BMW iX XDrive50 review: a high-tech beast with bling

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The 2022 BMW iX is the German automaker’s flagship EV successful the US. Photo by Abigail Bassett for The Verge

BMW’s all-electric crossover is packed to the gills with technology, power, and range

As I ascent into the Aventurin Red Metallic BMW iX XDrive50 parked successful beforehand of my house, a pistillate successful a existent procreation BMW X3 rolls up adjacent to me. “I privation that car,” she exclaims retired the window. I laughter and hold arsenic she reiterates, “No. Seriously. I privation that car.”

As a erstwhile X3 proprietor myself, it’s nary astonishment that the all-electric midsize SUV from BMW garners this benignant of attraction — and not conscionable due to the fact that of that polarizing gaping maw astatine the beforehand of the vehicle, either. It’s due to the fact that it’s the archetypal fully-electric flagship offering from BMW, and it looks strikingly akin to BMW’s highly fashionable X5. It’s besides 1 of 2 of the caller all-electric inferior vehicles coming from BMW, and it offers tons of technology, power, and range.

The iX is loaded with immoderate precise cutting-edge tech that makes it basal retired successful an progressively crowded oversea of luxury EVs. Photo by Abigail Bassett for The Verge

BMW returns to the all-electric crippled with a bang

BMW got into the SUV crippled (or SAV arsenic BMW calls it, which stands for “sports enactment vehicle”) backmost successful the precocious ‘90s with the instauration of the highly fashionable X5. The institution has sold much than 950,000 X5s successful the US alone, a spokesperson confirmed. In the archetypal 4th of 2022, it’s the best-selling conveyance that BMW makes, according to the company. BMW has parlayed those income numbers into what could beryllium different aboriginal occurrence with the instauration of the 2022 BMW iX XDrive50, an X5-sized SUV with an all-electric powertrain and much than 300 miles of range.

The iX is simply a clean-sheet plan that was created from the crushed up. It’s BMW’s flagship for the caller all-electric architecture and plan for the company, and it’s loaded with immoderate precise cutting-edge exertion that makes it basal retired successful an progressively crowded oversea of luxury electrics.

While BMW was aboriginal to the electrification game, releasing the short-range BMW i3 successful 2013, the institution discontinued it past twelvemonth aft mediocre income arsenic a effect of Americans’ tendency for bigger, higher-riding SUVs. It’s been astir 10 years since the institution unveiled a caller all-electric vehicle, but it has returned to the abstraction with immoderate precise awesome offerings, including the BMW i4 sedan and the BMW iX successful assorted formats (the iX 40, iX 50, and coming soon, the precise speedy iX M60). Just past week, BMW besides unveiled the i7 sedan, putting the institution connected way to scope its extremity to determination toward a 50 percent planetary stock of fully-electric conveyance income by 2030.

While the i3 was intended arsenic a metropolis car with an archetypal scope of conscionable 80 miles, the iX much than quadruples that scope — reaching an EPA estimated scope of 324 miles. That’s each acknowledgment to the 111.5kWh (gross) artillery battalion nestled into the c fibre reinforced integrative (CFRP), aluminum, and precocious spot alloy abstraction framework that underpins the vehicle. That artillery gets a usable 105.2kWh, which means that, for example, connected a one-way travel from Los Angeles to San Francisco (depending connected traffic, temperature, and however hard you thrust it) you volition lone person to halt erstwhile to recharge.

Like the BMW i3 earlier it, the iX has a chiseled plan some wrong and out. Housed down that elephantine chemoreceptor sits a ton of exertion that makes the iX a imagination to drive. Inside, the iX is opulent and luxurious, implicit with crystal knobs and buttons, a elemental and elegant wood sheet wherever the iDrive controller lives, push-button doorway handles, and an optional immense sunroof with electrochromic shading that turns it from opaque to wide with the propulsion of a button. The hexagonal steering instrumentality is rather bully and includes a simplified fastener and instrumentality setup to power everything from the audio strategy to the precocious driver-assist system.

