Cleer Audio Scene review: a cheaper Bluetooth speaker with great sound

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The Cleer Audio Scene manages to undercut its adjacent rival from JBL, but inactive brings utile features specified arsenic a built-in microphone and 3.5mm port. These are balanced retired with immoderate tiny downsides though, arsenic the Scene has a chunky – situation we accidental clunky – design, and bass fans mightiness malign the speaker’s tuning too. But we're truly impressed with the audio prime for the terms overall.


  • +

    Price competitors

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    Built-in microphone

  • +

    Simple functionality


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    Divisive design

  • -

    Bizarre pairing sound

  • -

    Not precise bass-heavy

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Cleer Audio Scene review: One-minute review

Despite ‘Cleer Audio Scene’ sounding similar 3 words you’d perceive yelped successful a coffee-induced haze aft excessively agelong connected a stressful movie set, it’s really the sanction of a refined mid-range Bluetooth talker which is looking to upset immoderate premium rivals.

We can’t get beyond the 2nd paragraph of this Cleer Audio Scene reappraisal without mentioning the JBL Flip 6, a 2022 talker which received 4.5 stars successful our reappraisal and presently sits connected our database of the best Bluetooth speakers, arsenic the Scene seems designed to rival it – this caller talker has a somewhat little terms tag, a akin design, and a fewer other features to sweeten the deal.

In ample part, the Cleer Audio Scene does a bully occupation of distinguishing itself – the information it has a little terms speaks for itself, but the summation of a microphone for calling, utile other ports for aux-in and top-notch audio clarity makes for a beardown device.

Still, arsenic the imperfect people shows, the Cleer Audio Scene does person a fewer unsmooth edges that mightiness mean it's not the champion prime for you.

The Scene is bigger and heavier than the JBL Flip, truthful it’s a small little convenient to transportation successful a container oregon pocket; successful fact, the lone country wherever it’s not dense is its bass, with the absorption connected explanation resulting successful a little bass-heavy acquisition than connected rival devices. And if those points dependable minor, you’re going to hatred our last gripe: the turn-on and Bluetooth-pairing jingles are plain annoying.

Sure, those are petty points, but there’s lone truthful galore times we could rotation our eyes astatine this speaker.

Cleer Audio Scene connected  woody  table, showing the logo and airy  connected  the front

The Cleer has a astute indicator airy connected the front. (Image credit: Future)

Cleer Audio Scene review: Price & merchandise date

  • Released successful December 2022
  • Officially priced astatine $79.99 / £99.99

The Cleer Audio Scene went connected merchantability successful astir areas astatine the opening of December 2022, conscionable successful clip to deed the Christmas playlist rotation, though it took a small portion to deed store shelves successful immoderate regions.

The talker officially costs $79.99 / £99.99 (about AU$170 – it's listed connected Cleer's Australian website, but without an authoritative terms astatine the clip of writing), and the information it sits beneath the triple-digit obstruction whitethorn good crook heads for radical looking for an inexpensive speaker.

That terms astir puts this arsenic a mid-range speaker, with much affordable options similar the Tribit Stormbox Micro 2 oregon pricey rivals similar the B&O Beosound A1 offering less oregon greater features depending connected however overmuch you’re consenting to walk connected your Bluetooth euphony machine.

As we said, Cleer Audio’s talker is astir comparable to the JBL Flip 6, but undercuts the $129.95 / £129.99 terms of that comfortably.

Cleer Audio Scene review: Specs

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Weight:1.5 lbs / 742g
Dimensions:220 x 74 x 90 mm
Battery beingness (quoted):12 hours
Connectivity:Bluetooth 5.0
Drivers:Dual 48mm, dual passive radiators
Charger port:USB-C
Waterproof rating:IPX7

Cleer Audio Scene connected  woody  table, close-up connected  buttons

The Cleer Audio Scene's buttons are raised conscionable from the surface. (Image credit: Future)

Cleer Audio Scene review: Features

  • Battery beingness lives up to expectations
  • Easy pairing and bully transportation quality
  • Microphone prime is clear

The Cleer Audio Scene is simply a Bluetooth speaker, utilizing Bluetooth 5.0 – that’s a somewhat older modular of wireless connectivity, truthful you mightiness get weaker transportation implicit agelong distances compared to immoderate caller products released, but from our investigating we ne'er had issues.

You’ll find the basal enactment of ports present – a 3.5mm jack for aux in, arsenic good arsenic a USB-C larboard for charging – and there’s besides a power, Bluetooth, measurement up and measurement down button.

The talker delivers up to 12 hours of artillery life, which is astir par for the people for a portable speaker. The JBL Flip 6 has that aforesaid figure, and from our testing, some deed it. (The B&O A1 v2 delivers 18 hours without being larger, if you privation more.)

Pairing a instrumentality to the Scene is incredibly easy, due to the fact that you’re not required to download analyzable apps oregon execute an impromptu tech ritual to link your telephone oregon tablet. It took america seconds to brace our iPad to the speaker, some for archetypal pairing and for consequent sessions.

One insignificant gripe we had is that the power-on and power-off jingles were rather annoying – some dependable amazingly similar an unusual knock-off of Berlin’s Take my Breath Away, thing you don’t needfully privation to perceive each clip you’re putting connected immoderate tunes. A deal-breaker this is not, but we similar the simplistic noises of different brands’ devices.

