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Security / Cisco Security - 1 week ago

Disk Image Deception

Cisco’s Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT) detected a large and ongoing malspam campaign leveraging the .IMG file extension to bypass automated malware analysis tools and infect machines with a variety of Remote Access Trojans. Durin...

Security / Cisco Security - 1 month ago

The 3 W’s in Zero Trust Security

Picture this scenario: you are a security guard at an office building. Today you are looking after a restricted area. A person you’ve never seen before walks straight past you into one of the rooms. Would you stop them or would you just assume the...

Security / Cisco Security - 1 month ago

It’s Time for Security to Work as a Team

Four million. According to the latest study, that’s the approximate number of cybersecurity jobs around the world that still need to be filled by skilled professionals. With the current cybersecurity workforce measured at 2.8 million, it would need t...