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Everyone who's ever purchased a caller TV oregon plans to successful the aboriginal should cognize astir the yearly tv pricing cycle. It starts at CES, the immense tech amusement that happens each January, erstwhile caller TVs are announced each year. Later successful the outpouring and summer, fundamentally now, galore of the new models are already connected the shelves. But those caller sets are astatine their highest prices of the twelvemonth and won't travel down again until the fall, erstwhile manufacturers commencement slashing prices to marque mode for adjacent year's harvest of caller TVs. 

Luckily, determination are inactive a just magnitude of deals connected 2021 TVs, which volition beryllium importantly less costly than the existent models, portion offering astir of the aforesaid features. A 2021 TV astatine a fixed size oregon terms volition mostly person akin representation prime and features to its 2022 counterpart. 

If you privation the latest and top technology you're astir apt already acceptable connected a 2022 model and you'll surely beryllium capable to prevention wealth connected those successful the fall. But if you're looking to get a caller TV close now, scooping up a woody connected a 2021 acceptable is going to beryllium the astir affordable option. Just cognize that you'll astir apt person to leap connected a bargain erstwhile you spot them, arsenic yet manufacturers volition merchantability retired of their 2021 models.  

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Sony and Samsung TVs with QD-OLED, a caller exertion promising amended representation quality, are costly and lone disposable successful 55- and 65-inch sizes.


If I bargain a 2021 exemplary now, what americium I missing?

To enactment it succinctly, not excessively much. There's ever thing caller astir the corner, but changes from year-to-year are usually incremental. If you interest astir missing retired connected the latest and top tech, it should springiness you bid of caput that adjacent if thing truly caller hits the market, it's going to beryllium precise expensive. 

New QD-OLED TVs from Samsung and Sony are a bully example. They harvester OLED displays with quantum dot technology, and assertion higher brightness and amended colour compared to existent OLED TVs. One of these caller sets mightiness dependable enticing, but QD-OLEDs travel with a premium terms tag, truthful they mightiness beryllium pugnacious to urge implicit more-affordable OLEDs similar the LG C2.

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In 2022, accepted OLED TVs are arriving successful untraditional sizes. This year, LG introduced the 42-inch C2 Series TV, the smallest OLED connected the market, portion besides laying assertion to the largest OLED disposable with the 97-inch G2 TV.


New for 2022, LG's OLED C2 present comes successful 42- and 97-inch sizes.

Richard Peterson/CNET

Mini-LED TVs are besides connected the emergence and could present close-to-OLED representation quality, but the caller models we cognize astir truthful acold volition besides beryllium expensive. The Sony Z9K and X95K are the company's archetypal models with mini-LED, and the TCL X925pro has a caller benignant of slimmer mini-LED backlight, but nary of them volition beryllium cheap. Samsung, TCL and Vizio are expected to denote much TVs aboriginal this year, galore of which volition usage mini-LED, but we uncertainty they'll connection immense improvements implicit the 2021 models.

Also rolling retired crossed the state is NextGen TV, aka ATSC 3.0. This is escaped over-the-air 4K TV, and it's moving guardant rather rapidly -- it mightiness already beryllium disposable successful your city. In 2022 we'll spot much TVs with built-in tuners that cost little than ever. Don't consciousness you request to unreserved to upgrade, oregon get those circumstantial models however, since successful the worst lawsuit you'll beryllium capable to bargain a inexpensive outer tuner and link that to your TV.

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There's besides HDMI 2.1. While 2.1 has respective caller technologies that are great, it's not going to marque immoderate existent TVs obsolete (unless it's a current 8K TV, but that's yet different story). As agelong arsenic your existent TV works with your existent sources, you should beryllium fine. 

Really aged TVs, older than 10 years, mightiness person issues connecting to modern streaming and disc sources, but there's nary existent workaround for that. If your TV doesn't enactment with a caller Roku oregon Blu-ray player, past you mightiness request to upgrade if you privation to usage 1 of those.

Are you blessed with your TV?

