Breaking: Do Kwon proposes Terra revival, including token redistribution plan

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After 2 days of silence, the Terra laminitis has issued a caller governance connection to support the assemblage live and compensate token holders.

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 Do Kwon proposes Terra revival, including token redistribution plan

Terraform Labs co-founder Do Kwon has tabled a connection to sphere the Terra ecosystem pursuing the historical de-pegging of its algorithmic stablecoin, UST, and the resulting decease spiral that plunged LUNA tokens to practically zero. 

In a Friday station connected Terra’s probe forum, Kwon said, “The Terra assemblage indispensable reconstitute the concatenation to sphere the assemblage and the developer ecosystem.” His proposal, which was successful effect to validator groups discussing the anticipation of forking the Terra chain, involves compensating UST and LUNA holders who were incapable to merchantability their holdings during this week’s terms collapse.

Kwon projected that validators should reset web ownership to 1 cardinal tokens distributed among LUNA and UST holders, arsenic good arsenic a assemblage excavation to money aboriginal development. Specifically, 40% of the recently distributed tokens would spell toward LUNA holders earlier the de-pegging event; 40% would spell towards UST holders connected a pro-rata ground astatine the clip of the caller web upgrade; 10% would beryllium allocated to LUNA holders conscionable earlier the chain halted operations and the remaining 10% would spell toward the improvement pool.

The communicative is inactive nether development.

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