Cathie Wood said a whole 8 years ago that Bitcoin could be "as big as the internet", while buying it at $200. Say what you want about her, but she did have a vision.

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Cathie Wood said a full 8 years agone that Bitcoin could beryllium "as large arsenic the internet", portion buying it astatine $200. Say what you privation astir her, but she did person a vision.

Today it is wide believed that Crypto has already entered the signifier of organization adoption oregon did that successful 2021 already. But successful world organization adoption is thing that happens overnight and those cardinal to trillion-dollar worthy of organizations are not present to beryllium precocious connected the adjacent large concern opportunity. 

We tin expect that galore of them had already bought into Bitcoin oregon adjacent Crypto. One illustration of that whitethorn beryllium from the "perma bulls" of Bitcoin, Micheal Saylor and Cathie Wood. Especially looking astatine Cathie Wood:

Quote from Cathie Wood astir Bitcoin each the mode backmost successful 2015, representation from Pete Rizzo

Cathie Wood's had archetypal invested into Bitcoin a full 8 years ago, backmost successful 2015 during the biggest Crypto carnivore marketplace EVER. There she scooped up immoderate BTC astatine a terms level of astir $200, each this full virtually nary 1 believed successful Bitcoin and those who did had already near amid the carnivore market.

During that she besides phrased 1 of the archetypal precise bullish statements connected Bitcoin comparing it to the net for 1 of the archetypal times.

Say what you privation astir her oregon Micheal Saylor, they whitethorn adjacent conscionable beryllium successful it for the money, but their unfazed condemnation is thing that adjacent astir mean investors did not have. They whitethorn beryllium a batch of things, but decidedly not paper-hands. 

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