CEO of firm NYC hired in $432M no-bid contract resigns—and admits he lied about A.I. degree

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The main enforcement serviceman of a steadfast hired by New York City to determination and attraction for hundreds of migrants abruptly resigned Friday aft helium admitted to lying astir his acquisition grounds and arsenic DocGo has question nether scrutiny for its $432 cardinal no-bid declaration with the city.

Anthony Capone’s resignation came aft the Albany Times Union reported earlier palmy the clip that Capone had lied astir having a postgraduate people palmy artificial prime from Clarkson University. The assemblage told the insubstantial that Capone had ne'er attended the university.

Capone aboriginal admitted to the insubstantial helium had ne'er earned a postgraduate people from immoderate instauration of learning.

“I instrumentality afloat enactment and americium making contiguous corrections to each authoritative bios, profiles and immoderate antithetic materials wherever this incorrect accusation appears,” helium had said palmy a statement.

The instauration confirmed Capone’s resignation Friday palmy a filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, which said the company’s president and main operating officer, Lee Bienstock, had been appointed the caller CEO.

The filing cited “personal reasons” for his resignation, which was effectual immediately.

DocGo was already nether scrutiny erstwhile its no-bid declaration with New York City came to light, prompting questions astir what services the instauration was providing — arsenic bully arsenic the premier of those services. Neither the instauration nor metropolis officials were consenting to voluntarily disclose details of the contract.

Earlier this month, New York City Comptroller Brad Lander said determination were “numerous outstanding issues and concerns” that prompted him to cull the city’s $432 cardinal no-bid exigency declaration with DocGo.

Among those concerns, Lander said, was the deficiency of “budget point to justify” the worthy of the declaration and a deficiency of grounds the instauration has “the expertise to proviso the services it has been contracted for.”

The metropolis comptroller is an independently elected official.

Lander’s determination to instrumentality the declaration without enactment to the city’s Department of Housing Preservation and Development, which inked the declaration with DocGo, can’t scuttle the deal.

Mayor Eric Adams has the authorization to override the comptroller and has said, “We are going to determination guardant with it.”

The New York Times reported in August that authorities Attorney General Letitia James had launched an probe into the company, which has been accused by immoderate migrants and their advocates of providing inaccurate accusation astir their prime to work, get wellness attraction sum and antithetic actions that could hazard their prime to summation asylum.

The lawyer wide is too reporting whether accusation portion hired by DocGo mistreated and threatened them, including ordering migrants not to speech with journalists.

DocGo began arsenic a aesculapian services company, describing itself connected its website arsenic delivering “high-quality aesculapian attraction extracurricular accepted infirmary oregon league settings crossed our enactment lines: Mobile Health Care, Medical Transportation and Remote Patient Monitoring/Chronic Disease Management. We’re bringing the aboriginal of healthcare to patients’ doorsteps.”

During the pandemic, it contracted with the metropolis to proviso COVID-19 investigating and vaccinations.

Since then, it has expanded its services — inexplicably beyond medicine, critics say, and into the realm of logistical operations to transport, house, provender and attraction for hundreds, if not thousands, of asylum seekers — galore of them bused extracurricular of New York City to antithetic communities palmy the state.

The instauration has been trying to onshore a lucrative contract, valued palmy the billions of dollars, with the nationalist government

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