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Security / InfoWorld Security - 5 days ago

How to prevent the hacked AI apocalypse

Adversarial attacks are an more and more worrisome menace to the efficiency of synthetic intelligence purposes. If an attacker can introduce almost invisible alterations to picture, video, speech, and different knowledge for the aim of fooling AI-po...

Security / InfoWorld Security - 2 weeks ago

Do developers care about security?

CSO On-line | Jul 30, 2017 They definitely do, in accordance with Sarah Gibson, software safety marketing consultant at Veracode, who talks with CSO senior author Fahmida Rashid concerning the points round software safety, and the way having a coll...

Security / InfoWorld Security - 3 weeks ago

Stop blaming users for security misses

CSO On-line | Jul 24, 2017 Does the message to customers about safety want to vary? Or does IT have to rebuild infrastructure so customers can fear much less about safety? Wendy Nather, principal safety strategist at Duo Safety, talks with CSO seni...