Crypto Is a ‘Major Priority’ for Miami Mayor Building City Into Crypto Capital of the World

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Miami Mayor Francis Suarez says that cryptocurrency is simply a “major priority” for him arsenic helium attempts to physique his metropolis into the crypto superior of the world. “I privation america to differentiate ourselves arsenic a crypto superior of the United States oregon of the world,” helium said.

‘Major Priority’ — Miami Aims to Become Crypto Capital of the World

Miami Mayor Francis Suarez talked astir bitcoin and cryptocurrency successful an interrogation with Bloomberg, published Tuesday. The politician has been lobbying lawmakers to let authorities employees to beryllium paid successful bitcoin successful summation to allowing taxes to beryllium paid successful the cryptocurrency and for the metropolis to put a information of funds successful BTC. He was asked however overmuch of a precedence crypto initiatives were for him.

Mayor Suarez replied:

It’s a large precedence for maine due to the fact that I privation america to differentiate ourselves arsenic a crypto superior of the United States oregon of the world.

“We person really done 3 things,” helium shared. “One is that we are going to petition a connection successful October to let our employees to get paid successful bitcoin, let our residents to wage for fees successful bitcoin, and adjacent taxes successful bitcoin if the region allows it.”

Regarding the authorities allowing the metropolis to clasp bitcoin connected its equilibrium sheet, helium said: “Of course, if we would’ve been capable to clasp it the infinitesimal that I enactment the solution connected our agenda, it’d beryllium up by 30% oregon 40%, truthful would’ve looked similar a genius backmost then. But that’s the mode it works.”

The pro-bitcoin politician besides defended BTC successful an interrogation with Fox Business Tuesday. He was asked to remark astir whether bitcoin was worthless similar JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon said. The brag of the planetary concern slope said Monday, “I personally deliberation that bitcoin is worthless.”

Suarez responded, “It’s decidedly not worthless,” pointing retired that the terms of bitcoin is presently astir $55,000.

What bash you deliberation astir Miami Mayor Suarez’s comments? Let america cognize successful the comments conception below.

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