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Roy Wood Jr.: Imperfect Messenger debuts Oct. 29 astatine 10:30 p.m. ET.

Mindy Tucker
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One of my favourite comedians is Roy Wood Jr. Since 2015, he's been a analogous connected The Daily Show With Trevor Noah, wherever helium consistently and expertly mixes satire and societal commentary with things that are conscionable anserine funny. On Friday, Oct. 29, his new stand-up special, Roy Wood Jr.: Imperfect Messenger, premieres connected Comedy Central.

Apart from his Daily Show duties, Wood is an accomplished stand-up comic, with 2 erstwhile one-hour specials nether his belt: 2017's Father Figure and 2019's Noboby Loves You. He's besides an histrion and has been connected shows similar Space Force, Better Call Saul and The Last OG. And helium hosts 2 podcasts: Roy's Job Fair and The Daily Show's Beyond the Scenes.

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In an interrogation connected CNET's I'm So Obsessed podcast, Wood explained the wide taxable of his Imperfect Messenger drama special.

"In a consciousness it's, 'Here are immoderate ideas that I person for everyone, but I'm astir apt not the close idiosyncratic to beryllium saying each of them,'" helium said. "I volition admit that I'm astir apt not the close person, and I've besides done immoderate dumb shit."

You tin pregame for Imperfect Messenger by following connected Twitter: Roy Wood Jr. - Ex Jedi (@roywoodjr). It's determination wherever he's matter-of-fact, comic and a spot silly. He erstwhile did a bid of shorts called The Coalition, which was a Sopranos-style amusement revolving astir fast-food chickenhearted sandwiches, animated by Wood. Each sandwich represented a antithetic transgression family, each of which conspired against Popeye's. It's evident to accidental that Wood has a coagulated attack to his societal media game.

With a caller trader infringing connected their territory, The CSC (Chicken Sammich Coalition) looks for a mode to dilatory Popeyes' growth; As 1 subordinate leaves The Coalition, an aged foe returns.

'The Coalition' Tuesdays 10/9c connected UPN.

— Roy Wood Jr- Ex Jedi (@roywoodjr) August 22, 2019

"Social media is me, but lone successful my happiest and purest form. For the astir part, if you spell done my societal media feed, I don't explicit anger. I don't explicit disappointment. I see those emotions to beryllium private. And truthful much often than not, I'm conscionable not going to fucking speech astir those things," said Wood. "For the astir part, societal media for maine is simply a spot to unplug."

During our interview, we sermon a fig of topics, including video games, cartoon taxable songs and his poignant file for The New York Times astir his location state, Alabama, and however he's hopeful for its aboriginal successful presumption of societal equality and equity. At 1 point, Wood explained the entreaty of playing online VR poker precocious astatine night.

"VR poker is astir apt 1 of the astir realistic games, due to the fact that it truly does seizure the sadness of being successful a casino astatine 3 successful the morning, wherever it's you and 5 different radical from astir the globe gambling with fake money."

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