Forget each the caller tech. If your TV works and you're blessed with it, support it. Don't consciousness immoderate unit to upgrade. 

Modern TVs are, connected average, brighter and person amended representation prime than the TVs from a fewer years ago. Unless you're the benignant of videophile who wants to tweak each setting and fixates connected nits and color accuracy, however, you astir apt don't request a caller TV.

The unit to upgrade is pervasive successful our tech culture, but TVs thin to past (and beryllium perfectly functional) longer than astir devices. They don't, for example, person batteries that suffer capableness similar mobile phones -- oregon person wires that deterioration retired similar headphones. A TV from 5 oregon adjacent 10 years agone apt works fine, though it mightiness not look arsenic good arsenic the existent 4K HDR TVs. So again, if that's not a immense woody for you, you tin apt support what you person for a fewer much years. 

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This is adjacent existent erstwhile considering caller consoles, the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. If you've got a PS4, Xbox One oregon immoderate console connected via HDMI, the caller consoles should enactment fine. They mightiness look amended connected a caller TV, but they'll inactive look large connected yours.

If your TV is having issues, oregon you conscionable privation thing larger, that's a antithetic story. New TVs are overmuch cheaper per inch than TVs of the past. You'll beryllium capable to regenerate your existent TV with thing the aforesaid size, looks amended and is cheaper than your aged TV. Or you tin wage the aforesaid magnitude arsenic your aged TV and get thing that's acold bigger.

When is the champion clip to bargain a TV?

TV income are the biggest successful the autumn and culminate connected Black Friday and Cyber Monday. There are ever immoderate incredibly inexpensive 4K TVs connected offer, but that's not the full story.

First of all, the TVs that get the immense discounts are usually either no-name brands, oregon low-end models from sanction brands. They're good if you conscionable privation a inexpensive TV, but they're not going to connection the picture quality of an adjacent somewhat higher-end model. The champion TVs spell connected merchantability arsenic well, but heavy discounts connected those are little common. 

Entrance of a Best Buy store   during a time  with bluish  clear

TV income hap each year, but Black Friday play sees the biggest discounts.

Roberto Machado Noa/Getty Images

Second, monolithic discounts connected TVs are uncommon successful general. It mightiness beryllium counterintuitive, but TVs typically don't person overmuch mark-up. There isn't a batch of nett successful a $500 TV. So unless the store is trying to wide retired stock, you shouldn't expect a gigantic driblet successful terms adjacent during sales. Plenty of bully discounts are available, they're conscionable not going to beryllium "50% off" oregon similar, unless there's a circumstantial crushed that exemplary is getting specified an utmost discount. Or it's a doorbuster successful constricted quantities.

Third, astir large companies don't let stores to connection their ain pricing. This is called UPP, oregon unilateral pricing policy. It means that a TV from that institution is going to outgo the same, whether it's connected Amazon, successful Best Buy, oregon anyplace else. Well, anyplace other that wants to proceed selling TVs from that company. If this sounds sketchy, it is, but that's a taxable for a antithetic article


The Samsung Frame whitethorn look sophisticated, but your existent TV mightiness enactment conscionable arsenic well. 


All successful all, is it worthy upgrading your TV?

Here's the abbreviated version:

Get a caller TV present if:

  • Your existent TV is having issues, oregon is excessively aged to link to a streaming work similar Netflix.
  • You're consenting to bargain from a spot that has a price-match policy, successful lawsuit there's a sale.
  • You privation thing bigger than what you person now.

Don't get a TV present if:

  • Your existent TV works fine.
  • There's virtually thing other you request oregon privation to walk wealth on.

If you've got the itch for thing new, but you're inactive connected the fence, see giving your TV a spot of a makeover. If you've ne'er adjusted the settings, it's casual to do and volition astir apt marque your TV look amended than it ever has. That mightiness tide you implicit for a bit.

And if you yet determine that, yes, you're acceptable to bargain a caller TV now, we astatine CNET bash person immoderate guidelines and suggested models.

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