Crypto lender Nexo confirms NYAG order, calls it a ‘mix up’

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Nexo Financial confirms to beryllium 1 of the 2 crypto lending firms to person the cease and desist bid from Attorney General James' office.

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Crypto lender Nexo confirms NYAG order, calls it a ‘mix up’

Cryptocurrency lending steadfast Nexo Financial denies the allegations of offering unregistered services to New Yorkers enactment distant by Attorney General Letitia James.

Attorney General James directed 2 unnamed crypto lending companies to cease operations On Oct. 18, citing nonaccomplishment to registry the concern successful New York and performing unlawful activities.

Crypto lender Nexo is revealed to beryllium 1 of the 2 companies to person the cease and desist bid from the Office of the Attorney General. Denying their engagement successful unlawful operations, Nexo spokesperson said:

“Nexo is not offering its Earn Product and Exchange successful New York, truthful it makes small consciousness to beryllium receiving a cease and desist bid for thing we are not offering successful New York anyway.”

According to Nexo, the allegations of operating an unregistered concern successful New York “appears to beryllium a lawsuit of mixing up the recipients of the letter.” The institution besides confirmed the usage of IP-based geoblocking connected their level that prevents New Yorkers from participating successful locally unregistered services:

“Still, we volition prosecute with the NY AG and question clarity. Our institution retains top-tier ineligible counsel some from US-based instrumentality firms and our in-house ineligible team.”

In addition, the institution has besides highlighted that Nexo Terms & Conditions explicitly state, “we bash not connection our Earn merchandise and Exchange successful New York.”

To further support New Yorkers from important undisclosed risks, the New York State Office of the Attorney General has parallelly directed 3 much crypto platforms to supply accusation astir their activities and products.

The bid to unopen down operations is backed by the Martin Act, which requires businesses to registry earlier offering oregon selling securities oregon commodities successful New York. “My bureau is liable for ensuring manufacture players bash not instrumentality vantage of unsuspecting investors,” said James.

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