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An Amazon Echo 4 successful  a kitchen

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Hearing voices

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Amazon’s re:Mars league (Mars stands for Machine learning, Automation, Robotics, Space) has been talking astir innovation and robots and truthful connected for a fewer days.

The latest header came retired of Alexa’s elder vice-president Rohit Prasad, who showed disconnected a caller dependable adjunct capability: the quality to mimic voices. Specifically, dormant voices.

  • Prasad, presenting astatine the conference, points retired empathy is simply a large portion of Alexa, saying “So galore of america person mislaid idiosyncratic we love. While AI can’t destruct that symptom of loss,” helium said, “it tin decidedly marque the memories last.”
  • A video past plays showing Alexa speechmaking to a youngster, seemingly successful the dependable of his grandmother, saying “Can Grandma decorativeness speechmaking maine The Wizard of Oz?” After she says, “okay,” Alexa goes connected to talk successful the dependable of the child’s grandmother.
  • The series unfolds astatine this constituent astatine the conference.


  • So, Amazon might’ve conscionable been showing disconnected an idea, right? There’s nary timeline provided.
  • But an Amazon spokesperson told Engadget that the caller accomplishment “can make a synthetic voiceprint aft being trained connected arsenic small arsenic a infinitesimal of audio.”
  • Engadget also helpfully points retired that heavy fake audio tools are problematic for things similar …scams!
  • “Voice cloning bundle has enabled a fig of crimes, specified arsenic a 2020 incidental successful the United Arab Emirates wherever fraudsters fooled a slope manager into transferring $35 cardinal aft they impersonated a institution director. But heavy fake audio crimes are inactive comparatively unusual, and the tools disposable to scammers are, for now, comparatively primitive.”
  • And retrieve erstwhile that documentary astir the beingness of cook Anthony Bourdain utilized AI to clone his voice, erstwhile speechmaking emails he’d sent?
  • Not galore radical were fans of that.


  • Look, determination are humane, interesting, perchance bully ways that this tin beryllium done to assistance people.
  • I don’t deliberation anyone truly wants their dormant comparative telling you what the clip is oregon mounting alarms.
  • But possibly for immoderate radical looking for comfortableness successful immoderate situations, it mightiness beryllium nice.
  • Of course, there’s the creepy worldly too, and a batch of exertion is facing the aforesaid problem: absorbing ideas that person large imaginable downsides arsenic well.
  • Another illustration is Microsoft stopping selling tech that could accurately conjecture someone’s emotion based connected a facial image.
  • There are morganatic absorbing usage cases that could mostly assistance immoderate people, and a batch of problematic issues bubbling distant arsenic well.


🔊 Amazon’s caller feature makes Alexa mimic the dependable of a dormant idiosyncratic with conscionable a infinitesimal of audio. If you privation that — Amazon says it’s to marque memories past (Android Authority).

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  • After astir 4 years of moving throwbacks, we’ve reached a small spot of a bounds wherever things from the past, similar Tetris, Pac-Man, Gameboys, archetypal iPods, iPhones, Galaxy phones, the archetypal mouse, patents, etc., and assorted fantastic inventions we present instrumentality for granted, person each been revisted.
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