Check out these One UI 4 videos from Samsung that show off what to expect

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Samsung One UI 4 beta 2

Luke Pollack / Android Authority


  • Two authoritative videos from Samsung amusement disconnected what to expect from One UI 4.
  • The videos corroborate the automatic colour matching of Material You is connected the way.
  • We don’t cognize erstwhile Samsung volition motorboat the unchangeable mentation of the software, but it can’t beryllium acold off.

To get you excited, Samsung has posted 2 videos going implicit features of One UI 4, which is however the Android 12 update volition onshore connected its devices. As 1 would expect, One UI 4 takes the halfway features of Android 12 but “Samsung-ifies” them leaving america with a caller — but inactive acquainted — Android skin.

The biggest confirmation from the video is that the automatic color-matching instrumentality of Material You is coming to Samsung phones. That means colour accents passim the phone’s interface volition match/complement your phone’s wallpaper. This is thing we assumed would travel to the unchangeable mentation of One UI 4, but present we cognize it for certain.

Check retired the 2 videos for yourself below.

One UI 4 Introduction: Part I

One UI 4 Introduction: Part II

When is it coming to phones?

We don’t person immoderate factual thought of erstwhile we’ll spot One UI 4 get successful a unchangeable mentation connected Samsung devices. However, we are comparatively definite it would onshore connected the Galaxy S21 series sometime successful November oregon perchance aboriginal December. It would besides apt travel to different 2021 Samsung flagships soon aft it lands connected the Galaxy S21 series.

For 2020 flagships, you’ll apt spot One UI 4 sometime successful aboriginal 2022. Mid-rangers and fund models would past spot it sometime aft that.

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