Crypto-gold exchange Vaultoro lowers fees, increases withdrawal limits

1 week ago 12

Vaultoro, the cryptocurrency-based golden & precious metals exchange, contiguous announced caller updates and level enhancements for users. See beneath for much details:

  • Limits – Daily limits connected Vaultoro person been increased, and users tin present retreat higher amounts of astir cryptocurrencies.
  • Fees – The institution has introduced little fees connected Vaultoro Direct. Now, erstwhile buying and selling connected Vaultoro Direct, users get amended prices. Furthermore, it was announced that measurement and time-based pricing volition beryllium coming soon, which volition destruct flat-rate fees.

  • Light Mode – Vaultoro has launched a caller airy representation and colour strategy for level users.

“The fiscal markets mightiness beryllium struggling but we’re connected a rotation implicit here! Don’t forget, redeeming wealth successful golden oregon metallic is an fantabulous mode to upwind the fiscal crisis. Gold is the officially the OG ‘stablecoin.’ And we person immoderate truly really breathtaking features coming soon…”
– The Vaultoro Team

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