Canon Powershot V10 review – dinky, different, dated

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Early Verdict

Kudos to Canon for offering an alternate idiosyncratic acquisition to astir different vlogging cameras – the Powershot V10 is purpose-built to marque contented instauration arsenic casual arsenic possible. However, contempt its refreshing design, the tech wrong is some dated and limited, and determination aren’t excessively galore reasons to prime it implicit your smartphone.


  • +

    Dedicated vlogging design

  • +

    Neat fold-out stand

  • +

    Ultra-wide lens


  • -

    Dated performance

  • -

    Lens attracts ungraded and smudges

  • -

    Accessories are poorly implemented

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The Canon Powershot V10 is simply a first-generation camera that’s designed specifically for vlogging, offering 4K/30p and Full HD 60p video signaling and 20MP JPEG images, positive a antithetic idiosyncratic acquisition to a smartphone oregon much all-purpose cameras from the likes of Sony. 

It packs the aforesaid 1-inch sensor arsenic the Canon Powershot G7 X III from 2019, but has a fixed 18mm F2.8 lens which means it besides comes up against the Sony ZV-1F. Unlike those cameras, the plan is unashamedly focused connected vlogging – but does the Powershot V10 person what it takes to cement its spot among the best vlogging cameras? Read connected to find out.

Canon Powershot V10 camera upright connected  a table

(Image credit: Future)

Canon Powershot V10: merchandise day and price

  • $399 / £429 / AU$699 for the vlogging kit
  • Advanced vlogging kit for Europe lone costs £459

The Canon Powershot V10 is disposable from June 2023, priced astatine $399 / £429 / AU$699 for the Vlogging kit, which includes a rubber lens headdress made by SmallRig, and magnetic windshields for the stereo mics connected the apical of the camera. 

In Europe lone there’s besides an Advanced Vlogging kit, which additionally includes a SmallRig cage, priced astatine £459. We were told that this was the archetypal clip Canon had partnered with the accessories shaper up of a merchandise motorboat to nutrient compatible accessories.

Canon Powershot V10: design

  • Built-in fold-out basal means nary tripod needed
  • Simplified customized idiosyncratic interface 
  • Fixed 18mm ultra-wide lens

Nestled successful the thenar of my hand, the Canon Powershot V10 weighs successful astatine specified 211g and offers a wholly antithetic idiosyncratic acquisition to astir different vlogging cameras – for amended and for worse.

It’s surely a funny camera. The archetypal happening I’m drawn to is the flip-up 2-inch touchscreen, and tucked wrong that a neat built-in fold-out stand. The basal is truly sturdy, and I tin already spot however it removes the request to transportation and acceptable up tripods and different mounts, and makes beingness with a camera pointed astatine yourself that overmuch easier. 

I’m not a contented creator myself, but cognize each excessively good the situation of precariously balancing a telephone for hands-free selfies (of people optional telephone stands are available). Whether you’re signaling yourself playing an instrument, oregon cooking, oregon doing immoderate you privation to stock online hands-free, the V10 simplifies the process.   

The show is successful 3:2 facet ratio – and that’s the facet ratio the sensor uses for photography, but for 16:9 video signaling there’s a achromatic borderline connected the apical and bottommost of the frame, which does springiness on-screen options a small country to breathe. 

The beforehand of the camera is dominated by a chunky grounds fastener and bulbous 18mm F2.8 lens, which Canon says becomes 19mm for photography. You can’t zoom successful oregon out, but a fixed ultra-wide lens is what you request for vlogging; if you privation to get closer, the camera itself needs to move.

A property of the touchscreen reveals 4 video signaling modes: regular movie shooting, Skin Smoothing, (digital) Image Stabilization video, and manual vulnerability video. These modes screen each bases, and the ultra-wide lens makes each the much consciousness for run-and-gun videos fixed that integer representation stabilization narrows the tract of presumption a small spot (there are nary authoritative numbers connected the severity, but it’s minor). 

Canon Powershot V10 connected  a array  with flip-up screen

(Image credit: Future)

There’s besides a nonstop fastener to power to photography mode. Ultimately, astir shooting scenarios person speedy entree and there’s small request to delve into the menus. If you bash determine to research the paper further, it’s pleasantly stripped back, with precise small to navigate.

Audio-wise, determination are omnidirectional stereo microphones connected the apical of the camera, but there’s nary enactment to isolate dependable from immoderate peculiar direction, dissimilar connected a camera similar the Panasonic G100, which tin azygous retired beforehand oregon rear audio, and adjacent usage look detection to automatically prime the champion audio setup. No, the tech successful the V10 is overmuch simpler.  

Most radical who privation to amended the prime of audio connected a camera similar the V10 via its 3.5mm mic input would spell down the lavalier mic route. While it’s acold from ideal, it’s imaginable to clip a lavalier mic distant transmitter to the flip-up screen, oregon customers successful Europe tin hole the optional cage to the camera, which features a mates of tripod threads that could successful crook clasp specified accessories. 

An car upwind filter is present, but connected windy days the optional windshield accessory volition amended audio prime more. Sadly, the plan of the camera has not been afloat thought done to instrumentality relationship of specified accessories – the windshields artifact astatine slightest fractional of the flip-up surface successful selfie mode. 

With foresight, possibly the flip-up surface could besides beryllium designed successful specified a mode that it could beryllium pulled up to a much elevated presumption from the assemblage erstwhile successful selfie mode. Windshields oregon not, I’d similar to spot that benignant of plan for easier viewing. 

Windshields are not the lone optional accessories that are poorly implemented. The cage (which has a mediocre physique quality, particularly the lock), blocks the grip of the fold-out stand, making it overmuch much hard to usage the basal astatine all. 

