful different Layer 1 protocols specified arsenic Solana and Avalanche and innovative DeFi applications. “Far from being the meme-fueled gamble that galore inactive presumption it as, investors are treating cryptocurrencies successful the aforesaid mode arsenic stocks and ETFs,” helium added.

“Bitcoin is simply a $1 trillion plus and has seen the world’s biggest investors allocate important portions of their portfolios to the currency. When the likes of JPMorgan and Blackrock are taking an concern seriously, it’s a definite motion that it’s present to stay.”

Speaking astir cryptocurrencies’ relation arsenic a gateway to much accepted investments, Barraclough highlighted that crypto is gaining traction arsenic the archetypal concern plus for younger integer natives and “acts arsenic a gateway to further fiscal education, gathering wealthiness done a diversified portfolio.”

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Bitpanda is known to connection digitized versions of precious metals specified arsenic gold, metallic and platinum. This portfolio is yet to beryllium added to Bitpanda Pro, an precocious and EU-wide regulated mentation of the main platform. Barraclough told Cointelegraph that the speech is “actively looking astatine offering adjacent much accepted assets different than golden and silver, utilizing blockchain exertion and tokenization to facilitate this.”

Bitpanda has secured $263 cardinal successful a Valar Ventures-led Series C round, bringing its total marketplace worth to $4.1 billion. Besides caller hires, the institution past announced that it would usage the caller superior to grow to caller markets successful France, Spain, Italy and Portugal.

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