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COVID booster shots are disposable successful 80,000 locations.

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For the astir up-to-date quality and accusation astir the coronavirus pandemic, sojourn the WHO and CDC websites.

COVID booster shots from Moderna and Pfizer are free, speedy and disposable successful 80,000 locations crossed the US. Getting booster shots to the astir 100 cardinal eligible radical who haven't received them already has besides go a precedence for President Joe Biden, who connected Thursday announced a program to rev up America's booster changeable program.

The emergence of the omicron variant successful the US -- California and Minnesota person confirmed cases truthful far -- is driving the urgent recommendations for each adults 18 and up to get booster shots six months aft the 2nd dose of Pfizer oregon Moderna, and 2 months aft a azygous dose of Johnson & Johnson.

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Vaccines against COVID-19 are proven to beryllium highly effective astatine preventing terrible cases that origin hospitalization and death. People who are not afloat vaccinated are 10 times much apt to beryllium hospitalized and 11 times much apt to die, according to a caller study. Vaccine extortion against variants similar delta is present shown to wane implicit time, prompting the urgency astir booster shots arsenic the omicron variant begins to spread. 

To assistance marque it easier for radical to get COVID boosters, a convenient and clever one-stop work brings you accusation connected vaccine availability adjacent you, an assignment and possibly adjacent a escaped thrust arsenic rapidly arsenic you tin benignant 11 numbers. Here's what to do. Here's besides how you tin get a escaped COVID-19 trial kit soon.

Where to get your booster shot? Text for appointments adjacent you

To find retired wherever to get the Moderna oregon Pfizer booster, substance your ZIP code to 438829. This fig is portion of a US authorities programme tied to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,

I tried it retired with the ZIP codification for CNET's San Francisco bureau and astir instantly received a database of 2 Walgreens pharmacies successful the area, including their afloat address, telephone fig and a abbreviated codification nexus from to marque an assignment online. ( is simply a reputable and convenient level for shortening agelong URLs -- I usage it each the time.)

The effect includes which vaccine marque is disposable astatine each location, and for which property group. For example, "Moderna (18+), Pfizer (5-11)" to bespeak a pharmacy that has Moderna successful banal for adults and Pfizer shots for kids nether 12. Note that booster shots are presently approved for each adults, but astatine this constituent they person not been approved successful kids -- though guidance could alteration implicit time.


Here's what happens erstwhile you substance the US vaccine number.

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The substance connection besides includes a nexus to for much information, a telephone fig to telephone if you request much assistance (800-232-0233) and a elemental mode to reply if you'd similar to get COVID updates implicit substance to your telephone -- respond with "UPDATES".

What if I request a thrust to get my booster shot?

If you request assistance getting to your booster appointment, you tin respond to the substance with a "Y" for yes, to bespeak that you would similar a ride. You'll person different substance connection successful nether a 2nd that offers escaped rides from Lyft and Uber, respectively, to vaccine appointments (there whitethorn beryllium immoderate caveats present that you'll privation to look into).

The substance includes a nexus to redeem your escaped Lyft thrust ( and a telephone fig to telephone Uber at: 855-921-0033.

How other tin I find retired erstwhile it's clip to get a booster shot?

Pharmacies similar Walgreens and CVS volition statesman to actively interaction radical who received a afloat dose astatine their locations erstwhile it's clip for a booster. In addition, 64 cardinal radical connected Medicare and 34 cardinal of older big members of AARP volition beryllium contacted to get booster shots. Older adults are considered 1 of the astir susceptible populations.

Your vaccination paper besides has the day of your doses, if you'd similar to consult it to find erstwhile it's clip for a booster. (Reminder: six months aft the 2nd Pfizer oregon Moderna dose, 2 months aft Johnson & Johnson.) If you've lost your COVID vaccine card, here's what to do. And present are each the ways to store your COVID vaccine paper accusation connected your phone.

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