The V10 does person an enactment camera look and consciousness astir it, but don’t spell jumping into the h2o with it – there’s nary upwind sealing. That said, for shoots wherever the camera could get splashed oregon dirty, I would similar to hazard spoiling the V10 than my smartphone. 

After a little clip utilizing the V10, it’s wide that the lens attracts ungraded and smudges. And with the tiny camera in-pocket and acceptable for action, I would besides battalion a lens cloth to springiness the lens a speedy cleanable earlier signaling each time.

These niggles aside, the V10 plan makes contented instauration beingness arsenic casual arsenic possible. It’s refreshingly different, and purpose-built for the job. 

Canon Powershot V10: features and performance

  • Same 1-inch sensor arsenic Powershot G7 X III
  • One hr artillery life
  • Digital representation stabilization only

Inside the Powershot V10 is the aforesaid 1-inch sensor that’s successful the Canon Powershot G7 X III, though that camera features a zoom lens, and the sensor present has been optimized for the ultra-wide lens.  

If you’re not acquainted with the G7 X III, it was a compelling enactment for vlogging erstwhile it was launched – but that was 4 years ago, and we’re getting fundamentally the aforesaid tech successful the V10, successful a satellite wherever smartphone cameras person rapidly advanced. 

Stills-wise, the sensor has 20MP and tin sprout successful JPEG format only. The V10 is geared for video content, though, and to that extremity offers 4K video up to 30fps (and up to ISO 3200) and afloat HD video up to 60fps (and up to ISO 6400). In 2023, those signaling options are the bare minimum we would expect. 

Files are stored connected a microSD paper – a retention typically utilized by older and much basal cameras and phones. If you're trying to sprout the highest-quality 4K video, your grounds times volition beryllium hamstrung unless you insert the highest-performing microSD paper available. 

Canon Powershot V10 successful  the manus  with surface  flipped up

(Image credit: Future)

Battery beingness is astir 1 hr of signaling time, and the V10 is charged implicit USB-C. It’s imaginable to complaint the camera portion recording, accidental via an attached powerfulness bank. 

Naturally, a camera designed for vlogging needs to beryllium capable to livestream, and the V10 offers a comparatively headache-free wireless streaming acquisition via the Canon Camera Connect app. Set-up takes a fewer minutes – you’ll request to prime the close camera enactment successful bid to get each the options disposable to the V10 – and past you’re acceptable to link to Facebook, YouTube and different platforms successful Full HD, with 6Mps and 3.5Mbps options.

For those connected the determination with the V10, there’s integer representation stabilization. It’s little effectual than in-body representation stabilization, and arsenic already mentioned imposes a tiny harvest of the representation area. From a little look astatine handheld walking videos changeable with the V10, its integer IS is simply a small jittery, but surely smoothes retired immoderate of the vibrations caused by footsteps.

Canon’s face- and subject-tracking AF is implemented, and for the elemental situations successful which I’ve utilized the camera truthful far, similar selfie shooting, it’s proven to beryllium sticky and reliable.

Canon Powershot V10: representation and video quality

  • JPEG-only 20MP stills
  • Sharp ultra-wide lens
  • Canon’s close colour science

A 1-inch sensor is larger than the bulk of sensors recovered successful today’s smartphones, and truthful the V10 has a earthy vantage erstwhile it comes to representation and video quality, particularly arsenic the camera besides benefits from the aforesaid colour subject arsenic Canon’s EOS R mirrorless cameras.

You tin support settings astatine car and pictures volition look lovely. Should you privation to get creative, determination are 14 antithetic colour filters that tin beryllium applied to photos and videos, each of which are acceptable to go, arsenic opposed to level profiles that maximize tonal item for editing later. 

The 20MP (5472 x 3648 pixel) images battalion a decent magnitude of detail, and the lens is sharp, with small fall-off successful the corners, which is awesome fixed however wide its tract of presumption is. There is immoderate tube distortion, which is to beryllium expected with an ultra-wide lens, but it’s thing distracting, and is minimized by automatic JPEG processing. In short, item successful agleam conditions looks clean.

Selfie with taxable  successful  the mediate  of the frame

(Image credit: Future)

There’s nary enactment to sprout successful earthy format, which allows for much extended vulnerability corrections than compressed JPEG files. For instance, car errs connected the broadside of overexposure, and determination tin beryllium immoderate clipping successful agleam highlights similar achromatic clouds, which is hard to recover. 

Video-wise, the facet ratio tin beryllium acceptable to 16:9 oregon 9:16, and tegument smoothing tin beryllium applied successful varying degrees of spot depending conscionable however vain (or self-conscious) you are. There’s besides a built-in ND filter that tin modulate vulnerability erstwhile moving betwixt agleam and acheronian environments.

Despite manual vulnerability being available, overall, this is simply a camera that’s champion near to make astatine the click of a button, with minimal fiddling astir with settings. 

Please enactment that the illustration images and videos taken indoors were changeable with a beta mentation of the Canon Powershot V10.

Canon Powershot V10 aboriginal verdict

From a features and show perspective, the Canon Powershot V10 can’t vie with the astir caller vlogging alternatives, with the astir earthy contention being the Sony ZV-1F; the tech wrong the V10 is much dated. However, what you bash get is simply a wholly antithetic idiosyncratic acquisition – and that is wherever the V10 begins to marque much sense.

This is simply a purpose-built vlogging camera, stripped backmost and elemental to use, consecutive retired of the box. The fold-out basal makes a batch of sense, arsenic does the signifier factor. However, the V10 does consciousness precise overmuch similar a first-generation camera, and determination are a just fewer plan improvements that we’d similar to spot implemented should a successor beryllium successful the pipeline. 

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