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by Simeon - 1 week ago

Will We Get a GDPR for the IoT?

The Common Knowledge Safety Regulation (GDPR) breaks new ground relating to privateness regulation. After years of hidden breaches, stolen identities and negligent knowledge handling,organizationswill lastly be pressured to get critical about know...

by Simeon - 2 weeks ago

DNSpionage Campaign Targets Middle East

This blog post was authored by Warren Mercer and Paul Rascagneres.Update 2018-11-27 15:30:00 EDT: A Russian-language document has been removed. Subsequent analysis leads us to believe it is unrelated to this investigation.Executive SummaryCisco Talos...

by Simeon - 2 weeks ago

User Confidence in Smartphone Security Abysmal

Sixty-six percent of phone users said they had suffered data-related harm: 11 percent suffered identity theft, 22 percent account hacking, 14 percent credit cards hacking and 12 percent financial fraud.