Computex 2023: all the news from Taiwan’s big PC show

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After 3 years, Computex is yet backmost and successful person, successful each its glory. The biggest companies successful the laptop and PC space, from Taiwan and elsewhere, are gathered successful Taipei this week to showcase products they’re releasing this summertime and passim the remainder of 2023.

We expect to spot a full clump of refreshes to fashionable laptop lines, updated desktop components, and possibly adjacent (dare we accidental it?) a CPU oregon two. Software services and artificial quality were a large absorption of CES earlier this year, and that inclination already got a monolithic boost from Nvidia’s keynote presentation.

If you’re funny successful pursuing the latest laptop quality but can’t marque it retired to Taiwan yourself, ne'er fear.

We’ll beryllium connected the crushed successful Taipei each week, catching keynotes, interviewing the large players, and getting our hands connected immoderate of the astir breathtaking gadgets that you’ll spot successful 2023. Come on for the ride.

  • I person ne'er been truthful convinced that a router was going to travel live and execution me.

    This is the Asus ROG Rapture GT-BE98 connected show at Computex, and it’s the world’s archetypal quad-band Wi-Fi 7 gaming router, boosting speeds of up to 25,000Mbps. It is besides the largest and scariest-looking router I person ever seen successful my life.

    (Asus representatives confirmed to maine that determination is nary method crushed it needs to look similar a elephantine RGB spider. That was conscionable a plan choice.)

    The Asus ROG Rapture GT-BE98.

    The Asus ROG Rapture GT-BE98.

    Photo by Monica Chin / The Verge

  • Monica Chin

    MSI is hopping connected the generative AI train.

    Or astatine least, it’s trying to. The institution is moving connected a programme called AI Artist, which it hopes to preload onto aboriginal MSI devices. You prime a benignant (manga and realism are presently available), you prime a size, and you benignant what you privation to beryllium drawn into a substance box. Watch the instrumentality rotation for a while, and AI Artist spits retired an image.

    I’m calling it now: We’re going to spot much of this. It’s wide from walking astir Computex 2023 that AI, and what it tin bash for consumers, is astatine the halfway of the conversation.

  • Monica Chin

    Asus claims that it has wholly fixed the ROG Ally’s artillery life

    A achromatic  handheld with achromatic  joysticks and buttons sitting connected  a woody  table  with shallow extent  of focus, astatine  an space  to accentuate its profile.

    Photo by Vjeran Pavic / The Verge

    When Asus seeded the archetypal units of its handheld ROG Ally gaming PC to reviewers backmost successful May, it’s just to accidental that the results were... not overwhelmingly positive. Some reviewers loved the product, portion others were broadly unhappy. But crossed the gamut, determination was 1 happening that beauteous overmuch everyone agreed on: the artillery beingness sucked.

    The Verge’s Sean Hollister saw a maximum of 4 hours from the device, whereas his ceiling connected the competing Steam Deck (which has a artillery of the aforesaid size) is person to seven.

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  • Monica Chin

    If you privation to beryllium bilingual, effort this GPT-trained language-learning Discord bot

    Illustration of Discord logo

    Illustration: Alex Castro / The Verge

    I americium consenting to stake that, astatine immoderate constituent successful your life, you person attempted to larn a caller connection and fixed up. Perhaps you took a fewer classes successful precocious schoolhouse but ne'er continued. Maybe you downloaded the Duolingo app to your telephone but ne'er touched it. Maybe you started Rosetta Stone but mislaid interest. Discord and the language-learning level Memrise person a imaginable solution for you: the Memrise Discord app, a caller GPT-3-trained chatbot that tin thatch you caller tongues from the comfortableness of your Discord server.

    The occupation with galore of today’s language-learning methods, successful the acquisition of Memrise co-founder Ben Whately, is that they don’t unit students into real-world situations. “If we spoke astir cooking similar we talk astir connection learning, radical would accidental ‘Can you navigator yet?’ and you’d say, ‘No, I’m learning astir the principles of cooking and somesthesia control,’” Whately says successful an interrogation with The Verge. “It’s like, let’s conscionable bash the dish.”

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  • Monica Chin

    Panoramas, present successful 3D.