A bully diagnostic successful the Scene is the beingness of a microphone, truthful you tin behaviour calls utilizing it. From our testing, our dependable was wide connected video and dependable calls, but utilizing a loudspeaker arsenic a mic was specified a bizarre conception that we didn’t take to usage it extracurricular of our tests.

  • Features score: 4/5

Cleer Audio Scene connected  woody  table

The backmost of the Cleer Audio Scene houses its boring-but-important parts. (Image credit: Future)

Cleer Audio Scene review: Design

  • Wave-like design
  • IPX7 waterproofing
  • Bigger than JBL Flip 6

The plan of the Cleer Audio surely seems to evoke its JBL rival, due to the fact that its physique waves to the cylindrical look of the Flip 6, but with a fewer changes. ‘Waves’ is the cardinal connection there, arsenic the Scene has 1 pinched side, which makes the talker look similar a crashing wave. You tin astir ideate a surfer successful the mediate there.

Despite the Scene aiming to person a much refined plan than the utilitarian Flip, this plan alteration has immoderate unfortunate consequences: the talker is harder to easy gaffe into packed bags oregon cluttered shelves. You besides person to prevarication the instrumentality horizontally, portion the Flip is simply a small much versatile with fitting into small spaces.

The Scene is besides bigger and heavier than the Flip, again making it little portable, and erstwhile packing for a picnic, we’d alternatively prevention our container abstraction for much hummus.

There’s a mesh covering implicit astir parts of the speaker, it comes successful reddish oregon black, and it’s IPX7 rated. That means it’s protected against splashes of water, but won’t fare truthful good from good particles similar particulate and sand.

  • Design score: 3.5/5

Cleer Audio Scene connected  woody  table

The radiators connected the broadside assistance with the low-end. (Image credit: Future)

Cleer Audio Scene review: Sound quality

While we whitethorn person been captious of elements of the Cleer Audio Scene’s design, its dependable prime volition redeem it… for astir people.

The Scene has dual 48mm drivers and passive radiators, which volition beryllium capable to archer you it's superior astir audio prime earlier you’ve adjacent started the tunes. But erstwhile you property that ‘play’ icon you’ll beryllium truly impressed with the talker – the brand’s sanction is nary lie, it truly is wide audio.

The talker puts retired euphony with large clarity, with the treble and bass waltzing hand-in-hand implicit antithetic genres of music.

This refined audio was a peculiar blessing arsenic we similar to flit betwixt genres of euphony – portion immoderate speakers specialize successful bass-filled stone music, and others fare amended successful treble-focused instrumentals, the Scene fared arsenic good erstwhile we indulged each the whims of Shuffle Mode.

So wherefore did we accidental it’ll lone impressment ‘most people’? That’s because, portion galore portable Bluetooth speakers stress dense bass, the Scene focuses much connected adjacent explanation successful each areas, which means the bass is tighter – perchance excessively choky and refined for some.

Sure, that fits the Cleer Audio mantra of elaborate sound, but if you similar your Lil Nas X to your Liszt, a balanced bass won’t rather springiness Old Town Road its edge. If you similar your bass-booming parties, this talker mightiness not beryllium close for you – and it's worthy noting that bass is easy mislaid erstwhile listening outdoors and there's upwind sound astir you, truthful much is often better. There's a crushed different portable speakers often spell dense connected it.

But if you a talker much for utilizing flexibly astir the home, the Cleer's audio is great, and well-balanced.

  • Sound quality: 4.5/5

Cleer Audio Scene viewed astatine  an space  connected  woody  table

The bluish colour helps with the wave-like look. (Image credit: Future)

Cleer Audio Scene review: Value

If you similar balanced audio to a bass experience, the Cleer Audio Scene volition beryllium a great-value enactment for you – it performs precise good for its price, and is simply a preferable enactment for radical who don’t privation to slam retired enactment tunes.

If you’re looking for an all-around inexpensive talker and don't request top-notch audio definition, determination are decidedly much affordable options – but we deliberation it's worthy stretching to the other clarity here.

  • Value score: 4/5

Cleer Audio Scene connected  woody  table

The Cleer is bigger than the competition, but is inactive easy held. (Image credit: Future)

Should I bargain the Cleer Audio Scene?

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Cleer Audio SceneAttributesNotesRating
FeaturesSome utile features, and casual setup.4/5
DesignBigger and heavier than the competition, but 3.5/5
Sound qualityVery wide and well-balanced, but immoderate whitethorn privation much bass.4.5/5
ValueVery bully dependable for the price.4/5

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Don’t bargain it if…

Cleer Audio Scene review: Also consider

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Cleer Audio Scene comparison Cleer Audio SceneJBL Flip 6Sonos Roam
Weight:1.5 lbs / 742g 1.21 lbs / 550g0.95 lbs / 430g
Dimensions:8.7 x 2.9 x 3.5 mm 7 x 2.6 x 2.8 inches / 178 x 68 x 72 mm6.6 x 2.4 x 2.4 inches / 168 x 62 x 60 mm
Battery beingness (quoted):12 hours12 hours10 hours
Connectivity:Bluetooth 5.0Bluetooth 5.1Bluetooth 5.0, Wi-Fi
Drivers:Dual 48mm, dual passive radiatorsTweeter and racetrack wooferTweeter and midwoofer
Charger port:USB-CUSB-CUSB-C
Waterproof rating:IPX7IP67IP67

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