BlockBank Just Launched Its DeFi Application, Where Users Can Interact With an AI-Powered “Robo Advisor”

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PRESS RELEASE. BlockBank, the level disrupting mobile banking by blending it with decentralized concern (DeFi) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, is officially launching its all-encompassing fiscal exertion successful Q4 of 2021. On a ngo to turn worldwide accessibility to DeFi and physique users’ fiscal empowerment, BlockBank’s caller mobile and online app volition harvester the champion of the accepted concern and DeFi worlds successful a secure, private, and user-friendly space. Two large developments connected the BlockBank app are the Robo Advisor, a cutting-edge AI-powered assets for individuals arsenic they participate the crypto market, and a revamped tiered staking rewards system that enables users to gain up to 20% APY.

BlockBank aims to guarantee that everyone has the tools and resources to confidently participate the breathtaking crypto marketplace without feeling held backmost by barriers similar a deficiency of organization cognition oregon constricted clip for research. And now, with the motorboat of its application, BlockBank’s AI Robo Advisor volition service arsenic a usher for users of each levels, from beginner to marketplace expert, arsenic they embark connected their DeFi journeys.

The Robo Advisor’s capabilities and functionalities volition make connected a rolling basis. Starting arsenic an acquisition resource, the advisor unlocks the quality for a tailored acquisition connected the BlockBank level arsenic its exertion learns and grows with each idiosyncratic user. Over time, it volition larn idiosyncratic habits and hazard profiles, and process countless information sets into actionable insights.

Notably, the advisor volition drastically trim the magnitude of clip users request to walk connected marketplace probe by providing the information and resources to marque decisions successful a speedy and educated manner. Looking ahead, BlockBank’s AI exertion volition capable a fully-fledged advisory relation that volition enact user-approved automated bid absorption and execution, portfolio instauration and management, and more.

But BlockBank didn’t halt there. Its exertion volition connection a caller tiered staking rewards strategy to assistance users marque the astir of their tokens and gain passive income. Ranging from Tier 1 to VIP, everyone has the accidental to gain precocious APY connected staked crypto tokens (like BTC and astir ERC 20 tokens) and BlockBank’s natvie inferior token, $BBANK:

  • Tier 1 (1+ BBANK staked): 2% APY connected staked tokens / 2% APY connected staked BBANK tokens
  • Tier 2 (5,000+ BBANK staked): 4% APY connected staked tokens / 6% APY connected staked BBANK tokens
  • Tier 3 (25,000+ BBANK staked): 6% APY connected staked tokens / 9% APY connected staked BBANK tokens
  • Tier 4 (100,000+ BBANK staked): 8% APY connected staked tokens / 12% APY connected staked BBANK tokens
  • VIP Tier (500,000+ BBANK staked): 10% APY connected staked tokens / 20% APY connected staked BBANK tokens

The exertion besides includes game-changing features similar a diverse suite of decentralized applications (dApps) and gold and metallic purchases with crypto.

BlockBank’s exertion volition beryllium disposable for download successful some the Apple and Android Play store. For much information, sojourn

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