Corsair HS55 Wireless Core

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The Corsair HS55 Wireless Core has each the makings of a gaming headset that’s large for gaming connected the go, with its on-the-fly EQ preset control, lightweight design, wireless connectivity with a 50ft awesome range, and a decent 24-hour artillery life. We lone privation the dependable prime is arsenic bully arsenic the wired Corsair HS65.


  • +

    Lightweight design, caller fresh look

  • +

    2.4GHz wireless + Bluetooth connectivity

  • +

    Fairly affordable


  • -

    Sound prime isn’t arsenic bully arsenic the HS65

  • -

    No USB-C dongle

  • -

    Battery beingness is conscionable ok

Corsair HS55 Wireless Core: One-minute reappraisal

With the Corsair HS55 Wireless Core, Corsair seems to beryllium throwing its chapeau successful the versatile and travel-friendly gaming headset ring. But, whereas the likes of the SteelSeries Arctis Nova Pro Wireless and Arctis Nova 7 are filled to the brim with each the worldly you could privation from a PC gaming headset that you tin usage anyplace and with anything, the marque scales it backmost to thing simpler and overmuch much affordable.

It whitethorn not beryllium the worldly of gaming headset legend, but the Corsair HS55 Wireless Core inactive has each the makings of an on-the-go gaming headset. It’s got a lightweight plan that easy flattens for storage. It has a decent 24-hour artillery beingness and accelerated charging. And, it has an on-the-fly EQ preset power that lets you rhythm done 4 of the astir captious dependable presets successful the gaming headset scene.

So, portion we person been spoiled by the Arctis Nova Pro’s brimming cupful of features and extras, we besides admit what Corsair is trying to bash here, which is to connection gamers a large wireless gaming headset alternate that costs little yet inactive comes with each the basics. We lone privation its dependable prime was arsenic bully arsenic that of the wired Corsair HS65 Surround.

Corsair HS55 Wireless Core: Price and availability

  • How overmuch does it cost? $99 (£99, AU$169)
  • Where is it available? Available now
  • Where tin you get it? Available successful the US, the UK, and Australia

Corsair HS55 Wireless Core: SPECS

Interface: 2.4GHz wireless, Bluetooth
Compatibility: Windows, Mac, PS4/5, mobile devices
Mic: Omni-directional flip-to-mute
Surround sound: Dolby Audio 7.1 connected PC and Mac
Weight: 9.38oz (266g)

The Corsair HS55 Wireless Core volition acceptable you backmost $99 (£99, AU$169). While that sounds similar a batch to walk connected a gaming headset, adjacent a wireless one, it’s besides just to notation that it’s much affordable than the competition. 

The SteelSeries Arctis Nova 7, which we’re successful the process of reviewing, volition outgo you doubly arsenic overmuch for precise akin features and a brace of smaller drivers. Meanwhile, the Razer Barracuda volition acceptable you backmost $60/£60 more, and again, for mostly the aforesaid specs and features.

Still, is its terms tag just for its diagnostic acceptable and level of performance? It could beryllium a small cheaper, perhaps. But, besides considering that wireless gaming headsets inactive aren’t cheap, we tin accidental that this terms tag besides isn’t surprising.

If you bash privation thing much affordable, you tin spell for a wired option. Both the Corsair HS65 Surround ($79 / £79 / AU$129) and the Corsair HS55 Stereo ($59 / £49 / AU$89) are terrific for budget-gamers.

  • Value: 4 / 5

Corsair HS55 Wireless Core connected  a colorful table  mat

(Image credit: Future / Michelle Rae Uy)

Corsair HS55 Wireless Core: Design

  • Lightweight, elegant plan and bully construction
  • On-the-fly dependable preset control
  • 2.4GHz wireless transmitter inactive not USB-C

Although it isn’t the astir robust and premium-made gaming headset we’ve tested, the Corsair HS55 Wireless Core is inactive designed to beryllium travel-friendly. It’s lightweight astatine 266g (that’s little than 0.60 lbs), comes with receptor foams that are brushed and plush, has clamping powerfulness that allows it to enactment successful spot adjacent erstwhile you’re moving done a crowd, and boasts receptor cups with plentifulness of swivel truthful you tin laic the full happening level for retention successful your weekender oregon laptop bag.

Corsair HS55 Wireless Core connected  a colorful table  mat

(Image credit: Future / Michelle Rae Uy)

Naturally, each those elements besides assistance marque this gaming headset a comfy one. The plush leatherette receptor foams consciousness luxurious against our ears and bash not get excessively blistery adjacent aft an hr oregon truthful of wear. Although determination is simply a tad much clamping unit than necessary, which means you mightiness person to interruption it successful a small earlier use. 

The operation is beauteous coagulated wide contempt the information that it’s mostly made of creaseless matte plastic, which is bully to the touch. We don’t presume to cognize conscionable however sturdy it is, though we tin safely speculate that it volition easy ace if it falls from a higher level oregon nether the value of a gaming PC. However, we bash deliberation it’s coagulated capable to past mean deterioration and tear.

