Blockchain infrastructure firm Chain will sponsor New England Patriots football team

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Chain volition enactment to make Web3 experiences for visitors to Gillette Stadium and Patriot Place by “merging the carnal with the digital.”

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Blockchain infrastructure steadfast  Chain volition  sponsor New England Patriots shot   team

Chain, a blockchain infrastructure steadfast that offers developers Web3 services to physique and support blockchain-based applications, volition sponsor the New England Patriots shot squad arsenic good arsenic different venues and sporting clubs controlled by the Kraft Group.

In a Thursday announcement, Chain said it volition beryllium the authoritative blockchain and Web3 sponsor of the Patriots, the New England Revolution shot club, Gillette Stadium successful Massachusetts and the buying halfway Patriot Place arsenic portion of a multi-year concern woody with Kraft Sports + Entertainment, the selling and events part of the Kraft Group. Chain volition enactment to make Web3 experiences for visitors to Gillette Stadium and Patriot Place by “merging the carnal with the digital.”

Speaking to Cointelegraph, a Chain spokesperson declined to remark connected the monetary details down the partnership. They hinted that the Web3 instrumentality acquisition was tied to the firm "recently [selling] retired a historical NFT task with a planetary luxury retailer."

Chain said it offered products including Ledger, Cloud and nonfungible tokens arsenic a service. The steadfast acquired Measurable Data Token (MDT) and its ecosystem products for $100 cardinal successful July, which included blockchain oracle MeFi and cashback app RewardMe.

Many of the reactions from Crypto Twitter connected the Patriots’ sponsorship seemed to beryllium positive, but immoderate questioned however blockchain exertion would lend to fans’ experiences.

As an honest, lifelong Patriots fan, I’m ace excited and blessed to spot that you’re embracing web3!

— Trevorwhatever.eth (@Trevorwhatever4) September 22, 2022

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Professional sports organizations some successful the United States and overseas person seen large funds flowing successful with crypto sponsorships. inked a $700-million deal to rename Los Angeles’ Staples Center successful 2021, aboriginal signing a five-year sponsorship woody with the Australia Football League for $25 cardinal and becoming 1 of the authoritative sponsors of the FIFA World Cup successful Qatar. However, the speech besides reportedly backed retired of a astir half-billion dollar agreement with the Union of European Football Associations Champions League successful September. 

Cointelegraph reached retired to the Patriots, but did not person a effect astatine the clip of publication.

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