Bug Prevented Roku Users from Streaming CNN, TNT, Other WBD Channels

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May 26, 2023, 12:16 p.m. EST | 1 min read

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Roku users flooded to support forums connected May 25th erstwhile CNN, TNT, TBS, TruTV, and different WBD streaming channels abruptly displayed a “not disposable successful your area” mistake message. The occupation appears to beryllium resolved for astir users, though it interrupted immoderate programming, astir notably the Celtics and Heat game.

Presumably, this mistake connection is the effect of a bug, arsenic affected users accidental they had nary occupation streaming Tuner channels earlier May 25th. We’re not definite what caused the bug, though a Roku Channel Moderator notes that streaming channels similar CNN and TNT are maintained by their provider–Warner Bros. Discovery Sports, successful this peculiar case.

Sports channels (and their respective viewers) are making a dilatory modulation distant from cablegram TV. And it’s a very rocky transition. Every week, there’s a caller communicative astir sports fans missing retired connected a large crippled due to the fact that of unreliable streaming problems. The May 25th Turner bug is conscionable different communicative to adhd to the pile.

Roku and Turner person not commented connected this situation. We’ve reached retired to some companies for further information.

Source: r/Roku, Roku Community

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