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by TechFishNews - 16 hours ago

Beers with Talos Ep. #67: Inside Incident Response

By Mitch Neff.Beers with Talos (BWT) Podcast episode No. 67 is now available. Download this episode and subscribe to Beers with Talos:If iTunes and Google Play aren't your thing, click& here.Recorded Nov. 21, 2019& Craig is out sick/injured/fighting...

by TechFishNews - 18 hours ago

Detecting unsafe path access patterns with PathAuditor

Posted by Marta Rożek, Google Summer Intern 2019, and Stephen Röttger, Software Engineer& #!/bin/shcat /home/user/fooWhat can go wrong if this command runs as root? Does it change anything if foo is a symbolic link to /etc/shadow? How is the output g...

by TechFishNews - 21 hours ago

How a nuclear plant got hacked

Should you assume attacking civilian infrastructure is a conflict crime, you would be proper, however spies from nations around the globe are preventing a silent, soiled struggle to pre-position themselves on civilian infrastructure — like energy-...