Corsair K70 Pro Mini Wireless

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Buyers who privation a ridiculous magnitude of personalized customizability options and person heavy pockets are going to admit everything the Corsair K70 Pro Mini Wireless has to offer. Beyond that is simply a 60% keyboard that delivers phenomenal show successful a compact package.


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    Incredible customization options


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    Not for those conscionable looking for immoderate aged keyboard

Corsair K70 Pro Mini Wireless: Two infinitesimal review

Despite its precocious price, we were already impressed with the esports-focused Corsair K65 Mini erstwhile it dropped past twelvemonth owed to the 60% keyboard’s premix of precocious show successful a compact package. The Corsair K70 Pro Mini Wireless whitethorn outgo adjacent much but provides 1 of the astir customizable wire-free mini keyboards disposable today. 

Available for $179.99 (£169.99, AU $299.00), there’s a ton of worth packed into the bundle coming successful Cherry MX Red and Cherry MX Speed variants. Most notably, the K70 Pro Mini Wireless features swappable Cherry MX switches allowing buyers to fine-tune their nonstop gaming show penchant extracurricular of simply changing keys.

Through Corsair’s iCUE app, everything from RGB lighting to macro customization with 8MB of retention topping disconnected astatine 50 idiosyncratic profiles tin instrumentality the personalized acquisition adjacent further, easy making it the best mini keyboard for anyone looking tons of personalization.

As a wire-free keyboard, artillery beingness is comparable to Razer’s BlackWidow V3 Mini Hyperspeed depending connected the existent connection. Doesn’t substance if connecting done USB-C, 2.4Ghz Slipstream transmitter oregon Bluetooth, show connected the K70 Pro Mini Wireless is apical notch. Playing aggravated shooters from Halo Infinite to Call of Duty: Vanguard felt fantastic. Just beryllium mindful, owed to the constricted magnitude of keys that definite genres astir apt won’t power the champion specified arsenic galore of the best MMO games and MOBAs that person precise instense accomplishment rotations.

Aesthetically, the K70 Pro Mini Wireless is simply a joyousness to look at. The each Black colorway helps the bold RGB lighting popular successful a good lit oregon acheronian room. There’s adjacent a sleek airy barroom that wraps astir the keyboard’s bottommost adding wonderfully to the ocular design. Unlike the K65 Mini, the K70 Pro Mini Wireless has elevation latches for much comfy usage arsenic well. Swapping retired keys and switches is an casual process acknowledgment to the included tools arsenic well. When it comes to physique quality, the compact framework feels sturdy capable to instrumentality immoderate bumps and bruises wrong oregon extracurricular of a backpack.

Connecting the keyboard is simply a elemental process. The Corsair Slipstream transmitter has a retention larboard connected the rear and pops retired easily. Meanwhile, connecting via Bluetooth is arsenic elemental arsenic holding the relation and Caps Lock cardinal to marque it searchable. There’s besides a USB-C larboard for charging the K70 Pro Mini Wireless.

Preferences for connections truly comes down to existent needs. For amended artillery beingness astatine the disbursal of higher latency, Bluetooth it is. If users privation to get that highly precocious 8,000Hz polling rate, past connecting done USB-C cablegram works best. Individuals looking for thing much successful the mediate should admit the Slipstream 2.5GHz transmitter. Outside of PC, the K70 Pro Mini Wireless is compatible wirelessly not lone with PC but with Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 consoles arsenic well.

Performance is fantabulous erstwhile playing games similar Doom Eternal, Control, Fortnite and adjacent older games similar Quake 4. As mentioned previously, Slipstream and nonstop USB-C transportation are the mode to spell for maximum show connected the K70 Pro Mini Wireless.

Keystrokes person a tactile consciousness with the close springy resistance. This was much notable erstwhile engaging successful much wide computing tasks similar penning editorials successful Google Docs oregon emails. If coming from a full-sized oregon TKL keyboard, it’s going to instrumentality immoderate adjusting to the smaller 60%. Over time, successfully typing oregon manoeuvring successful games volition go 2nd nature.

Through iCUE, polling rates and macros tin beryllium customized to idiosyncratic penchant arsenic well. Having 8GB of onboard representation helps erstwhile mounting up macros and effect times implicit assorted titles. Customizing those features alongside RGB airy settings is an intuitive acquisition done iCUE.

Battery beingness is reasonably modular for a wireless 60% gaming keyboard. Connecting done Slipstream transmitter with RGB lighting on, we got adjacent the promised 32 hours Corsair claimed was possible. Bluetooth transportation is expected to supply astir 200 hours astatine the outgo of a little polling rate. The interior rechargeable Lithium-Ion Polymer artillery tin recharge to afloat successful a conscionable a fewer hours.

The Corsair K70 Pro Mini Wireless offers a batch with its $179 terms point. On a hardware and bundle level, the customization options are adjacent limitless. Tailoring settings to suit one’s preferred gaming oregon typing acquisition connected a 60% keyboard astatine this level is bonkers considering its wire-free functionality. Even choosing however 1 wants to link their K70 Pro Mini Wireless comes disconnected impressive. Serious gamers looking for a wireless 60% keyboard that’ll springiness them a competitory borderline without the nonaccomplishment of businesslike functionality should decidedly springiness the K70 Pro Mini Wireless a shot.

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  • First reviewed September 2022

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