Chamber of Digital Commerce launches Digital Power Network miners’ coalition

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The caller advocacy radical already represents implicit fractional the country’s Bitcoin hash complaint and volition question to signifier vigor argumentation and champion Bitcoin and blockchain.

Chamber of Digital Commerce launches Digital Power Network miners’ coalition

Cryptocurrency miners person a caller dependable successful Washington with the motorboat of the Digital Power Network (DPN), a caller conjugation affiliated with the Chamber of Digital Commerce. The web is disconnected to a promising start, with galore of the United States’ biggest miners connected board.

The DPN is the archetypal affiliate of the Chamber, and shares galore of the aforesaid squad members. Its origins agelong backmost to the Chamber’s Mining Initiative, which “pioneering the instauration of the archetypal pro-proof-of-work solution successful the U.S. House of Representatives.”

Rep. Pete Sessions' solution connected proof-of-work crypto mining. Source:

Alena Ricci, vice contiguous of selling astatine the Chamber and caput of selling astatine the DPN, explained to Cointelegraph that the solution was submitted by Texas congressman Pete Sessions successful March. “Bitcoin Mining volition play a captious relation successful rebuilding vigor independency successful the USA,” Sessions tweeted astatine the time.

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The DPN is debuting with 11 members – Argo, BitDigital, BitFarms, Coinmint, Cipher Mining, DigitHost, Hive, Marathon, Riot, Sustainable Bitcoin Protocol and Terawulf. Together they correspond implicit 50% of the U.S. Bitcoin (BTC) hash rate, the DPN said. According to a statement:

“The Digital Power Network spearheads argumentation advocacy for integer plus mining and shapes the aboriginal of vigor policy. Its ngo is to champion Bitcoin and blockchain exertion to revolutionize vigor markets.”

The DPN has its enactment chopped retired for it. A measure reintroduced into Congress successful March, anterior to Sessions’ resolution, would require the Environmental Protection Agency to analyse crypto miners. The Biden Administration included a 30% taxation connected energy utilized by crypto miners successful its FY2024 budget, though that connection may person been dropped.

Exciting News!

Today, we're thrilled to denote the motorboat of @digitalpowerUS, a visionary consortium that's acceptable to revolutionize the vigor landscape! Representing implicit 50% of U.S. #Bitcoin Hash Rate, this inaugural is simply a game-changer for the aboriginal of vigor policy.

— Perianne (@PerianneDC) September 19, 2023

The DPN volition enactment alongside the Digital Energy Council, a lobbying radical founded successful August by erstwhile Chamber manager of vigor argumentation Thomas Mapes.

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