On the road, the BMW iX is quiet, quick, and, contempt the BMW purists’ cries of anguish implicit everything from styling to the signifier of the SUV, the iX is precise amusive to drive. The artillery is heavy, and, if you take to instrumentality the astir 5,700-pound car connected winding roads, you tin surely consciousness that weight, but the powerful, dual, electrically-excited synchronous motors that beryllium astatine the beforehand and backmost of the conveyance marque it agile and balanced. BMW says that the iX puts retired a combined 523 horsepower and 564 pound-feet of torque, and, since it’s all-electric, that torque is immediate, punchy, and smooth.

ADAS: thrust similar a existent quality

Even erstwhile driven hard, the iX maintains and adjacent surprises with its electrical range. I took a speedy time travel from Los Angeles down to Encinitas, adjacent San Diego, a region of conscionable nether 100 miles one-way (70 miles to beryllium exact) and started retired with a astir afloat complaint astatine 310 miles of range. By the clip I got to my destination successful Encinitas, I had 243 miles remaining. Back home, aft winding astir traffic, I had 177 miles left.

If you bash the math, you’ll announcement that my scope lone dropped by astir 67 miles each way, a cumulative savings of 6 miles of range. That’s due to the fact that of the precise bully and precise businesslike adaptive cruise power strategy that I utilized the full mode and the easy-to-use one-pedal driving mode (B-mode) that regenerates powerfulness backmost into the battery. You tin decidedly consciousness the quality betwixt the mean mode and the one-pedal mode, which ups the regen erstwhile you assistance your ft disconnected the accelerator. It’s casual to get utilized to, particularly successful atrocious LA traffic.

The precocious operator assistance strategy (ADAS) integrates with the navigation strategy and takes into information the mode you take to thrust successful and however aggressively you drive. BMW has built an adaptive recuperation strategy that makes the iX much businesslike and boosts its scope by taking the strength of the brake vigor recuperation during overrun and progressive braking and adapting it to the roadworthy concern arsenic it’s detected by information coming successful from the navigation strategy and the sensors utilized by the operator assistance systems. It’s incredibly smart, seamless, and astonishing to experience, and it genuinely does instrumentality immoderate of the scope anxiousness retired of driving an electrical vehicle.

The ADAS system, called the Active Driving Assistant Pro (an further outgo of $1,700), is 1 of the champion I’ve experienced. BMW has tuned the strategy truthful that it adapts to the driving concern you’re utilizing it in. For example, it’s exceedingly communal successful Los Angeles to travel to a implicit halt from implicit 70mph aft climbing a tiny elevation connected the highway. When it happens, it yields fender-benders galore, and, during my clip with the SUV, I came crossed plenty.

The ADAS strategy successful the BMW iX, however, handled each 1 of these instances exceptionally good — and without panic. That’s due to the fact that the iX is equipped with 5 cameras, 5 radar systems, 12 ultrasonic sensors, and vehicle-to-vehicle connection to assistance negociate the ADAS strategy successful existent time. It besides integrates information from the navigation strategy and 5G exertion (one of the archetypal vehicles to get it) arsenic well.

That means that the iX tin fundamentally “see” a slowdown earlier you get to it and accommodate the velocity truthful that erstwhile you travel upon a abrupt stop, it doesn’t panic brake oregon emit each kinds of alarms similar different vehicles do. It besides uses the vehicle’s onboard camera to show postulation and activates brake regeneration successful definite driving situations successful a precise subtle and gentle manner truthful that you extremity up with a small spot much scope connected longer drives.

Photo by Abigail Bassett for The Verge

Voice control: talk to maine similar a existent human

In summation to this, the voice-activated strategy successful the BMW iX is 1 of the champion successful the business. When the institution designed the iX it got escaped of a batch of buttons and integrated galore of the communal tasks drivers and passengers bash into the eighth procreation of iDrive. You tin take to power the strategy either by utilizing a crystal instrumentality successful the halfway console (which is striking and mirrors the spot accommodation controls connected the door) oregon by utilizing the vehicle’s dependable assistant.

At the bosom of the iDrive 8 system is simply a azygous ample curved show that starts down the uniquely hexagonal-shaped steering instrumentality and stretches to the mediate of the vehicle. BMW merged the 12.3-inch instrumentality clump and the cardinal 14.9-inch infotainment surface into a azygous portion that is angled toward the driver, making for casual speechmaking successful each kinds of light. The strategy uses earthy connection processing to assistance you get to the functions you privation and request without having to fumble done menus.

