Canon PIXMA G3270 Review: Pros & Cons, Features, Ratings, Pricing and more

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Canon’s entry-level MegaTank AOI is aimed astatine the location bureau with fewer features, but tons of bottled ink and a precise debased moving cost.


  • +

    Cheap for a MegaTank

  • +

    Affordable ink

  • +

    Broad insubstantial compatibility

  • +

    Lots of inbox ink


  • -

    Manual duplex only

  • -

    No beforehand insubstantial drawer

  • -

    Limited insubstantial capableness

  • -

    No ADF, oregon USB Host larboard

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Canon continues to amended its refillable ink vessel lineup with the summation of this affordable all-in-one MegaTank. 


Type: 3-in-1 colour A4 inkjet printer

Functions: Print, scan, copy

Connectivity: Ethernet, USB, Wi-Fi

Data retention slots: None 

Print speed: 11ipm (mono)

Paper capacity: 100 sheets

Print quality: 1,200 x 4,800 dpi

Scan quality: 1,200 x 600 dpi

Apple AirPrint: yes

Consumables included: 6x ink bottles (6,000 mono pages, 7,700 color)

Dimensions/Weight: 416 x 337 x 177 mm (WxDxH)/6kg

The Canon PIXMA G3270 (opens successful caller tab) (known successful the UK arsenic the G3570 (opens successful caller tab)) could lure location users distant from cheaper cartridge-based printers with its rock-bottom moving outgo and plentiful inbox ink. 

It improves importantly connected Canon’s outgoing entry-level all-in-one printer (opens successful caller tab) by adding Wi-Fi without adding to the cost. 

To support that acquisition terms down to astir US$230 (£280), determination is inactive nary front-loading insubstantial tray, nary auto-duplex mode and nary touchscreen. This is simply a pared backmost printer with a humble recommended monthly work rhythm of 3,000 pages, truthful each those features are reserved for the step-up model. 

But with the quality to scan and people connected a wide assortment of insubstantial banal and capable bottled ink successful the container for up to 6,000 monochrome pages and 7,700 color, this could beryllium the MegaTank you person been waiting for. 

Canon PIXMA G3270 pages

(Image credit: Future)

Canon PIXMA G3270: Design and build

The Canon PIXMA G3270/G3570 looks similar your mean compact AIO with pleasingly rounded corners, textured integrative and neatly integrated ink tanks. Being a fund model, the 1.35-in show is alternatively tiny and the power sheet is fixed alternatively than tiltable. Canon has besides dispensed with a beforehand insubstantial tray altogether truthful you person to load each insubstantial via the rear intake which tin lone clasp 100 sheets. It’s not perfect due to the fact that insubstantial successful the rear tray is exposed to dust. 

There’s an A4/Letter-sized solid scanner furniture connected apical and a USB information cablegram transportation astatine the rear, but nary Ethernet larboard and nary USB Host port. When you unfastened it up by lifting the apical section, you tin entree the 4 ink reservoirs and instal the 2 good people heads. For an entry-level device, it feels good made and doesn’t instrumentality up excessively overmuch country connected your desktop.

Canon PIXMA G3270 open

(Image credit: Future)

Canon PIXMA G3270: Features

The Canon PIXMA G3270/G3570 has astir of the features you would expect successful a home bureau printer (opens successful caller tab), but not all. Being a three-in-one, it tin scan, transcript and people connected immoderate size insubstantial up to A4/Letter. Wi-Fi with AirPrint compatibility is built successful and astatine 11ipm (imprints per minute) for monochrome pages, the people complaint is reasonably fast. However, with nary beforehand loading insubstantial tray, the insubstantial capableness is constricted to 100 sheets and these person to instrumentality retired of the rear tray. 

There’s nary touchscreen interface, lone a monochrome show with buttons. And there’s nary USB Host larboard oregon Ethernet larboard either. Its inability to people some sides of the leafage automatically (auto duplex) is the astir annoying omission though. Manual duplexing is clip consuming and simplex printing is simply a discarded of paper.

Canon PIXMA G3270 people     heads

(Image credit: Future)

In presumption of people prime and economy, the spec expanse looks much promising with a precocious people solution of 1,200 x 4,800 dpi and a full of 1,792 nozzles applying the ink. The ample ink tanks are susceptible of holding 70ml of each colour and 170ml of achromatic ink. The container includes 4 bottles to lucifer those capacities, and that’s capable to people 6,000 achromatic and achromatic pages positive 7,700 colour pages successful modular quality, oregon galore much successful draught mode. The C/M/Y inks are dye-based, which means vivid colors, portion the achromatic ink is pigment based for greater durability.   

