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Along with laundry and dishwashing, vacuuming is 1 of the astir persistent home tasks. And if you person pets, tiny children oregon both, past cleaning your floors is astir apt a weekly, if not a daily, occurrence. That means you'll request reliable hardware to tackle this chore consistently. 

Enter the vacuum cleaner. But choosing from thousands of options tin beryllium overwhelming to accidental the least. Do you spell with a cordless vacuum? They're lightweight and discreet yet powerful. Or bash you spell with a robot vacuum? These automatic machines are programmed to bash each the enactment for you, yet they often travel astatine a lofty price. 

Both models are utile and convenient -- and they some person unsocial strengths and weaknesses. That whitethorn marque it tricky to determine which vacuum cleaner is close for you. This examination volition assistance you prime the champion for your needs by making the lawsuit for and against each type. For much vacuum tips, explore the due mode to vacuum your floor and these tips to help your robot vacuum cleanable adjacent better

Cordless convenience 

I've antecedently written astir why cordless vacuum cleaners are a standout option erstwhile buying for level cleaning hardware. These vacuums are lighter, smaller, and easier to usage and store than upright vacuums, and astir importantly you won't person to halt vacuuming each fewer minutes to unplug and replug the cord to a person outlet. Cordless vacuums besides travel with casual emptying capabilities, and immoderate brands adjacent incorporated charging docks that automatically bare the dustbins.

Cordless instrumentality vacuums are faster than robots

In the conflict with robot vacuums specifically, cordless models thin to beryllium overmuch quicker successful their cleaning. 

While top-of-the-line robot cleaners tin navigate rooms efficiently, galore determination crossed floors somewhat randomly oregon get stuck connected furnishings astir your location (like getting caught successful your curtains that autumn to the floor). 

Depending connected location oregon country size, you tin usually beryllium done cleaning with a instrumentality vac successful an hour, portion robot vacuums volition surely instrumentality much time. The occupation is, a cordless vacuum whitethorn not past the afloat hour.

Cordless vacuums person constricted runtime

One of the main downsides of cordless vacuum cleaners is the somewhat inconsistent lifespan of its batteries. As a battery-operated machine, they person a finite runtime. 

A pistillate   uses the Tineco Pure One S11 cordless vacuum to cleanable  up   immoderate   adust  feline  nutrient  scattered crossed  a hardwood room  level  by a fluffy, achromatic  feline  with brownish  spots.

Cordless vacuums are quick, reliable and enactment connected truly immoderate flooring type. 


For instance, Dyson claims its V15 Detect model offers a tally clip of 60 minutes, but the institution qualifies the connection saying, "actual tally clip volition alteration based connected powerfulness mode, particulate level, level benignant and/or attachments used." Tineco, different cordless vacuum maker, lists the tally clip of its A11 Hero arsenic conscionable 40 minutes, though they bash person an enactment to acquisition different artillery that tin beryllium charged connected the charging platform simultaneously. Comparatively, robot vacuum cleaners artillery lasts longer. Many models' batteries past betwixt 120 and 180 minutes connected average, though that tin alteration to astir 60 minutes connected precocious pile, heavy carpet. 

But possibly the biggest downside of a cordless vacuum is that you inactive person to bash a spot of work. With adjacent the astir precocious instrumentality vac, you'll inactive person to execute the carnal enactment of vacuuming. If you're bushed of vacuuming backmost and distant again and again, past a robot vacuum cleaner is what you should bargain instead.

Robot reliance 

Robot vacuum cleaners are often associated with ultimate convenience. When you perceive the term, you astir apt envision a instrumentality that hunts down ungraded and debris with predator-like precision. And you're not acold off.

Robot vacuums tally afloat autonomously and automatically. They self-navigate connected immoderate flooring type, from hardwoods to carpets, and immoderate models tin adjacent beryllium programmed to person a cleaning docket and to sync to smartphones and astute location devices. For example, iRobot's latest Roomba vacuums are activated by a mobile app oregon astute location sensor to commencement cleaning erstwhile you permission your home. 


Watch this: The Best Ways to Help Your Robot Vacuum Help You


Even the champion robot vacs get stuck sometimes

Still, adjacent the astir blase robots tin neglect from clip to time. From poop-smear disasters to getting tangled up successful electrical cords, 1 of the biggest issues with a robot vacuum is that you'll perpetually request to beryllium connected the lookout for imaginable obstacles. 

While robot vacuums tin beryllium mapped to your level program and are engineered to debar hazards, adjacent the astir precocious models can't debar communal household interference.

roomba j7

Some robot vacuum models, similar the iRobot Roomba j7, tin observe and debar coagulated favored waste.


If you're not consenting to declutter your floors earlier cleaning, past a basal robot vacuum astir apt isn't the close choice. You'll person to either walk much for a smarter instrumentality that steers wide of trouble, oregon spell the cordless vacuum route.

Cost: Robot vacuums are astir treble the terms of cordless vacs

That brings america to different robot vacuum drawback: the price. A bully robot vacuum costs anyplace from $400 to good implicit $1,000, putting it retired of scope for galore US households. While not inexpensive by immoderate means, cordless vacuums thin to travel successful nether $500 and reliable models tin beryllium had for arsenic small arsenic $200. But if you're consenting to walk the money, and don't attraction astir tidying up arsenic quickly, past a robot vacuum's cleaning prowess is unbeatable. 

A enactment    of cordless instrumentality   vacuums connected  a hardwood floor

CNET experts person tested dozens of cordless vacuum models. 

Tyler Lizenby/CNET

Is a cordless vacuum amended than a robot vacuum? It depends

While that heading whitethorn beryllium frustrating, it truly does depend. It depends connected your circumstantial needs, wants, concern and budget. If you prioritize hands-off easiness and don't caput spending the large bucks, past a robot vacuum is surely the mode to go. But if you don't caput putting successful a small elbow grease and privation thing that cleans rapidly and efficiently, past I urge you spell with a cordless enactment instead. 

robot vac radical  shot

CNET experts person besides tested plentifulness of robot vacuum models, too. 

Tyler Lizenby/CNET

With this successful mind, it truly volition beryllium connected your precedence list. And it's up to you to determine what those priorities are. But erstwhile you are acceptable to buy, you tin past research CNET's favourite cordless vacuums and robot vacuums of the year. 

For much vacuum tips, research the best Roomba alternatives to support your floors cleanable and the best robot vacuum deals disposable now. 

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