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by TechFishNews - 2 days ago

Nexinter – Profit Sharing Crypto Exchange

Nexinter launch as the first profit sharing fiat-crypto and custodian exchange in the world. Today, Nexinter, the digital fiat-crypto and custodian exchange, has announced that it will be the first profit sharing digital exchange in the world. 75% of...

by TechFishNews - 2 days ago

Crypto exchange OceanEX opens USD gateway

OceanEX, a bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange platform, announced today that a new USD fiat gateway is now open. Users will be able to deposit USD fiat currency to their OceanEx wallet using bank cards. Fiat trading on OceanEXis different from other...

by TechFishNews - 2 days ago

Coinex Chain Launches Two Tokens Anchored to BTC and BCH

On November 15, the digital currency trading platform Coinex announced the launch of two Coinex Chain tokens that are anchored to BTC and BCH. The two collateralized coins will be used for trading on the Coinex Dex and will be traded in the name of t...