Clean Without Compromise and Save on the Roborock S7 Max Ultra

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Up-close representation  of the Roborock S7 Max Ultra connected  a rugRoborock

When it comes to keeping your location clean, Roborock believes you shouldn’t person to compromise cleanliness for the involvement of your engaged schedule. Their newest robot vacuum, the S7 Max Ultra, tin support your floors spotless portion redeeming you clip and effort, making it the perfect hands-free solution for a cleaner home.

For Those Who Don’t Compromise

We’ve each been determination — you’ve had a engaged time astatine the bureau oregon driving the kids to aft schoolhouse activities, lone to get location and recognize your location is simply a disaster. It tin beryllium hard to find the indispensable clip and vigor to support a tidy environment, but alternatively of compromising with the mess, you tin fto the Roborock S7 Max Ultra bash each the enactment for you. This innovative robot mop and vacuum delivers the latest successful astute floor-cleaning technology. With a scope of convenient and businesslike features, the S7 Max Ultra tin easy beryllium programmed to accommodate your needs and support your floors sparkling without hassle.

Roborock S7 Max Ultra

Don't compromise with the mess. Automate your cleaning alternatively with the S7 Max Ultra.

Roborock’s S7 Max Ultra comes with a marque caller docking system, the RockDock Ultra, that provides an all-in-one maintenance-free experience. This astute dock washes and dries some the robot vacuum and the dock itself truthful you won’t person to attraction for them manually oregon woody with unpleasant odors. The RockDock Ultra tin besides refill its ain h2o vessel to mop up to 3,230 quadrate feet and tin store ungraded and debris for up to 7 weeks without needing to beryllium emptied. The dock tin adjacent complaint the S7 Max Ultra 30% faster than erstwhile models and tin beryllium acceptable to complaint during off-peak hours for important energy-cost savings.

The S7 Max Ultra delivers utmost cleaning power, acknowledgment to its VibraRise mopping strategy and HyperForce 5,500Pa of suction. The built-in VibraRise mop combines sonic scrubbing with accordant level unit to region messes, spills, and dried-on stains 30% much efficaciously than accepted robot mops. The S7 Max Ultra’s HyperForce suction makes the portion conscionable arsenic businesslike astatine vacuuming up dirt, dust, and debris from carpets and hard floors. It has an upgraded floating brushwood that tin seamlessly seizure each the messiness successful your home, including connected uneven terrain. Whether you privation to take betwixt mopping and vacuuming oregon execute some tasks successful a peculiar order, the S7 Max Ultra tin easy bash it each with its brushwood and mop that assistance automatically without needing to beryllium detached.

With its astute Reactive Tech obstacle avoidance technology, the S7 Max Ultra tin observe obstacles successful its way successful existent clip and thrust astir them. That means alternatively of moving objects astir earlier and aft cleaning, the portion tin set to your situation and cleanable your floors without other effort oregon compromises connected your part. This diagnostic is particularly utile for those with tiny children, pets, stairs, oregon respective level textiles wherever the magnitude of obstacles connected your level tin alteration by the time oregon the hour.

Automated Cleaning With a Tap of the App

The Roborock astute app makes it easier than ever to power your robot mop and vacuum strategy with conscionable a fewer taps, conscionable similar playing a crippled connected your phone. With speedy 3D mapping, you tin programme the S7 Max Ultra to larn the ins and outs of your location for elemental and businesslike cleaning. You tin besides programme astute suggestions for no-go-zones truthful the portion doesn’t autumn down stairs oregon get trapped nether furniture. With the Roborock app, you’ll person implicit power implicit however the S7 Max Ultra cleans your floors, from selecting the level absorption to initiating heavy carpet cleaning, and different intelligent settings catered to your needs.

With the Roborock app, you tin fundamentally power your S7 Max Ultra from anywhere. If you’re readying a last-minute get-together aft work, you tin usage the app to initiate customized cleaning settings from the office. Not lone tin you prime mopping, vacuuming, oregon both, but you tin besides take which rooms the portion volition clean. This is wherever the app’s quality to physique a elaborate representation of your location comes successful handy. The in-app “Matrix Mapping” diagnostic uses your phone’s camera to scan the floors, walls, and corners of your location to make a single-level oregon multi-level representation and guarantee your S7 Max Ultra cleans precisely wherever it needs to.

You tin further customize your home’s representation by giving each country a name, specified arsenic “kitchen”, “hallway”, oregon names for your family’s idiosyncratic bedrooms. A level benignant tin besides beryllium added to each room, including carpet, tile, and vertical oregon horizontal flooring, allowing the S7 Max Ultra to cleanable much efficiently. With the app, you tin edit the boundaries of each country by merging oregon dividing them, and make no-go zones you’d similar the portion to avoid. By adding furnishings to your home’s map, specified arsenic sofas, beds, favored bowls, etc., the S7 Max Ultra volition besides beryllium amended equipped to debar a collision oregon getting stuck successful choky spaces.

The Roborock app gives you the quality to make customized cleaning routines that cater to your unsocial schedule. For example, you tin acceptable up an “after meals” cleaning regular that programs the S7 Max Ultra to cleanable your room and eating country astatine the propulsion of a button. You tin afloat customize your acquisition by mounting up aggregate cleaning routines and schedules and directing the robot vacuum to cleanable definite areas of your location astatine circumstantial times. There is besides an innovative distant power wrong the Roborock app that you tin usage to manually power the S7 Max Ultra. You tin archer the robot vacuum wherever to spell successful your location with the pin-n-go diagnostic and usage the spot-clean diagnostic to person lone that circumstantial country cleaned.

The Roborock app gives you the quality to wholly customize however the S7 Max Ultra cleans your floors. You tin take a afloat cleaning that covers each country successful your home, prime lone definite rooms that you privation to beryllium cleaned, and make customized zones connected the representation to designate cleaning to definite areas of each room. With the quality to customize cleaning settings, you tin take which rooms are mopped, vacuumed, oregon both. Each country successful your location tin beryllium cleaned according to your personalized settings and powerfulness level preferences, taking your selected suction powerfulness and scrub strength level settings into account.

When each country successful your location is cleaned to your specifications, you tin usage the Roborock app to manually power the dock. The S7 Max Ultra automatically washes and dries the mop and empties the dustbin aft cleaning, but you tin further edit the dock settings wrong the app, specified arsenic selecting the washing mode, adjusting the mop washing frequency, and more.

The Roborock S7 Max Ultra connected  the RockDock UltraRoborock

Goodbye Mess, Hello Automated Cleaning

Before you judge thing little than an effortlessly cleanable home, see automating your level cleaning docket with Roborock. The institution is presently offering a limited-time woody connected the S7 Max Ultra truthful you tin bask the latest successful cleaning exertion for overmuch less. From June 1st – 10th, 2023, you tin acquisition a peculiar coupon codification for lone $18.99 and redeem it astatine checkout from June 11th – 30th for important savings. With this exclusive code, you’ll beryllium capable to get the Roborock S7 Max Ultra for $1,019.98 ($280 off), allowing you to prevention money, time, and effort with a azygous purchase. Don’t walk connected your accidental to get this innovative robot mop and vacuum solution for a fraction of the terms and ne'er compromise with messy floors again.

Roborock S7 Max Ultra

Don't compromise with the mess. Automate your cleaning alternatively with the S7 Max Ultra.

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