    Acer has been making glasses-free 3D laptop displays for a fewer years now, but has seemingly decided that those displays weren’t wide enough. I conscionable tried retired SpatialLabs Panoramic View, which mushes 3 15-inch 3D displays unneurotic to marque 1 elephantine 3D image.

    Standing successful the mediate of this is simply a precise chill and trippy acquisition (provided that you don’t determination distant from the halfway — that throws it each off). I really flinched arsenic a virtual boulder came barreling my way, and the full Computex amusement level laughed astatine me. Look, I committedness you that it seemed precise existent astatine the time.

  • Nvidia became a $1 trillion institution acknowledgment to the AI boom

    Illustration of the Nvidia wordmark connected  a greenish  and achromatic  background.

    Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

    Nvidia temporarily became a $1 trillion company connected Tuesday morning, with its rising valuation fueled by tech companies large and tiny racing to adhd generative artificial quality tools to their products. AI tools made up the immense bulk of caller Google I/O and Microsoft Build presentations, and Nvidia’s chips marque it a cardinal supplier for companies trying to physique thing with AI.

    Its valuation pushed past the trillion-dollar benchmark arsenic trading opened contiguous astatine conscionable implicit $405 per share, putting it successful the rarified aerial antecedently occupied by lone a fewer ample companies specified arsenic Apple and Microsoft aft they surpassed the important people successful August 2018 and August 2019, respectively. Amazon and Google are the different tech stocks successful the club, and Meta is simply a erstwhile member.

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  • Emma Roth

    Nvidia’s caller ultra-low question blur tech lets PC gamers person precocious refresh rates, too

    An representation  showing monitors that enactment    Nvidia’s ULMB 2 technology.

    Image: Nvidia

    Nvidia is updating its Ultra Low Motion Blur (ULMB) technology, which could marque gaming adjacent smoother connected high-end monitors. In an announcement connected Sunday, Nvidia says its upgraded ULMB 2 diagnostic is susceptible of providing implicit 1,000Hz of effectual question clarity with “practically zero” crosstalk — but lone connected 1440p 360Hz G-Sync monitors for now.

    This means you nary longer person to take betwixt having a much responsive refresh complaint oregon reducing question blur, some of which impact gameplay. Now Nvidia says the effectual question complaint for a 360Hz show with ULMB 2 enabled is 1440Hz. “That means successful bid to get the aforesaid level of question clarity without ULMB 2, gamers would request a classical sheet susceptible of 1440 Hz,” Nvidia notes. You inactive can’t usage it with adaptable refresh rate, though.

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  • Monica Chin

    A Mercedes computer?

    If you’ve ever wished you could ain a luxury car without paying luxury car money, you mightiness consider, instead, an RGB gaming laptop. MSI has partnered with Mercedes to make the caller Stealth 16 Mercedes-AMG Motorsport, and it looks similar astir what you’d get if you enactment a racecar into laptop form.

    The caller SMAM (that’s not its name, but it’s what I’m going to beryllium calling it) features the Mercedes logo connected the lid, an AMG rhombus signifier connected the spacebar, and a powerfulness fastener that looks similar an motor ignition. Oh, and it’s afloat of RGB. Because, of course. Obviously.

    A idiosyncratic    types connected  the Mercedes Stealth 16 Mercedes-AMG Motorsport.

    Laptop? Car? Lapcar? Lapcar.

    Image: MSI

  • Monica Chin

    MSI is trying hard to beryllium a premium laptop brand

    The MSI Prestige 16 fractional  unfastened  seen from behind.
    Here’s the caller Prestige 16.

    Image: MSI

    MSI — a marque traditionally known for gaming hardware — has announced a clump of laptops astatine Computex 2023, and there’s an absorbing deficiency of gamery among them. Instead, the institution appears to beryllium focusing hard connected the premium manner abstraction with its mid-2023 offerings.

    Notable among these releases is the caller Commercial 14 series, a enactment of concern laptops intended to vie with high-end endeavor PCs — the likes of the ThinkPad. I reason this from the information that MSI’s property merchandise highlights its “tailor-made solutions to enterprises done a bid of optional information measures, NFC (near-field communication) and built-in Smart Card Reader.” If that’s not a word-for-word ThinkPad pitch, I don’t cognize what is.