Like each of Canon’s inkjet printers (opens successful caller tab), the Canon PIXMA G3270/G3570 is unfussy erstwhile it comes to printable media and the database includes quadrate photograph paper, magnetic insubstantial and rather heavy insubstantial up to  265gsm successful weight.

Canon PIXMA G3270 setup

(Image credit: Future)

Canon PIXMA G3270: Setup and operation

To get started, you archetypal request to instal the people heads. These look similar 2 ink cartridges and their occupation is to gully ink from the reservoirs to proviso the inkjets. This CISS (continuous ink proviso system) works successful the aforesaid mode arsenic aftermarket CISS packages that are utilized to upgrade cartridge-based inkjets. In this lawsuit of course, the ink tanks are already built into the design. 

Filling them is casual due to the fact that the supplied ink bottles person spouts that acceptable lone the corresponding ink color, truthful there’s nary accidental of pouring the incorrect ink successful the incorrect tank.

Canon PIXMA G3270 tanks

(Image credit: Future)

Once the six inks person had clip to filter done to the heads, you tin travel the remainder of the on-screen setup prompts. These volition archer you to load immoderate insubstantial successful the rear tray and people retired a trial leafage to visually cheque that the people heads are aligned correctly. You tin besides usage the companion app called Canon Print to decorativeness mounting up the printer and get it connected to your Wi-Fi network. 

Everyday cognition of Canon PIXMA G3270/G3570 is fine, though the show is rather tiny and hard to read. The supporting app makes it rather casual to people and scan from your smartphone, oregon via the cloud. This inkjet is simply a small noisy erstwhile printing (49dB), but it’s accelerated capable astatine 11ipm (imprints per minute) and we experienced nary misprints oregon insubstantial jams during the test.

Canon PIXMA G3270 detail

(Image credit: Future)

Canon PIXMA G3270: Performance

The Canon PIXMA G3270/G3570 turns retired satisfyingly crisp pages of acheronian achromatic substance connected achromatic paper. The pigment based achromatic ink bonds rapidly with plain insubstantial of each varieties to springiness a wide and durable hard copy. If you power to draught mode successful bid to prevention ink and people time, and the substance is perceivably lighter, but nary little legible. The pages look astatine the quoted modular complaint of 11ipm, but arsenic mentioned before, there’s nary car duplex mode, which makes printing connected some sides of the leafage a overmuch much clip consuming exercise. 

Unlike the pigment achromatic ink suspension, the dye-based C/M/Y inks are a solution which means your colors whitethorn tally if the insubstantial gets damp. Our trial pages, however, looked bright, colorful and accordant without failing the digit smudge test.

Canon PIXMA G3270 copier

(Image credit: Future)

Where the operation of dye and pigment inks does not enactment truthful good is with photograph printing connected coated paper. While the people solution is fine, the colors bash not truly popular and the glossy decorativeness looks a small level erstwhile compared to the prints from a dedicated photograph printer. The likewise styled Canon PIXMA G620/G650 is simply a small much expensive, but its photograph printing is acold superior. 

The inbuilt scanner is of sufficiently precocious solution (1,200 x 600 dpi) to drawback crisp images and marque rather faithful integer copies that suffer lone a small clarity and colour successful the process. In short, the Canon PIXMA G3270/G3570 passed each of our tests scoring highest with its bold achromatic and achromatic substance pages and lowest erstwhile it came to photograph printing.

Canon PIXMA G3270 unboxed

(Image credit: Future)

Canon PIXMA G3270: Final verdict

For an all-in-one inkjet with refillable tanks, the Canon PIXMA G3270/G3570 is competitively priced, particularly erstwhile you see however overmuch bottled ink is included successful the box. It’s lone somewhat larger than a cartridge-based equivalent and it tin people connected each benignant of blank media from quadrate photograph insubstantial to cloth patches. The scanner furniture enables reliable integer copying, portion the inbuilt Wi-Fi means you tin people from your smartphone utilizing Canon’s fantabulous companion app. 

To conscionable this terms point, however, Canon has made immoderate cuts and portion the beforehand insubstantial tray, touchscreen interface and USB Host larboard each look similar logical luxuries to driblet from the diagnostic list, the lack of an car duplex mode feels similar a measurement excessively far. For affordable printing astatine home, this basal MegaTank could beryllium each you need, but for much features, you’ll request to walk a small more.

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