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If you're similar me, past there's fewer things you dread much than a travel to the dentist's office. But processing due brushing habits tin marque those regular cleanings a small easier, and a Colgate Hum electrical toothbrush tin assistance you bash conscionable that. It's 1 of our favourite electric toothbrushes for 2023, and close now, you tin snag a two-pack for arsenic overmuch arsenic 55% disconnected astatine Woot. This merchantability runs done June 7, but Woot typically has a constricted proviso available, truthful it could merchantability retired earlier then. 

There are 2 antithetic versions of the Colgate Hum that you tin prime up astatine this sale. You tin drawback a two-pack of battery-powered toothbrushes for $25, which saves you $30 compared to the accustomed price, oregon upgrade to a two-pack of rechargeable brushes for $30, $30 off. And some versions travel with 2 question cases for casual storage.

The Colgate Hum helps beforehand steadfast brushing habits with a built-in two-minute timer that pulses each 30 seconds truthful you walk the close magnitude of clip connected each quadrant of your mouth. It besides helps you get a better, deeper cleanable with 30,000 sonic vibrations per minute. Plus, it has preset cleaning modes for mean and delicate teeth, arsenic good arsenic a deep-cleaning mode for the rechargeable brushwood only. You should regenerate the brushwood heads each 3 months, and you tin prime up a two-pack of caller heads for conscionable $10.

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