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How-To / HowToGeek - 2 months ago

How to Convert iTunes Songs to MP3

There are a variety of sketchy “audio converters” on the market making an attempt to get you to pay $20 for something you can do at no cost with this hidden function in iTunes. It’s simple to make use of and works together with you...

How-To / HowToGeek - 2 months ago

How to Take Photos With a Straight Horizon

Something all the time seems to be off about photographs the place the horizon isn’t straight. It’s potential to fix it in Photoshop (or another picture editor like Lightroom, Pixelmator, or Capture One) nevertheless it’s better to get it as close a...

How-To / HowToGeek - 2 months ago

YouTube is Now Available on the Nintendo Switch

The Change, ostensibly a transportable gaming machine however nominally a Wi-Fi tablet, looks like an ideal platform for smartphone-style apps. But unusually, Hulu has been the only main video service on the Change thus far. In the present day, YouT...