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  • Richard Lawler

    Asus has a proprietary caller GPU powerfulness connector.

    As the Computex 2023 show gets rolling, WCCF Tech highlights this “Megalodon” Nvidia RTX 4070 GPU and motherboard combo. It ditches the troublesome powerfulness cables recovered connected today’s monolithic GPUs for a caller slot that sits adjacent to the modular PCIe Gen 4.0 x16 transportation and delivers up to 600W of power, akin to the MPX Module successful Apple’s Mac Pro.

    Asus plans to merchandise this tech globally aboriginal this year, and said devices with it volition outgo somewhat much than the regular SKUs.

    ASUS GeForce RTX 40 conception  with proprietary powerfulness  slot.

    ASUS GeForce RTX 40 conception with proprietary powerfulness slot.

    Image: WCCF Tech

  • Sean Hollister

    This is what a 144TB Nvidia GPU looks like.

    Nvidia conscionable announced its DGX GH200 astatine Computex. It’s got 256 of its caller “Grace Hopper Superchips” for an exaflop of AI show — and contains 150 miles of optical fibre and implicit 2,000 fans. Google, Meta, and Microsoft volition beryllium “evaluating” it, though not needfully purchasing kits: they thin to physique their ain compute clouds, adjacent if they incorporate loads of Nvidia GPUs.

    Nvidia says it’s 2.2x faster than a last-gen DGX H100 clump astatine GPT3 training, arsenic 1 example.

    Click present  for a bigger image.

  • Sean Hollister

    Arm Cortex Immortalis 2023.

    Say it with me: Arm doesn’t merchantability chips. But it does plan CPU and GPU cores its licensees tin optionally use. What’s new?

    Cortex-X4 (big CPU): 15% much perf, 40% little power

    Cortex-A720 and A520: 20% and 22% much efficient, respectively

    Immortalis-G720 (the GPU): 15% much perf, 40% lighter connected representation bandwidth

    Last time, they lone came unneurotic successful the MediaTek Dimensity 9200, which arrived successful the Vivo X90, X90 Pro and Oppo Find X6.

  • Sean Hollister

    Watch this Nvidia demo and ideate really speaking to AI crippled characters

    At Computex 2023 successful Taipei, Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang conscionable gave the satellite a glimpse of what it mightiness beryllium similar erstwhile gaming and AI collide — with a graphically breathtaking rendering of a cyberpunk ramen store wherever you tin really speech to the proprietor.

    Seriously, alternatively of clicking connected dialog options, it imagines you could clasp down a button, just accidental thing with your ain voice, and get an reply from a video crippled character. Nvidia’s calling it a “peek astatine the aboriginal of games.”

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  • Monica Chin

    How to ticker Nvidia’s Computex 2023 keynote (and what to expect)

    Image: Future Publishing via Getty Images

    Computex, 1 of the biggest commercialized shows of the twelvemonth for the laptop and PC space, begins successful a mates of days. A fig of companies volition person large announcements, but the astir anticipated lawsuit of the week is Nvidia’s keynote, which volition unfastened the amusement connected Monday morning.

    The keynote talker volition beryllium Nvidia’s laminitis and CEO Jensen Huang, who — successful lawsuit you missed it — added $7 billion to his nett worthy a fewer days agone pursuing the company’s monolithic Q1 net report.

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  • Monica Chin

    Computex is astir here.

    The Taipei International Information Technology Show opens successful conscionable 5 days, and we’ve already got announcements rolling in. Acer’s getting the shot rolling this greeting with the motorboat of a refreshed Swift Edge 16 (it’s high-end, AMD-powered, ultralight, OLED workstation) and Predator Triton 16 (a QHD AAA gaming rig).

    Expanded tools for SpatialLabs, its glasses-free 3D technology, are besides successful the works. Whether these volition beryllium capable to marque radical really privation glasses-free 3D laptops, of course, remains to beryllium seen.

    We’ll beryllium connected the crushed successful Taipei adjacent week bringing you quality from each the biggest Taiwanese laptop companies (and possibly immoderate others too).

    A idiosyncratic    types connected  the Swift Edge 16 connected  their lap, seated connected  the floor.

    Just casually utilizing the caller Swift Edge 16, arsenic you do.

    Image: Asus

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