ConstitutionDAO: PEOPLE price pumps 200% as new ‘We The People’ token unveiled

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PEOPLE, the governance token of ConstitutionDAO, soared successful worth by astir 200% successful conscionable 24 hours contempt its trading volumes falling disconnected the cliff successful the aforesaid period, information connected CoinMarketCap shows.

The outgo to acquisition 1 PEOPLE token surged to $0.0321 compared to $0.0110 24 hours ago. In contrast, its trading volumes crossed the crypto exchanges dropped by astir 100% to implicit $181,000, reflecting that the ongoing bullish determination had precise small enactment down it. 

PEOPLE terms show connected a 24-hour adjusted timeframe. Source: CoinMarketCap

The communicative truthful far

The monolithic upside momentum successful PEOPLE’s marketplace came astatine a clip erstwhile users indispensable person been dumping it for the Ethereum blockchain’s autochthonal token, Ether (ETH).

That is chiefly due to the fact that ConstitutionDAO, a decentralized autonomous enactment (DAO), crowdsourced implicit $47 cardinal successful Ether via the merchantability of PEOPLE. It wanted to usage the proceeds to bargain a uncommon transcript of the United States constitution but lost its bids to billionaire Citadel CEO Ken Griffin astatine a caller Sotheby’s auction.

Screenshot from ConstitutionDAO's assemblage group. Source: Discord

Left with nary Constitution and $47 cardinal worthy of ETH funds successful its multi-signature wallets, ConstitutionDAO decided to refund the full magnitude to its donors. But galore successful the DAO’s Discord assemblage stressed that they did not privation to wage the precocious refund state fees.

In response, the ConstitutionDAO squad provided 2 choices to its donors: either they could instrumentality their PEOPLE tokens for ETH (minus gas fees), oregon they tin take to person a caller governance token, dubbed We The People (WTP), without having to wage a state fee, astatine the complaint of 1 PEOPLE per WTP.

For everyone who wants to proceed riding with us, you'll besides beryllium capable to motion a connection (without paying for gas) committing your funds to the DAO's treasury and get our governance token $WTP (We The People) back.

Of course, you tin besides bash thing and spot however things play retired

— ConstitutionDAO (, ) (@ConstitutionDAO) November 20, 2021

Meanwhile, successful the lawsuit of donors not choosing to request refunds, ConstitutionDAO volition clasp the capital.

As a result, the DAO volition beryllium capable to support a information of the ETH successful its vaults arsenic agelong arsenic donors person their PEOPLE to WTP oregon disregard immoderate reimbursements. So, if the worth of Ether rises, the terms of WTP volition apt summation successful tandem.

Therefore, the ongoing PEOPLE terms rally is hinting that traders person been either choosing to clasp it oregon bargain it from the secondary markets to get a clasp of the WTP token astatine a aboriginal stage.

so, successful my mean thoughtboi post, is it much impactful that @ConstitutionDAO raised $40m+ oregon that it pumped 4x arsenic a memecoin aft dissolving?

— Mike DAOdas (@mdudas) November 25, 2021

Juicebox a wide winner

ConstitutionDAO has not released immoderate circumstantial crushed wherefore it wants donors to reimburse their PEOPLE tokens via a caller governance asset, fixed it has already announced that it would unopen down aft failing to triumph the U.S. Constitution’s uncommon copy.

David Gerard, writer of the publication Attack of the 50 Foot Blockchain and a quality blog of the aforesaid name, noted that, different DAO that processes payments for ConstitutionDAO, typically collects 5% of each the wealth made by the project.

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Therefore, Juicebox mightiness person already made astatine slightest $2.35 cardinal done the ConstitutionDAO crowdfund and whitethorn marque much from the upcoming WTP-funded ventures, if determination are any.

“Not excessively atrocious a payday,” wrote Gerard.

Auction is lost. $40 cardinal worthy of $PEOPLE is present fundamentally worthless aft the radical who minted it accidental it nary longer has a purpose. They speech astir starting a caller token, $WTP, with a new, nebulous purpose.

— Sam Rose (@samwhoo) November 24, 2021

For now, the outgoing ConstitutionDAO squad has announced halfway contributor Brian Wagner and Web 3.0 adept Liminal Warmth arsenic the project’s caller leaders.

Meanwhile, the assemblage has been voting connected however it could deploy its Ether-backed WTP reserves connected different projects, with its ideas ranging from pursuing a transcript of the Bill of Rights to making a caller Web 3.0 constitution from scratch.

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