CoinMarketCap allegedly lists 3 fake SHIB contract addresses, Twitter firestorm ensues

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"Do not acquisition SHIB from these addresses arsenic your funds volition beryllium irreversibly lost," said the squad astatine Shiba Inu.

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CoinMarketCap allegedly lists 3 fake SHIB declaration  addresses, Twitter firestorm ensues

A spot Twitter play ensued connected Thursday, continuing good into Friday afternoon, erstwhile developers down fashionable meme token Shiba Inu (SHIB) issued a connection alleging that CoinMarketCap had listed 3 fake SHIB declaration addresses belonging to the Binance Smart Chain (BNB), Solana (SOL), and Terra Luna (LUNA) blockchains. The unit astatine Shiba Inu claimed that the addresses were unsafe and that CoinMarketCap had refused to close the alleged mistake. At the clip of publication, the declaration addresses are inactive viewable connected CoinMarketCap.

Official Statement regarding the caller actions by @CoinMarketCap .

— Shib (@Shibtoken) January 13, 2022

Earlier successful the day, CoinMarketCap issued a effect claiming that the declaration addresses listed connected the leafage are wormhole addresses designed to facilitate cross-chain transactions. According to the fashionable crypto price-tracking site, the unit astatine Shiba Inu did not spell done authoritative channels to interaction them and person reached retired for greater clarification.

Please enactment that the non-ETH declaration addresses connected this leafage @shibtoken are wormhole addresses, which are designed to facilitate cross-chain transactions of wrapped versions of this asset

— CoinMarketCap (@CoinMarketCap) January 14, 2022

While Shytoshi Kusama, unpaid task pb for Shiba Inu, did not remark connected the issue, the developer retweeted a station from Twitter idiosyncratic @wenfloat, who said:

"If you are going to let scammers to adhd mendacious contracts successful our leafage (WE ARE ONLY ERC-20), you should delist SHIB. At slightest you won't beryllium collaborating with scams. You've ignored america for months; where's your professionalism?"

Shiba Inu is known for its stellar token gains implicit the past 12 months, arsenic good arsenic its (sometimes overly) enthusiastic investors. Last December, erstwhile SHIB influencer and Medical Q&A level Ask the Doctor filed a lawsuit against Shytoshi Kusama, alleging libel, and threatened to uncover his idiosyncratic individuality successful court. In response, the tract mislaid astir 10,000 followers retired of 58,000 wrong hours and had its Twitter posts buried successful a flurry of ridicule, on with hundreds of one-star reviews connected TrustPilot (most of which person since been removed).

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