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There’s overmuch to commend Cloud Campaign about, with its dedicated absorption connected gathering the needs of agencies. While determination are plentifulness of tools and options wrong the freelance package, you’ll truly request to ammunition retired for the premium packages successful bid to get the astir from its potential. With a escaped 14-day proceedings to get to grips with though it’s imaginable to dip successful and spot which enactment volition enactment for your business, without full-on commitment.


  • +

    Good premix of packages

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    Simple interface

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    Plenty of powerfulness tools


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    Annoying pop-ups connected main site

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    Costs tin escalate

When it comes to choosing the best societal media absorption tools (opens successful caller tab) connected the marketplace the options are galore and varied. However, immoderate variations connected the taxable are a small much specific, particularly erstwhile it travel to agencies. Enter then, Cloud Campaign, which is an agency-friendly societal media absorption level that aims to amended efficiency.

The concealed down the occurrence of Cloud Campaign is its array of time-saving tools and ratio solutions that travel wrong its user-friendly interface. More importantly, Cloud Campaign tin beryllium tailored to suit a assortment of needs, from tiny startup agencies done to those with aggregate members of staff.

Cloud Campaign adds other entreaty arsenic it tin beryllium afloat customised, successful bid to lucifer the branding requirements of your concern oregon bureau outlet. On apical of that, the bundle institution offers scalable pricing, which is ever utile particularly with margins tighter than they’ve ever been.

Plans and Pricing

Cloud Campaign tin evidently tailor a bundle to suit your ain concern needs and it whitethorn good beryllium worthy speaking to them archetypal if determination isn’t an off-the-shelf solution you see. They tin besides demo systems for your concern too, which is ever a worthwhile happening to bash successful bid to cheque that a bundle ticks each the close boxes. Free trials are besides disposable for each their bundles.

However, determination are besides 3 halfway bundle options, which look to cater for astir societal media absorption needs. In fact, these screen each bases really, with options starting for the likes of consultants and freelancers close connected done to studios and upwards to full-blown selling agencies.

Cloud Campaign

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Things commencement disconnected with a Freelancer bundle (opens successful caller tab), with costs $39 per period and has consultants and freelancers successful its sights. This is followed by the Studio edition (opens successful caller tab), which is $199 per period and is for burgeoning bureau businesses. While this enactment is Cloud Campaign’s astir popular, determination is besides the full-service Agency edition (opens successful caller tab). This costs $299 per period and is firmly targeting selling agencies with its diagnostic set.

Basic features

As you'd expect from the antithetic pricing tiers, the features and functions grow arsenic you wage more. Therefore, the freelance bundle sports immoderate basal options and includes 1 marque workspace. However, it does licence unlimited users and offers up 7 societal accounts per client. Not atrocious for a basal variation really.

The Studio bundle takes things up a notch, offering 5 marque workspaces, unlimited users and unlimited societal accounts too. There’s besides modular white-labelling and you get the payment of an relationship manager. That could beryllium indispensable from immoderate companies that request the backup of idiosyncratic successful the know.

Professional features

If you’re paying retired for the premium Agency bundle the diagnostic database comes implicit with 5 marque workspaces, which tin beryllium expanded arsenic needed. There tin beryllium unlimited users, unlimited societal relationship and precocious white-labelling. In addition, paid societal reporting, a dedicated relationship manager and lawsuit migration each travel arsenic portion of the bundle too.

Cloud Campaign

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Interface and successful Use

We’re truly impressed with the mode Cloud Campaign has shaped its existent interface. The usability is up determination with the champion of them, portion accessing mundane features is simply a doddle. There’s immoderate truly applicable cardinal features, including a taggable contented library, which really features successful each editions of the software.

Meanwhile, it's a breeze to transportation retired station scheduling, negociate unrecorded societal feeds and heavy dive into your societal media analytics, each from with the cardinal interface area. For white-labelling processes the premium packages connection up a dedicated dashboard area. All the while, the paper options are clean, wide and concise. Overall, Cloud Campaign packs sizeable punch but tin beryllium mastered by anyone connected the societal media absorption squad astatine an agency.

Cloud Campaign

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Cloud Campaign truly starts to service its customers erstwhile you’ve moved connected up to the Studio and Agency editions. Having the payment of a dedicated relationship manager, arsenic these 2 bundles have, tin beryllium a existent boon if you’re moving with a squad of people. However, Cloud Campaign besides caters for those astatine the little extremity of the spectrum, with plentifulness connected connection successful the Resources country of the website to assistance with communal queries. 

There’s besides a precise decent assistance hub, which contains a searchable country that is afloat of resources and provides the reply to galore communal queries. However, if you don't find what you’re looking for Cloud Campaign besides offers up the enactment of chatting with enactment unit oregon you tin email them with immoderate issues.

Cloud Campaign

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The Competition

While Cloud Campaign volition deed the close enactment with tons of concern users and besides freelancers astatine the little extremity of the fund spectrum, determination are different options to consider. These see SocialPilot, Buffer, eClincher, Sendible, Statusbrew, Loomly, Hootsuite and Zoho Social each of which are perfectly decent competitors.

Final Verdict

While we tin admit the request to hard-sell successful these challenging times, Cloud Campaign does itself nary favours astatine each by having the intrusive and annoying popular up windows connected its main site. These are distracting and a turn-off. However, erstwhile you’re past each that, Cloud Campaign has plentifulness to connection the agency-focused concern with tons of options to standard up arsenic and erstwhile needed.

Overall, the features and functions supply decent worth and the acquisition is nonrecreational and rather funky into the bargain. With immoderate tweaks successful their attack to selling you a bundle successful the archetypal spot Cloud Campaign could go adjacent much enduring.

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