Bulgarian Crypto Trader Disappears Under Mysterious Circumstances

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Bulgarian Crypto Trader Disappears Under Mysterious Circumstances

The whereabouts of Alexander Altunbashev, a Bulgarian entrepreneur and crypto trader, are chartless since Monday. Law enforcement officials are present investigating his imaginable abduction portion immoderate successful the section crypto assemblage speculate helium mightiness beryllium hiding from disgruntled investors.

Bulgarian Authorities Investigate Possible Kidnapping of Alleged Crypto Millionaire

Police successful Bulgaria are trying to find a businessman who went missing nether unusual circumstances earlier this week. The 32-year-old Alexander Altunbashev is an IT specializer and entrepreneur who, according to media reports, made wealth from crypto trading.

Prosecutors successful Sofia are looking into his imaginable kidnapping arsenic the main suspected crushed for his disappearance. Quoting sources from the investigation, Nova TV reported that Alexander’s sister, Teodora, spoke with him earlier helium near for Plovdiv, Bulgaria’s second-largest city.

Bulgarian Crypto Trader Disappears Under Mysterious CircumstancesAlexander Altunbashev. Source: Facebook

On Monday morning, Teodora gave him a thrust to Sofia’s Mladost district. Later that day, she saw a antheral unlocking and entering her brother’s home, close adjacent doorway to her ain apartment. When she asked him who helium was and what helium was doing, helium near telling her lone helium was “in a hurry” and getting successful an SUV driven by a woman.

Investigators recovered Alexander’s flat turned upside down. They judge that whoever did it was astir apt trying to summation entree to his slope accounts oregon cryptocurrency wallets. The past clip Teodora managed to scope him implicit the phone, Alexander told her helium was traveling towards Burgas, connected Bulgaria’s Black Sea coast.

Alexander’s atypical behaviour and her failed attempts to speech to him again erstwhile his telephone was switched disconnected convinced Teodora to telephone the police. Investigators person besides interrogated the crypto trader’s girlfriend, Kristina, who didn’t cognize of immoderate threats against him oregon issues with his concern relations.

Altunbashev May Be Hiding From Clients, Crypto Community Suspects

The missing IT expert’s cellphone was past utilized from a determination conscionable extracurricular Sofia. The past idiosyncratic to talk with him was Ivaylo Borisov, a idiosyncratic with a transgression grounds known by his alias ‘Torino,’ who is simply a adjacent person of Alexander. The 2 were expected to conscionable astatine noon connected Monday but the crypto trader didn’t amusement up. Borisov is collaborating with instrumentality enforcement authorities.

Meanwhile, speculations person emerged successful the country’s crypto assemblage that Alexander Altunbashev whitethorn person really decided to spell into hiding arsenic helium was astir apt investing funds for clients that whitethorn person been lost. “If helium was so managing wealth for others, and you aftermath up 1 greeting and the wealth has turned to zero — possibly determination is simply a struggle with the radical that are looking for their money,” commented Vladislav Dramaliev, manager of Bithope Foundation, quoted by bTV.

The lawsuit follows the caller crypto marketplace slump that led to large coins similar bitcoin (BTC) and ether (ETH) losing fractional of their worth since past year’s all-time highs and the collapse of crypto projects. According to unconfirmed reports by different Bulgarian publications, Altunbashev made implicit €6 cardinal (almost $6.5 million) successful 2021 and allegedly boasted to friends astir costly existent property purchases successful Greece and Dubai. His Facebook profile reveals helium has visited different exotic destinations arsenic well.

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