While you inactive person to usage a keyphrase, successful this case, “Hey BMW,” to aftermath the strategy up, you tin simply inquire for directions to a circumstantial restaurant, springiness an address, oregon find a database of the nearest chargers, and you don’t person to accidental it successful immoderate circumstantial way. You tin instrumentality earthy pauses, halt and start, and adjacent muddle the code order, and the strategy volition inactive find the close spot for you. Once you commencement the navigation, the strategy uses precise bully augmented world overlays to amusement you conscionable wherever to crook connected the halfway surface portion it gives you absorption indicators connected the instrumentality cluster. Overall, it’s incredibly casual to usage and precise good.

With conscionable 1 exception: during my clip with the BMW iX, a nail punctured the belly of the rear-left tire. I happened to beryllium comparatively adjacent to my destination but tried to usage dependable power to navigate to a harmless determination to propulsion implicit and marque a call. When the iX’s strategy noticed that the aerial unit was dropping, it sent up an contiguous tyre unit alert. Surprisingly, that alert importantly reduced the capableness of the dependable system. When I asked it to find the nearest state station, the strategy told maine that, due to the fact that of the tyre issue, the dependable adjunct wasn’t available. I stopped successful a adjacent parking batch to marque my telephone and limped home. The fleet absorption institution had the tyre plugged, and I was backmost connected my mode with a patched tire. Once the tyre was fixed, the dependable adjunct was back.

Photo by Abigail Bassett for The Verge

Backing successful and charging up

In summation to driving the iX astir 300 miles during the week I spent successful it, I besides had the accidental to complaint it connected a nationalist DC accelerated charger. As is beauteous overmuch par for the course, the nationalist charging acquisition is exceedingly shoddy, but, since I unrecorded successful Southern California, it’s admittedly amended than it is successful different parts of the country. I chose a section EVgo DC accelerated charger that had some availability and a java store to spot if I could get a speedy complaint earlier hitting the roadworthy again. BMW offers complimentary charging for 2 years for the iX and i4 astatine Electrify America chargers, but determination were nary nearby.

BMW says that the artillery successful the iX tin complaint from 10 to 80 percent successful 30 minutes, and erstwhile I yet got the EVgo strategy to work, I charged connected a 150kWh charger for astir 30 minutes and regained 79 miles of range, going from 57 percent to 82 percent complaint (from 193 miles of scope to 272 miles of range), which was much than enough.

My biggest ailment astir the charging acquisition (outside of the incredibly buggy EVgo system) is wherever BMW placed the complaint port. In galore EVs, the charging larboard is astatine the beforehand driver’s broadside successful beforehand of the door. In the BMW iX, it sits connected the rear rider side, which means that if you’re utilizing a nationalist charging station, you person to backmost into the abstraction and get the charger connected the close broadside of the vehicle. At the determination I chose, I could lone usage 2 of the 4 disposable chargers due to the fact that of the configuration. While astir owners won’t often complaint connected nationalist chargers (since EV owners typically complaint astatine home), backing into a spot successful a crowded parking batch and praying that the charger that you chose works is simply a batch to inquire of astir drivers.

BMW iX: worthy it?

The BMW iX xDrive50 I spent the week successful priced retired astatine a whopping $104,820. With a basal terms that starts astatine $83,200, the BMW iX is astatine the precocious reaches of luxury SUV territory, not to notation EV territory. BMW inactive has incentives left, truthful it does suffice for a $7,500 national taxation recognition if you conscionable the criteria.

While the terms isn’t anyplace adjacent affordable, it’s not meant to be. This is, aft all, a flagship conveyance — a spot for BMW to trial its precocious features with customers with a program to trickle the tech down into different vehicles successful their lineup. The institution is already offering galore of the features successful the iX connected vehicles they’ve conscionable announced, similar the BMW i7 and the i4.

After spending a week with the iX, it’s wide that those who emotion the X5 volition beryllium pleased with the caller all-electric beast from BMW. If you’ve got the scratch to walk and privation a conveyance that’s astatine the starring borderline of exertion and power, the BMW iX is simply a wide caput and shoulders supra the rest.

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