Can Google keep up with demand for the Pixel 6 series?

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Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro near  angled rear panels

Eric Zeman / Android Authority

Google’s Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro are arguably its astir important phones since the Pixel 3a enactment launched backmost successful 2018. The Pixel flagships person ever excelled successful presumption of photography and bundle updates but near a small to beryllium desired successful presumption of axenic hardware features.

The Pixel 6 bid — and the Pixel 6 Pro successful peculiar — spell a agelong mode to addressing this, bringing a big of premium features and modern camera hardware. Pricing for the phones is precise charismatic too, with the modular Pixel starting astatine conscionable $599 successful the US. But Google has a large situation up of it wants its caller phones to beryllium a smash hit. With manufacture delays and cancellations, ongoing proviso concatenation woes, and the Made by Google team’s abbreviated past of uneven merchandise launches, volition radical really beryllium capable to get their hands connected the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro?

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Google’s faced proviso issues before

One crushed to beryllium skeptical astir Google being capable to conscionable request is that immoderate erstwhile Pixel flagships person suffered from banal issues astatine motorboat before. Devices similar the archetypal Pixel and Pixel 3 saw shipping delays of immoderate kind, resulting successful orders going retired a fewer weeks to a mates of months aft launch.

It seems similar with these past releases, the institution either underestimated request astatine motorboat oregon had banal complications. This is origin for immoderate interest erstwhile the caller Pixels are expected to beryllium much fashionable than the aged ones. When you harvester perchance higher request with Google’s comparative inexperience successful delivering flagship phones connected the level of a Samsung, it doesn’t bode good for Pixel 6 demand.

Then there’s the global spot shortage. The shortage has been going connected for a portion present and Google has been 1 of respective companies earnestly affected successful 2021. How bash we cognize this? Well, you lone person to look astatine its different 2021 smartphone motorboat with the Pixel 5a.

The Pixel 5a has already been affected by proviso concatenation issues, but what does this mean for the Pixel 6?

Google refuted rumors successful aboriginal 2021 that the Pixel 5a was canceled owed to the spot shortage, but admitted that the telephone would lone motorboat successful 2 markets (Japan and the US). The institution aboriginal told TechRadar that “global proviso concatenation challenges” constricted a wider launch, each but confirming that the spot shortage was to blasted for the small-scale release.

By comparison, past year’s Pixel 4a 5G launched successful Australia, Canada, Europe, Japan, Taiwan, the UK, and the US.

So there’s capable of a crushed for skeptics to uncertainty that the institution volition beryllium capable to conscionable the request for the Pixel 6 bid instead. And scattershot transportation times astatine this juncture constituent to Google underestimating request again. On the different hand, there’s crushed to judge Google’s latest flagships volition fare amended successful the agelong term.

Things tentatively look amended connected paper

Google Pixel 6 Pro vs Google Pixel 5 rear

Eric Zeman / Android Authority

One crushed to judge that Google mightiness header amended than it did with the Pixel 5a is the sheer information that it’s launching successful much countries. Instead of conscionable Japan and the US, the Pixel 6 bid is besides disposable successful Australia, Canada, Europe, and Taiwan. This suggests accrued assurance successful gathering demand, though India’s absence is glaring.

Another imaginable motion that Google is moving hard to conscionable request is simply a Nikkei Asia report, claiming that the shaper plans to treble its accumulation run of Pixel 6 bid phones compared to its full fig of Pixels shipped past year. That is, it could beryllium going from 3.7 cardinal full Pixel phones shipped successful 2020 to 7 cardinal Pixel 6 bid units produced alone.

This sentiment was seemingly echoed by Google hardware main Rick Osterloh successful The Vergecast podcast:

I mean, we’re making a batch much [Pixel phones] than we person successful the past. There is simply a insignificant proviso concatenation contented happening successful the world. We consciousness bully astir wherever we are close present for this year’s supply. And hopefully that volition proceed passim adjacent year, but we’ll see. I mean, we’re tiny close now, truthful it’s hard to cognize if you’ve gotten enough.

There’s 1 large quality betwixt the Pixel 6 bid and the Pixel 5a, and that’s the caller flagships utilizing Google’s in-house Tensor processor. The quality to usage customized chips tin alleviate immoderate spot shortage pressure, arsenic Google isn’t reliant connected chipsets from an already strained Qualcomm. On the flip side, the Mountain View institution volition inactive request to get these chips manufactured and is relying connected Samsung’s foundry to bash so.

Not retired of the woods

Google Pixel 6 waiting list

Even if it each plays retired nicely successful the end, the aboriginal signs haven’t been large for Google. The Google Store website struggled nether the load of funny consumers connected motorboat day, with the website itself knocked offline and orders refusing to spell through. Delivery dates besides slipped successful a large mode owed to the demand, with quoted dates stretching arsenic acold arsenic aboriginal 2022. Notably, the institution has present opened a waitlist for funny buyers successful lawsuit their desired variant is retired of banal alternatively of offering pre-orders.

In different words, it seems similar request for the Pixel 6 bid is adjacent higher than Google’s ain lofty projections. So we anticipation the institution has its proviso concatenation partners connected speed-dial and has contingency plans successful spot if it wants to conscionable request successful the agelong term.

The anticipation of Pixel shortages successful 2022 besides past begs the question of whether Google should’ve postponed the Pixel 6 bid motorboat to aboriginal 2022. No 1 likes insubstantial launches but an authoritative hold would beryllium a double-edged sword.

On the 1 hand, delayed availability means Google mightiness beryllium playing against 2022 flagships with newer silicon, specified arsenic the Galaxy S22 series and Xiaomi 12 range. Then again, Google’s determination to follow customized silicon means that comparisons to 2022 flagships aren’t precisely apples to apples. You could besides reason that Google’s flagships person ever competed against the pursuing year’s devices owed to the company’s merchandise timing (Q4) anyway. On balance, I deliberation Google is close to forge ahead.

Have you managed to bid a Pixel 6 bid phone? Let america cognize via the canvass above.

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