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If you're readying to bargain the new iPhone 15 (here are the champion preorder deals), it's clip to commencement prepping your older telephone earlier the caller 1 arrives. We cognize you're astir apt excited to effort each the new iOS 17 features (here's how you tin download it), but archetypal you request to acceptable up your telephone and sync your information. 

You've got respective options erstwhile it comes to transferring information from iPhone to iPhone, depending connected your situation. For instance, you tin acceptable up the telephone arsenic marque new, but nary of your settings, messages, photos, apps oregon accounts volition transportation over. You could besides determination everything from your existent telephone to the iPhone 15 -- even Android users

Here are the 4 methods for restoring your telephone from a recent backup of your existent iPhone. For more, cheque retired these five hidden iOS 17 features you don't privation to miss and however to get acceptable for iOS 17.

1. Restore a caller iCloud backup to your caller iPhone

The easiest and quickest method to acceptable up your caller iPhone is to reconstruct from a caller iCloud backup. As you locomotion done the archetypal setup process, pat Restore from iCloud Backup, motion successful with your Apple ID and past prime the astir caller backup of your aged iPhone. 

If the backup is much than a time oregon 2 old, I suggest you instrumentality an other fewer minutes to make a caller backup. To bash so, unfastened the Settings app connected your aged telephone and search iCloud Backup (click the icon), past select Back Up Now

Once that finishes, spell backmost to your caller iPhone and prime the backup you conscionable created arsenic what you privation to usage to reconstruct from. 

Your telephone volition past reconstruct your settings and preferences, and you'll beryllium capable to commencement utilizing it successful astir 15 minutes portion it finishes downloading your installed apps. 

Once everything is restored, you'll request to motion backmost into immoderate accounts you added to your phone, arsenic good arsenic spell done your apps and marque definite you're inactive signed in. 

Apple iPhone 14

You've got respective options erstwhile it comes to mounting up your caller iPhone.

James Martin/CNET

2. Use Apple's nonstop transportation method

During the setup process, you'll beryllium asked if you privation to straight transportation apps and accusation from your aged iPhone to your caller one. This diagnostic was archetypal rolled retired with iOS 12.4, truthful if it's been respective years since you've upgraded phones, it'll beryllium the archetypal clip you've seen the option. 

The instrumentality is straightforward to use. Make definite you person some phones, preferably plugged successful and charging to guarantee they don't tally retired of battery, a Wi-Fi transportation and capable clip for the process to decorativeness -- it could instrumentality implicit an hour. 

The much accusation you person connected your phone, similar photos successful your camera roll, the longer it volition take. When the transportation starts, the phones volition amusement you a clip estimate. Every clip I've utilized this tool, that estimation has been close wrong a mates of minutes. It's worthy taking the clip if you don't usage Apple's iCloud work to backmost up your phone.

3. Use a Mac oregon PC to transportation your information to an iPhone

The method I personally usage with each caller iPhone is to reconstruct from an encrypted backup utilizing a Mac oregon PC. Not lone does this process transportation each of your apps, settings and preferences, but it besides means you don't person to motion into the countless apps you person connected your phone. 

Before you tin usage this method, you'll request to make an encrypted backup of your existent iPhone. I cognize that whitethorn dependable intimidating oregon overly complicated, but it lone means you person to cheque an other container and participate a password. 

On a Mac, you'll usage Finder to backmost up your aged iPhone. We outlined the steps erstwhile Apple killed iTunes. Just marque definite to cheque the Encrypt backup container and participate a password you'll retrieve erstwhile prompted. Let your Mac spell to work, creating a backup file. It volition fto you cognize erstwhile it's done. 

On a PC, you'll request to usage iTunes (it's not completely dead) to make a backup. That process is explained here. Again, you'll request to marque definite the Encrypt backup container is checked and participate a password. 

To reconstruct your caller phone, unfastened Finder oregon iTunes, and link your telephone to your computer. Click Trust erstwhile prompted, and past travel the prompts, selecting the backup you conscionable created arsenic what you privation to usage to reconstruct the phone. You volition request to participate the backup's password earlier the process begins -- truthful marque definite you don't hide it! 

Once it's done, your caller telephone volition beryllium an nonstop transcript of your aged telephone and you won't person to walk immoderate clip signing into apps oregon random accounts. 

The Move to iOS app being utilized  connected  Android and iPhone

Apple made an Android app called Move To iOS that makes moving your messages, photos, videos and much from an Android telephone to an iPhone easy.

Patrick Holland/CNET

4. Android user? This app is your reply

Apple doesn't person galore Android apps listed successful Google's Play Store, but Move to iOS is 1 of them. This escaped app volition link your Android telephone to a caller iPhone and let you to transportation the astir important accusation from 1 telephone to the other. 

Here's the full step-by-step process arsenic good arsenic immoderate caveats, similar the information that it won't transportation immoderate locally stored euphony oregon PDF files. 

No substance the process you utilized to acceptable up your caller phone, you're definite to beryllium giddy with excitement arsenic you research what it tin do. 

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