BrandPost: Assemble the Pieces for a Holistic View of Security

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Checked your work email on your smartphone lately? Chances are so have your end users, and you’d better hope they haven’t passed any sensitive attachments on to friends, family, or the Internet. 

In today’s world of mobile and cloud computing, a strong security policy must also include understanding where your data goes when it leaves the enterprise, not just blocking malware or authenticating users accessing corporate systems. Taking a more holistic view, one that includes not only inbound attacks but how and when data leaves the protection of the enterprise, is key.

“Today, we still live a bit in the early 90s and tend to think about `outside bad, inside good’,” says Richard Ford, chief scientist at Forcepoint. As a result, many organizations pay too much attention to what’s trying to come in to the network or enterprise from outside the firewall, such as malware, versus whether data is leaving that shouldn’t.

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