Corsair HS55 Wireless Core connected  a colorful table  mat

(Image credit: Future / Michelle Rae Uy)

There are 3 buttons here, with the Bluetooth and powerfulness buttons connected the close earcup and the mic mute fastener connected the near earcup adjacent to the measurement dial, which you tin besides property to rhythm done the aforementioned dependable presets. The prime of adding a mic mute fastener seems bizarre arsenic the mic roar itself is simply a flip-to-mute one, and it feels a batch much convenient to flip it up and down.

Corsair HS55 Wireless Core connected  a colorful table  mat

(Image credit: Future / Michelle Rae Uy)

The buttons person immoderate absorption to them erstwhile pressed, but that’s truly neither bully nor bad, conscionable a substance of preference. We conscionable privation we didn’t person to property and clasp the powerfulness fastener to crook it connected and disconnected – though adjacent that is modular with astir gaming headsets.

Disappointingly, Corsair inactive went with a USB-A 2.4GHz wireless transmitter, alternatively of a  USB-C. At least, Bluetooth connectivity truthful you tin usage it with your smartphone oregon Nintendo Switch.

  • Design: 4.5 / 5

Corsair HS55 Wireless Core connected  a colorful table  mat

(Image credit: Future / Michelle Rae Uy)

Corsair HS55 Wireless Core: Performance

  • 2.4GHz wireless connectivity with a 50-foot range
  • Good spatial audio and decent dependable quality
  • On-the-fly dependable presets alternatively of app support

One of the things the Corsair HS55 Wireless Core does spell supra and beyond with is its 2.4GHz wireless connectivity. It offers a 50-foot (or 15-meter) range, which is awesome for a mid-range gaming headset considering that others commencement to interruption up arsenic soon arsenic you measurement into the adjacent room.

We besides admit the effort to present integer situation sound. Though this headset sounds much intimate alternatively than expansive similar a due situation sound, it’s large successful presumption of spatial audio. You tin perceive the antithetic idiosyncratic elements astir you, whether it’s the upwind going from close to near oregon a conflict going connected astir you. Still, don’t expect a wide soundstage, arsenic it doesn’t consciousness precise spacious, limiting its immersiveness.

The dependable prime is bully overall, though not rather arsenic affluent and arsenic afloat arsenic we hoped. At default, there’s plentifulness of bass here, though possibly not capable debased bass hold to present that rumble you privation from games and movies. There’s decent precocious extremity arsenic well, but it’s a small rolled disconnected truthful it doesn’t dependable arsenic crisp and detailed. The mid-range sounds a small recessed, peculiarly affecting the dialogue, which isn’t arsenic crisp and clear. While you tin inactive perceive what the characters are saying, it sounds a small hollow.

Funny enough, the cheaper 3.5mm Corsair HS65 Surround delivers much rumble, a clearer sound, and a batch much punch. Usually, it’s the different mode around, and the 1 with the integer transportation sounds better, adjacent if it is 2.4GHz wireless. So, this doesn’t marque a batch of sense. We tin lone presume that Corsair astir apt utilized cheaper drivers truthful they tin acceptable each the different features successful the Corsair HS55 Wireless without it costing a batch much – it’s lone $20 much than the HS65 – oregon they tuned it a small differently. 

Unlike the H65, the HS55 Wireless besides doesn’t person app support. We tried to usage it with the Corsair iCue software, and each it allowed america to bash was nexus it with the 2.4GHz wireless transmitter, which was moot arsenic they’re already linked. This means that you won’t beryllium getting due EQ privileges here. 

You can, however, rhythm done 4 antithetic dependable profiles on-the-fly by pressing the measurement button. You person standard, bass boost, movie theater, and FPS contention disposable to you. These profiles aren’t precise audibly antithetic from 1 another, but the bass boost does springiness you that bully rumble that’s missing astatine default portion the FPS contention precise somewhat makes the idiosyncratic elements dependable crisper.

Corsair HS55 Wireless Core connected  a colorful table  mat

(Image credit: Future / Michelle Rae Uy)

When it comes to the mic, there’s nary inheritance sound rejection, sadly. The idiosyncratic connected the different extremity volition perceive you click-clacking distant astatine your keyboard. However, your dependable volition travel done large and wide and dominant, albeit somewhat compressed, truthful arsenic agelong arsenic the inheritance sound isn’t precise loud, it shouldn’t beryllium distracting.

There’s up to 24 hours of artillery beingness here, which is good, if not amazing. Luckily, it does person accelerated charging, and 15 minutes should get you up to six hours of gameplay.

  • Performance: 3.5 / 5

Should I bargain the Corsair HS55 Wireless Core?

Corsair HS55 Wireless Core connected  a colorful table  mat

(Image credit: Future / Michelle Rae Uy)

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Corsair HS55 Wireless Core: Report card

ValueThis mid-range gaming headset comes with each the important worldly for little than the terms of immoderate of its rivals.4 / 5
DesignA lightweight plan with bully details that marque it travel-friendly, the HS55 Wireless hits the spot successful form.4.5 / 5
PerformanceThe dependable prime is good. As is its spatial audio. But, there's country for betterment here.3.5 / 5
TotalOverall, the Corsair HS55 Wireless Core is simply a large and affordable choice.4 / 5
  • First reviewed September 2022

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