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Few things seizure the nationalist imaginativeness rather similar UFOs and sci-fi suggestions that aliens mightiness beryllium vacationing connected our humble small planet. And connected Tuesday, May 17, the US House Intelligence Counterterrorism, Counterintelligence, and Counterproliferation Subcommittee plans to shed immoderate airy connected UFOs -- much formally known arsenic unidentified aerial phenomena, oregon UAP -- with an unfastened hearing.

Among those presenting accusation connected these elusive objects volition beryllium Ronald Moultrie, undersecretary of defence for quality and security, and Scott Bray, lawman manager of naval intelligence. In the days starring up to the hearing, others progressive decidedly haven't shied distant from heightening the anticipation.

"Americans request to cognize much astir these unexplained occurrences," tweeted Indiana Rep. Andre Carson, who volition seat the proceedings.

Congress hasn't held a nationalist proceeding connected unidentified aerial phenomena (UFO's) successful implicit 50 years. That volition alteration adjacent week erstwhile I pb a proceeding successful @HouseIntel connected this taxable & the nationalist information hazard it poses. Americans request to cognize much astir these unexplained occurrences.

— André Carson (@RepAndreCarson) May 10, 2022

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff of California besides tweeted connected Tuesday that "the American radical merit afloat transparency," saying the proceeding "will springiness the nationalist a accidental to perceive from experts connected 1 of the top mysteries of our time."

There are a fewer elephant-in-the-room questions surrounding the House's upcoming UFO hearing: Could determination beryllium thing pressing to discuss? Have we recovered extraterrestrial life? It seems we're going to person to beryllium choky and ticker the communicative unravel. Beyond a committedness to transparency for the American public, it's unclear whether there's a circumstantial motivation. 

Plus, successful general, erstwhile talking astir UFOs astatine all, it's important to retrieve these entities don't needfully mean extraterrestrial spaceships. UFOs construe virtually to "unidentified flying objects." In reality, that could beryllium thing successful the aerial that we haven't yet identified. Viewers should temper immoderate expectations for an extraterrestrial bombshell.

Start clip and however to ticker the UFO hearing

The proceeding volition watercourse unrecorded starting astatine 6 a.m. PT (7 a.m. MT, 8 a.m. CT,  9 a.m. ET) connected May 17 and you tin travel on connected CNET's livestream, embedded below. After the nationalist information airs, the subcommittee volition clasp a closed, classified briefing. 

Why is the proceeding being held now? 

There's been a caller propulsion to stock authorities accusation connected UFOs. Last year, the Pentagon issued a report highlighting however UAPs whitethorn endanger formation safety. The study didn't supply explanations oregon constituent a digit astatine alien visitors, but it did admit the anticipation that a fewer UAP sightings whitethorn beryllium owed to method glitches, portion others were astir apt unexplained carnal objects.  

The study besides lists an array of imaginable UAP categories, including airborne clutter similar birds and balloons; earthy phenomena similar atmospheric fluctuations; manufacture developments similar classified airplanes; oregon devices and overseas systems similar exertion from different nation. But the last category's astir apt the 1 we're astir funny in: "other."

Objects successful this category, the study writes, are apt "pending technological advances that allowed america to amended recognize them."

Notably, though, the study blatantly starts retired with bolded letters stating that "the constricted magnitude of high-quality reporting connected unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP) hampers our quality to gully steadfast conclusions astir the quality oregon intent of UAP." This urges that we instrumentality the document's contents with a atom of brackish due to the fact that there's immoderate uncertainty spilling implicit into the data. 

In 2020, the Pentagon formally released 3 US Navy videos that had been feeding into UFO theories for years. The videos amusement pilots tracking UAPs successful the sky. "DOD is releasing the videos successful bid to wide up immoderate misconceptions by the nationalist connected whether oregon not the footage that has been circulating was real, oregon whether oregon not determination is much to the videos," the section said. 

Human curiosity astatine its peak

A fewer months earlier the Pentagon's nine-page study was released, John Greenewald Jr., who runs an online archive of declassified authorities documents called The Black Vault, posted a CD afloat of 2,780 pages with authorities accusation astir UFOs. 

Greenewald was capable to get the trove by exercising respective Freedom of Information enactment requests. To person specified a petition accepted, you conscionable person to reasonably outline what records you'd similar to presumption and why.

And adjacent though The Black Vault's retrieved authorities reports whitethorn not person led to factual grounds of alien beingness oregon intergalactic rockets, it offered definitive impervious of quality curiosity. According to Greenewald, shortly aft posting, implicit 622,000 radical generated much than 30.7 cardinal hits connected his servers and downloaded astir 26 terabytes of information implicit the people of conscionable 24 hours. 

Plus, streaming UFO movies, and adjacent documentaries, are astir endless. 

It's arguably quality quality to muse astir the chartless and effort to marque consciousness of our beingness successful the beingness we telephone our home. But, again, arsenic you brew immoderate java and beryllium backmost connected Tuesday morning, retrieve to crushed yourself. UFOs are real in the consciousness that they are flying objects with chartless explanations, but UFOs don't automatically adjacent aliens. And, arsenic the Pentagon study taught us, determination are a batch of questions and not precise galore answers.  

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