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Technology / TheVerge - 5 hours ago

Dropbox to go public 10 years after launch

A decade after it was founded, Dropbox has filed to go public. The beloved, easy-to-use (if somewhat stagnant) file syncing service had documents unsealed at the SEC today revealing plans for an initial public offering, where Dropbox is...

Technology / TheVerge - 5 hours ago

New Huawei P20 photos show a dual-camera system

Huawei recently debuted the Mate 10 Pro at CES, and it’s already gearing up to launch another phone called the P20. Now, images of the phone have appeared on the website for China’s telecommunications regulator TENAA, giving a look at fo...

Technology / TheVerge - 8 hours ago

Two years after Damn Daniel

Two years ago, you were younger and lovelier. Your childhood was closer to you than it is now, and you had just seen Beyoncé’s Super Bowl halftime show instead of some other Super Bowl halftime show. Also, a series of Snapchats were compi...