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Technology / arstechnica - 2 months ago

Sun’s closest solo star may have company

Enlarge / The position of Barnard's star relative to the Earth and its other neighbors. (credit: IEEC/Science-Wave/Guillem Ramisa) From the phenomenal success of the Kepler mission and a proliferation of ground-based telescopes, we now know that p...

Technology / arstechnica - 2 months ago

Ahh, summer—ramlibacter season

Enlarge / Even mundane activities can allow microbes to catch a ride on the wind. (credit: Christopher Griner) Your gut isn’t the only place that harbors a community of microbes. There are also microbiomes coating your skin and most household, ind...

Technology / arstechnica - 2 months ago

Memristors built with 2-nanometer-thick parts

When two blocks are set down on top of each other, they're oriented so that they have nine intersections. (credit: Pi et al.) Phase-change memory seems to offer the best of both worlds: the speed of current RAM with the permanence of a hard disk....